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Taiyuan University of Technology


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Introduction to Taiyuan University of Technology

Taiyuan University of Technology (太原理工大学, website) is a national “double first-class” key university, which was formed by the merger of the former Taiyuan University of Technology and the former Shanxi Institute of Mining. After 117 years of inheritance and development, the school has been established as a higher education institution focusing on work, combining science and technology, and multidisciplinary coordinated development. It is a national “211 Project” key university, the first batch of “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan” pilot universities and National “University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Plan” implementation school; has been rated as “excellent unit of undergraduate teaching work in ordinary colleges and universities”, “National Civilized Unit”, “National Civilized Campus”, selected as “the first batch of national demonstration colleges to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform” National Innovation Talents Training Demonstration Base, “National University Practice and Education Innovation Base,” “Ministry of Education’s” Three Comprehensive Education “Comprehensive Reform Pilot University”, was awarded the “National May 1 Labor Award” and “National Advanced Primary Party Organization”.

Taiyuan University of Technology covers an area of more than 3,200 acres, and the building area of the school is 1.49 million square meters. There are 30,960 full-time undergraduates, 7,017 graduate students, 762 doctoral students, and 571 international students. There are currently 84 undergraduate programs , 34 first-level disciplines, 15 first-level disciplines, 15 post-doctoral stations, 14 professional degree category authorization points; 3 national key disciplines, 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 5 countries Level specialty construction sites, 7 national “engineering practice education centers”, 1 provincial and ministry co-established national key laboratory cultivation base, 4 key labs of the Ministry of Education, 3 disciplines of engineering, materials science and chemistry have entered ESI ranks in the top 1% globally; there are 3549 faculty members, including 2178 full-time teachers, 3 academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Academy of Sciences, 244 doctoral supervisors, and 1,254 teachers with senior professional titles.

Taiyuan University of Technology has undertaken the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) as the chief scientist unit for two consecutive times, and has undertaken a total of 1,327 national-level projects such as the “863” Program and “National Key R & D Program”; There are 541 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements awards, including 42 national natural science awards, technological invention awards, and scientific and technological progress awards; 5 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and 7 winners of the National Excellent Youth Fund. There are 4 leading talents in science and technology innovation, 3 leading talents in science and technology innovation, 2 innovation teams in the Ministry of Education, and 1 innovation team in key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2018, our school published its first research paper in Science and achieved a major historical breakthrough.

Taiyuan University of Technology has achieved breakthroughs in the certification of international engineering education. Eighteen majors have passed the certification, ranking among the top ten nationwide universities. Three national virtual simulation experimental teaching projects have been approved, and the number has ranked among the top 30 nationwide. 2 excellent online open courses, ranking first in the province; the “Career Navigation” educational program has made an important impact and won the Shanxi Province Teaching Achievement Special Award; mathematical modeling, supercomputing, robotics, Xiaoming Research Lab, Jinbao team and other innovations The team has repeatedly made great achievements in domestic and foreign competitions. Our university’s subject competition has consistently ranked among the top 50 universities in the country; the “Qingze Heart Rain” ideological and political platform has been approved by the Ministry of Education’s ideological and political work excellent projects; the “Screw House” was selected nationwide Demonstration point of Leifeng activity, “Love Home” won the honors such as “The Fourth Shanxi Model of Morality”; the men’s basketball team won the CUBA National Championship twice, and the men’s football team successfully won the CUFL National Championship. Our school became The only university that has won a national championship in both football and basketball.

Taiyuan University of Technology vigorously implements internationalization strategic projects, continuously strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, accelerates the process of internationalization, and improves the level of international schooling. It has successively worked with the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, 136 universities and research institutes in Italy and other countries (regions) carry out multi-level, two-way personnel training, cooperation, running schools, and scientific and technological cooperation, and have closer contact with international academic high-level, and their visibility at home and abroad has increased. At present, the school also hosts the Confucius Institute at Kabul University in Afghanistan and the Confucius Institute at the University of West Indies in Mona, Jamaica.


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