Technological Vocational College of Dezhou

Technological Vocational College of Dezhou


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Introduction to Technological Vocational College of Dezhou

Technological Vocational College of Dezhou (德州科技职业学院, website) has been running for 30 years. With the strong leadership and support of the higher party government and education authorities, the college has developed safely, steadily and rapidly! The college has trained more than 150,000 highly-skilled application-oriented talents for the society and greatly promoted the society. Economic construction and development.

The Technological Vocational College of Dezhou follows the rules of running higher vocational education, and has established a talent training model of “1130-30N, integrated teaching and innovation”. It implements open schooling, standardized management, comprehensive education, and serves regional economic construction. Rely on the market to set up specialties and train talents for society. Based on quality, focus on competence, focus on skills, take innovation as the goal, increase education reform efforts, highlight the characteristics of higher vocational education, and build national and provincial specialty programs, demonstration programs, high-quality courses, and professional group achievements. 20 In addition, teachers and students won more than 300 awards in teaching skill competitions at all levels. Since 2018, more than 60 national and provincial university teaching skills competitions have won prizes. Among them, the robotics competition won the second place in Shandong Province, and the network technology competition won the provincial special prize. “Double 11”, e-commerce professional teachers and students play their professional advantages to participate in marketing, with sales of nearly 600 million yuan.

The college insists on running schools in accordance with the law, standardized management, innovative development, professors and academics. Has hired a number of experts in the education industry to hold management positions in the college and guide the training of talents. In management, it attaches importance to the constitution and democratic management, implements the target management performance contract responsibility system and the faculty congress system, perfects the personnel system and the distribution system, and implements the employment mechanism of capable, fair, and mediocre. Giving play to and mobilizing the extreme accumulation of teachers and staff has greatly promoted talent training and teaching.

In 2018, the college is based in Shandong and has enrolled more than 6,000 students nationwide, with a registration rate of 92% and a student population of nearly 20,000. At the same time of enrollment performance reaching record highs, graduate employment has been based in Shandong, the Southern United Yangtze River Delta, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in the north. The employment rate for many years has reached more than 96%, which has been widely recognized by the society.

Technological Vocational College of Dezhou has been recognized and highly appraised by the general public. It has successively won advanced units in provincial civilized units, advanced teaching management in higher education, logistics management, apartment management, security and other advanced units, and top ten famous vocational colleges in the country. Demonstration colleges, nationwide establishment of safe campuses and standardized management demonstration colleges and other national, provincial and municipal honors have hundreds of honors. China Education Daily and China Central Television’s Oriental Time and Space column have “China’s Vocational Education Banner” and “College Student Employment” Comprehensive coverage of the school’s deeds for the topic.

Technological Vocational College of Dezhou implements the entire process of the Ministry of Education’s excellent Chinese traditional culture entering campus, classrooms, and talent training. Taking Chinese excellent traditional culture education as the starting point, starting from advocating a culture of filial piety, and guiding students to do things by chanting and practicing the “discipline rules”, honor their parents at home, and loyal officers abroad. Established a “filial piety and respect for teachers’ lecture hall”, hired “national top ten filial piety” and “national top ten monks” moral models to teach the school, through campus newspapers, cultural walls, bulletin boards, radio and television and other forms to create campus books Atmosphere. The Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the volunteer team have taken the lead in setting an example, participating in volunteering to clean campuses, restaurants, dormitories, and picking up trash, and more than 3,000 person-times, and participating in voluntary blood donation has reached more than 1,000 person-times. Efforts should be made to cultivate a characteristic educational brand of “college cultivating wisdom and filial piety”, and build a traditional culture demonstration base for colleges and universities.


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