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Suzhou Vocational Technical College



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Introduction to Suzhou Vocational Technical College

Suzhou Vocational Technical College (宿州职业技术学院, website) is located in Suzhou, a city in northern Anhui. Founded in February 1950, it was independently upgraded to a higher vocational college in June 2001, and merged with the Suzhou Education College in July 2007. It is currently a comprehensive general public vocational college that trains high-end skilled talents.

Suzhou Vocational Technical College currently has 300 faculty members, including 215 teachers. Among the teachers, there are 82 professors and associate professors, 10 PhDs and 115 masters, 18 provincial professional leaders and provincial teaching teachers. It has relatively complete supporting teaching, experiment, reading, living, sports and entertainment facilities, especially since the college has implemented greening, landscaping, purification, and lighting projects in recent years, the campus is lined with trees, flowers, and green grass. The building architecture is patchwork, the pavilions and the watersides complement each other, clean and tidy everywhere, quiet and orderly, and it has become an ideal hall for students to study and study.

Suzhou Vocational Technical College covers an area of 960 acres, has 650,000 volumes of books and materials, and 250,000 square meters of school building. Departments, basic teaching department, technical secondary school and other nine teaching institutions and a doctoral workstation, a higher education correspondence education station, a national vocational skills assessment station, construction engineering technology, garden technology, accounting computerization There are more than 6,000 students in 45 majors including mechatronics technology, automobile shaping technology, film and television multimedia technology, etc. The “Journal” sponsored by the college is publicly distributed internationally and domestically. In order to help students with financial difficulties to complete their studies and help them to enter higher education institutions, in addition to national scholarships, bursaries, and student loans, the college also has college-level scholarships, special hardship subsidies, and work-study positions. Universities, East China Normal University, and other undergraduate universities jointly launched undergraduate education for undergraduates, and fully assisted fresh graduates of Suzhou Vocational and Technical College to enter undergraduate universities to continue their studies.

During the long-term school-running practice, Suzhou Vocational Technical College has condensed the academic spirit of “open and win-win, innovation and entrepreneurship, and hard work,” and formed a good school spirit of “unity, diligence, pragmatism, and innovation” and “diligent, thoughtful, inspirational, The strong style of study has created a “quiet, clean, civilized, and orderly” education environment.

Suzhou Vocational Technical College adhering to the development path of “service-oriented, employment-oriented, following the combination of production, learning and research, and school-enterprise cooperation in running schools”, pays close attention to student skills training and comprehensive quality training, and graduates are welcomed by the society. Keep it above 95%.

Suzhou Vocational Technical College was rated by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments as the Central Vocational Education Training Base, the National Electronic Information Industry Skills Training and Training Base, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base and the Farmer Professional Cooperative Training and Training Base, Anhui Secondary vocational key teacher training bases, etc. have successively won many honorary titles including civilized units in Anhui Province and advanced collectives for graduate employment.

Suzhou Vocational Technical College is conscientiously implementing the spirit of the important speeches of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party and General Secretary Xi, continuously deepening reforms, exploring and innovating, and moving towards the creation of “bright features, outstanding trunks, outstanding quality “Strategic, high-level local high-tech universities” aim to stride forward.


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