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South China Business College South China Business College
South China Business College South China Business College
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Introduction to South China Business College

South China Business College (SCBC, website) of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a privately-funded college (also termed as independent college) providing undergraduate degrees. It is established by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and ratified by the Ministry of Education of China. Prof. Chen Linhan, vice President of GDUFS, currently takes the office of president of the college.

South China Business College, covering an area of 800-odd mu (around 100 acres), is conveniently sitting closely to G105 Highway(the Guang CongHighway) in the north of Baiyun District of Guangzhou, a noted historic and cultural city as well as a giant modern metropolis and commercial center in South China. The campus boasts a good environment of its lush greenery, fresh air, peaceful lakes, exquisite landscaped gardens, and verdant surroundings. Thanks to its fully-equipped teaching, learning, living and entertaining facilities, its well-qualified faculty, and its strict teaching management, this beautiful college makes an ideal place for the aspiring young to have their study and to become competitive talents with potential.

At present, SCBC has set up School of English Language and Culture (It has Department of Business English, Department of Translation, and Department of Media and Communication), School of Asian Languages and Cultures (It has Department of Japanese Language and Culture, Department of Korean Language and Culture, and Department of Arabic Language and Culture), School of European Languages and Cultures (It has Department of French Language and Culture, Department of German Language and Culture, Department of Spanish Language and Culture, and Department of Russian Language and Culture), School of International Economics and Finance (It has Department of International Economics and Trade, Department of International Business, Department of E-commerce, Department of Finance, Faculty of Fundamental Economics, and Center for Finance Practical Teaching), School of International Business and Management (It has Department of Accounting, Department of Managerial Accounting, Department of Marketing, Department of Logistics Management, Department of Exhibition Economics, Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Fundamental Management, and Center for Management Practical Teaching), Department of Chinese Language and Culture (It covers Division of Chinese Language and Literature and Division of International Chinese Education), Department of Information Science and Technology (It covers Division of Basic Computer Science and Division of Information Science and Technology), Faculty of College English (It covers Division 1-3), Faculty of Political and Ethical Education (It covers Division of Marxist Theory Education and Division of Citizen Quality Education) and Faculty of Common Courses (It covers Division of Mathematics and Division of Physical Education).Based on such an academic structure, the College offers 23 undergraduate majors of English, Business English, Translation, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, International Trade and Economics, Electronic Business, International Business, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, Logistics Management, Finance, and Information Science and Technology in Arts, Economics, Management, and Engineering with a full-time student population of over 9000. Thanks to the intensive efforts in the previous years, the College has developed a strong and erudite faculty with professors and associate professors accounting for 41%. 75.22% of faculty members have got their master and doctoral degrees.

SCBC adopts an educational pattern of “comprehensive knowledge, excellent specialty, foreign language proficiency and practical skills”. Therefore, the purpose of its undergraduate education is to cultivate versatile, down-to-earth, and international-oriented talents who are well-equipped with ideological quality, professional skills, cross-cultural communication competence, and the ability to employ information technology. Priority given to foreign languages is a notable feature of the College, which offers ten foreign language majors, more than those in any other independent college in Guangdong Province. Since its establishment, SCBC has been facilitating the integration of foreign language teaching with other majors. Now there are English-only classes and bilingual classes in all the non-foreign language majors; and Chinese-foreign credits mutual recognition programs in majors of Accounting, International Business and Finance.

To ensure the quality of teaching, SCBC has implemented the Undergraduate Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform Project for Institutions of Higher Learning. At present, SCBC owns three of the provincial significant majors to which the provincial educational authority attaches great importance: English (Key Majors to Be Developed for Independent Colleges), International Trade and Economics (Trial Majors for Comprehensive Reform), and International Business (Experimental Majors for Innovative Talents Training). Owing to the previous years of development, the level of operation and the quality of student cultivation of SCBC have been well-received in society. SCBC’s admissions and graduates employments are both vigorous and buoyant, with its admission scores ranking among the highest of its kind in all these years and its graduates employment rates going up even at 99.63%.

In response to the needs of an increasingly globalized economy, SCBC has taken the initiative to seek exchange and cooperation opportunities with overseas counterparts, so that it can turn out more innovative business talents with international vision and well-acquainted with international rules and practices in such fields as Finance, Trade and Accounting. Now SCBC has already founded cooperative partnership with 56 universities and academic institutions in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Canada, Australia, Republic of Korea, Japan and Egypt. The students are thus provided with convenient access to overseas studies during their time at the College or after graduation in the form of visiting study, student exchange, and credit transfer.

Adhering to the socialist educational orientation, carrying out the state education policy and following GDUFS’s motto, “Moral integrity, exemplary behavior, and conversance with both Eastern and Western learning”, and the law of higher education, SCBC has kept optimizing its disciplinary structure and enhancing its operational level and quality. In pursuance of its educational philosophy of “paying much attention to students achievements in study, their ideas in their minds and their careers in future, and even more to their ways of gaining, thinking and conducting oneself”, SCBC is striving to turn itself into a high-level teaching-oriented college distinguished in foreign languages and business disciplines so as to contribute, as it should, to the regional economic development and social progress of Guangdong Province.

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About Guangzhou

Guangzhou, “The City of Flowers”, a prosperous metropolis full of vigor, is the capital city of Guangdong Province located along the south coastline of China. Being an excellent port on the Pearl River navigable to the South China Sea, and with fast accessibility to Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou serves as the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center in Guangdong area.

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