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Suzhou Early Childhood Education College



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Introduction to Suzhou Early Childhood Education College

Suzhou Early Childhood Education College (苏州幼儿师范高等专科学校, website) is a public college established independently with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The school is currently the oldest school in the province that retains the name “Kindergarten Teacher”. In 1983, it was renamed as Suzhou Preschool Normal School in Jiangsu Province. In 2005, it was linked to the former Jiangsu Education College and renamed Suzhou Higher Preschool Normal School. In July 2014, the Provincial Department of Education agreed to establish the Suzhou Preschool Teachers College. In September 2015, the school was relocated from the site of Shantang Street at the foot of Huqiu Mountain to the new campus of Huayuan Road by Yangcheng Lake. The school covers an area of 370 acres and a building area of 100,000 square meters.

Suzhou Early Childhood Education College currently has 230 faculty members (including 74 affiliated kindergartens), including 156 teachers and 142 full-time teachers, of which 9 are high and 58 are sub-highs, and 47.2 are full-time teachers or higher %, 121 have master’s degrees (12 doctors), accounting for 85.2% of full-time teachers. In addition, there are more than 70 part-time teachers mainly composed of well-known professors in universities, provincial special teachers, and city discipline leaders. There are currently 56 classes in the Normal School, with 2,559 students. The school currently has 3 kindergartens attached to the flower kindergarten, education kindergarten and Guxiangyuan kindergarten. Existing libraries, performing arts centers, and performance centers. There are 13 preschool education training rooms including preschool simulation classrooms, construction rooms, nursery rooms, and children’s living halls, vocal classrooms, calligraphy classrooms, art classrooms, and other art and sports majors. There are 22 classrooms, 230 piano rooms, and 84 off-campus practice bases.

Suzhou Early Childhood Education College aims to build a highly professional, high-quality domestic first-class preschool teacher college, and aims to train application-oriented talents mainly from first-line kindergarten teachers. At present, preschool education, early education, There are three teacher education majors in music education, two non-teacher majors in fine arts and music performance, and a variety of expanded courses such as intermediate and advanced nursery teachers and nutrition catering teachers. In the seven consecutive provincial teachers’ teaching basic skills competition, the school’s award rate, the total number of awards, the total number of first prizes are ranked first in the province’s similar schools. The first free examination for male and child teachers and students took the first overall score and the first in each subject. The affiliated kindergarten takes “let each flower bud bloom beautifully” as the purpose of running the park, and let every child “happy”, “open” and “open up”, and “the ten-year innovation and practice of preschool hearing impaired children ’s integration education” won the second-class national teaching achievement. Award, Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Special Award, “Flower Course” won the first prize of Jiangsu Province’s first teaching achievement award.


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