Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College

Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College


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Introduction to Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College

Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College (西南交通大学希望学院, website) is a full-time school established by the Ministry of Education and the first batch of 100-year-old prestigious universities that have entered the “double first-class” construction. General undergraduate colleges of engineering. The college has teaching units such as the School of Rail Transit, the School of Civil Engineering, the Business School, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Ministry of Basic Education, and the Ministry of Ideology and Politics. It offers 39 specialized colleges and recruits students from 13 provinces and cities nationwide, and currently has more than 15,000 students.

Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College features rail transportation as its characteristic discipline, civil engineering as its supporting discipline, and business majors as its extended view of development. It makes full use of Southwest Jiaotong University’s teacher advantages, professional advantages and industry background, relying on the national characteristics of Southwest Jiaotong University Professional, provincial specialty, national and provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and off-site practice training bases, continuously improve the teaching plan, optimize the curriculum system and teaching content, strengthen the practical teaching links, and build rail transportation, civil engineering and business related Professional modern scientific and practical integration experimental training center. Insist on condensing characteristics, highlighting highlights, and taking into account development, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Chengdu Metro, Jingdong Business, Hope Group and other companies in personnel training, focus on improving students’ professional skills and innovation capabilities, and effectively cultivate application-oriented talents. The college actively develops international education cooperation to provide students with a convenient way to study abroad, and has been included in the international joint training system of Southwest Jiaotong University and Canada, the United States and other countries (1 + 2 + 1, 2 + 2). The state cultivates high-quality professional and technical personnel with international competitiveness.

Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College has cooperated with Chengdu Metro, Chengdu Modern Tram, Chengdu Railway Bureau, China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group, and other enterprises to realize the seamless connection between graduates and enterprises. Since 2013, the one-time employment rate of graduates for five consecutive sessions has remained above 96%, ranking among the best in the country’s similar universities, and the school running has been widely recognized by society, parents and students.

Since 2015, Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College has actively pursued the training of applied talents based on “transformation, reform, and innovative development” in accordance with the requirements of national education reform. As one of the first three overall transformational undergraduate colleges in Sichuan, Join the ranks of the national education reform.

Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College believes that in the context of national strategies such as “Made in China 2025”, “Internet +”, “Mass Entrepreneurship, and Mass Innovation”, with the joint efforts of teachers and students of the whole school, I hope that the college will rejuvenate Vigorous vitality will surely win greater development.


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