The City Vocational College of Jiangsu

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu


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Introduction to The City Vocational College of Jiangsu

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu (江苏城市职业学院, website) is a full-time public college run by the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government.

The school is located in the bustling area of Nanjing’s main urban area. It has 4 campuses: Yingtian, Dinghuaimen, Gupinggang, and Yongjiangmen. It has an elegant environment and convenient transportation. There are 10 colleges including School of Architecture and Engineering, School of Business, School of Information Engineering, School of Environmental Ecology, School of Design, School of Art (Health School), School of Education, School of Foreign Languages, School of Public Administration, and School of Marxism. 35 majors including logistics management, accounting, software technology, construction engineering management, interior art design, character design, etc., covering finance, civil engineering, machinery manufacturing, electronic information, transportation, art design and environmental protection, meteorology and security, etc. Big class. The school has more than 6,300 full-time undergraduate students.

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu has 1 “Thirteenth Five-Year” brand major in Jiangsu universities, 3 “Twelfth Five-Year” provincial key professional groups (including 10 majors), 2 provincial-level specialty majors, and national “higher vocational” The school has two majors in the project of “Promoting the Professional Service Industry Development Ability”. There are 10 provincial-level excellent courses, 5 of which have been selected as online open courses in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period in Jiangsu Province, and 2 have been identified as national excellent online open courses. The school has won the first prize of the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Contest for two consecutive years, and other provincial and above teaching competitions have won 137. Actively organized students to participate in innovation practice and skill competitions, and accumulatively won 157 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students in Jiangsu Province, and won 598 awards at provincial level and above.

The school has formed a comprehensive practical teaching center that integrates experimental training, scientific research, and social services. The area of practical teaching areas reaches 14,687 square meters. It has a national higher vocational education training base and a provincial demonstration training. There are 3 bases and 146 laboratories with advanced facilities. The school cooperates with enterprises in logistics, e-commerce, finance, environmental protection, media, IT, construction and other industries to build a total of 145 close-to-school internship training bases.

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu currently has 648 faculty and staff, including 225 senior professional and technical personnel, of which experts who enjoy government subsidies from the State Council, teaching teachers in Jiangsu Province, high-level talents in the “Six Talents Peak” project, and the provincial “333 Project” training Target, 35 high-level talents such as the provincial “Qinglan Project” middle-aged and young academic leaders. The school has long hired a group of backbone experts from industry companies as part-time teachers. The school has established inter-school cooperative relations with universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong and Taiwan. It hires foreign teachers to teach in the school.

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu actively develops university students’ employment guidance and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and builds an efficient, convenient and diverse employment and entrepreneurship service platform. The employment rate has remained above 95% for many years, and the quality of talent training has been widely recognized and praised by all sectors of society. The school has been repeatedly rated as “the advanced collective of college employment in Jiangsu Province”.

The City Vocational College of Jiangsu has been rated as the “Most Popular Public Higher Vocational College” in Jiangsu for many years, and it is the unit that won the “May 1 Labor Award” in Jiangsu Province. According to a survey conducted by the well-known education consulting agency Max Data Co., Ltd., the average of the “satisfaction with the alma mater” and “satisfaction with the school teaching work” of the recent four graduates of our school is 94% and 92.5%, respectively. Higher than the national average of 87% and 86.5% in higher vocational colleges. According to the “2017 China Higher Vocational Colleges Competitiveness Ranking” jointly released by the China Science Evaluation Research Center, China Education Quality Evaluation Center of Wuhan University, and China Science and Education Evaluation Network, our school ranks first among 1,346 higher vocational colleges in China Ranked 163th, and 15th out of 90 higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province.


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