Taizhou Polytechinc College

Taizhou Polytechinc College


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Introduction to Taizhou Polytechinc College

Taizhou is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2100 years. It is located on the northern bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the northern wing of the Yangtze River Delta. It is one of the central cities in the Shanghai metropolitan area. Taizhou is a national civilized city, a national sanitary city, a national environmental protection model city, a national garden city, a national dual-support model city, an excellent tourist city in China, and a livable city in China.

Taizhou Polytechinc College (泰州职业技术学院, website) was established in March 1998 with the approval of the former State Education Commission. It is one of the first batch of 14 full-time higher vocational colleges in the country. The first ordinary college in Taizhou. The college is an “excellent” level institution for the Ministry of Education’s personnel training evaluation, and it is a model vocational college in Jiangsu Province. It has won honorary titles such as the Civilized Campus, Harmonious Campus, Garden-style School, and Safe College in Jiangsu Province.

Taizhou Polytechinc College is located in the core area of Taizhou National Medical High-tech Zone-China Medical City, covering an area of 1,061 acres. It is a first-class modern campus, ecological campus and smart campus in vocational colleges across the country. There are 1 department of 9 colleges, including the School of Medical Technology, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Information Technology, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Architectural Engineering, the School of Art, the School of Marxism, the School of Continuing Education, and the Department of Basic Sciences. 41. At present, there are 194 teachers with senior professional titles, 275 doctoral and master degree teachers, 364 dual-qualified teachers, nearly 10,000 full-time students of all types, nearly 10,000 students with adult education, and annual social training of more than 15,000. Over the past 61 years, the college has trained more than 80,000 talents of various types for Taizhou and the Yangtze River Delta. It is known as “the base for incubating engineering technology and management talents; the cradle for training white angels and oral guards.”

Taizhou Polytechinc College has 2 national key construction majors, 5 provincial characteristic majors, 3 provincial key construction specialty groups, 3 provincial backbone majors; 2 national training centers, and provincial training There are 3 bases, 2 training and production integration platforms for higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province, 131 on-campus practice training bases, and 346 student internship employment bases, and 5 school-enterprise dual subject colleges. There are 7 provincial and municipal engineering technology research centers including Jiangsu Province CNC Machine Tool Engineering Technology R & D Center. There is a national vocational skills appraisal office, which can carry out 53 vocational skills training and appraisal. The college is “Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry Innovation Base”, ZTE CLAA (China LoRa Alliance) IoT Demonstration Base, Ministry of Education’s National “Industrial Robot Open Public Training Base” and “ABB / Xinshida Industrial Robot” R & D Application Center “construction unit.

In recent years, Taizhou Polytechinc College students have won more than 400 awards in various skills competitions across the province, including 32 national awards and 53 provincial and ministerial awards. The graduate employment rate, employer satisfaction, and alumni’s overall satisfaction with their alma mater are all about 99%. It has been rated as the advanced collective of graduate employment in Jiangsu Province for 8 consecutive years.


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