Talent International College Guangxi

Talent International College Guangxi


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Introduction to Talent International College Guangxi

Talent International College Guangxi (广西英华国际职业学院, website) is a full-time higher vocational education college approved by the Ministry of Education.It currently has preschool education, flight attendant, port and shipping management (maritime attendant direction), arts and crafts design (坭 兴 陶 设计), Thai and other majors are the leading 35 majors and directions, and there are currently more than 8,000 students at school. In 2020, the school’s new 1503 mu campus in Binhai New City will be put into use one after another.

Qinzhou City, where the school is located, is in the center of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. It faces Southeast Asia and is backed by Nanning ’s capital Nanning. “Advantage.

Studying at Talent International College Guangxi can not only enjoy the advantages of sharing educational resources and study abroad with Anglo-Chinese International Schools, but also easily achieve short-term study and exchange in the United States or undergraduate studies at Nakhon Sawan Royal University in Thailand. After entering the “Undergraduate Direct Train”, you can recommend to the excellent undergraduate colleges in the region to continue your studies without taking an exam. After graduation, you can get a full-time undergraduate diploma and a bachelor’s degree certificate.

Talent International College Guangxi has always adhered to the task of training modernized service high-quality application-oriented talents, targeting application-oriented undergraduate colleges, and featuring internationalized school running. Since the beginning of the school, the students have won many first prizes and first prizes in national English, Thai, foreign trade, art design (坭 兴 陶) competitions. The employment rate of graduates has always remained above 95%, and more than 16,000 highly qualified and highly skilled personnel have been trained. It has now become the backbone of all walks of life and a vital force for local economic construction, and has made contributions to national economic construction and social development. Important contribution.


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