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Introduction to Taishan University

Taishan University (泰山学院, website) started to host higher education in September 1958, and in March 2002 the Ministry of Education approved the organization of undergraduate education. In September 2012, it was transformed into a “provincial-city co-construction and province-oriented” management system. Education passed in November 2012 The qualification assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry can be traced back to the Tai’an Government Government Normal School, founded in 1905.

Taishan University currently has two campuses in the north and south, covering an area of 1378 acres and a building area of 540,000 square meters. It has built the first library of the former party and the country’s main leaders, the Wanli Library. There are 15 secondary colleges, 65 undergraduate majors, and 20,214 full-time students. At present, there are 1,278 faculty members, including 904 full-time teachers, 746 people with doctoral and master’s degrees, 358 professors and associate professors, national candidates for the talent project of the new century, government special allowance experts, Taishan scholars, and the Ministry of Education There are 35 top-level professional and technical talents including members of the Teaching Steering Committee, 5 provincial-level outstanding teaching teams, and 1 Huang Danian-style teacher team in provincial universities. The school is one of the 19 provincial teacher education bases in Shandong Province and one of the first 9 colleges and universities in Shandong Province that have the qualifications for enrolling publicly funded normal students. In 2017, it was awarded a master’s degree to the project construction unit.

Taishan University always adheres to teaching as the center, continuously deepens the reform of education and teaching, innovates the training mode of talents, and steadily improves the quality of education and teaching. There are 1 pilot program for comprehensive reform of the Ministry of Education, 7 specialty programs at the provincial level, 3 provincial engineer education training programs, 4 provincial high-level application-oriented construction programs (groups), and provincial excellent courses 39 Door, a national university students’ off-school practical education base. In the past three years, 15 provincial research reform projects have been approved. In 2018, 9 provincial teaching achievement awards were awarded. Teachers and students of our school have achieved excellent results in a number of national counselor vocational skills competitions, the “Challenge Cup” national university student science and technology innovation competition, and won 253 national awards and 823 provincial awards.

Taishan University attaches great importance to subject construction and scientific research, and has unique school running characteristics and comparative advantages in Taishan cultural research, teacher education, tourism planning and management. Now it has 10 provincial-level scientific research and innovation platforms such as provincial key disciplines, key laboratories, humanities and social science bases, and collaborative innovation centers. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it has undertaken 43 national scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund, and 185 provincial and ministerial-level projects; received 356 scientific research awards above the department level; published 3280 academic papers, and was awarded by SCI , EI, SSCI, CSSCI collected 702 articles, published 273 monographs, translations and textbooks; held “the 22nd International Historical Science Conference Tai’an Conference” “the Third World Famous Mountain Academic Symposium and Regional Social and Cultural Development Forum” More than 30 academic conferences.

Taishan University actively participates in major projects for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in provinces and cities. In order to further promote school-enterprise cooperation and school-land cooperation, it has formulated and implemented a service Taian action plan, vigorously carried out applied research and industry-university-research cooperation. Great social and economic benefits have been achieved in training, tourism management personnel training, training of small and medium-sized enterprise managers, internship support in primary and secondary schools, environmental monitoring and analysis, etc., and they have made important contributions to regional economic and social development.

Taishan University attaches great importance to establishing an international schooling philosophy, and has established cooperative relations or intentions with more than 20 universities in ten countries including Britain, Canada, the United States, and Russia. It started recruiting foreign students in 1995 and was named the first batch of Chinese language education bases in the country by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council in 1999. Since 2014, Sino-foreign cooperative education programs have been held. Students who have gone abroad for short-term exchange programs have achieved good results. Inter-school cooperation programs represented by the “3 + 1” program have opened up foreign channels for students to continue their studies.


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