Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication

Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication

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Introduction to Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication

Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication (四川文化传媒职业学院, website) is a full-time general vocational college approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, incorporated into the national plan, and enrolled in a unified national plan.

The college was formerly known as the Chengdu Film and Television School, which was established in 1998. Based on this, it was set up as the Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Media in 2005. It was organized by Sichuan Yonghe Education Investment Co., Ltd. and the famous calligraphy artist Mr. Ma Shituo personally wrote the school name. In May 2014, Sichuan Hope Education Group acquired it wholly-owned. In 2015, it passed the on-site assessment of talent training.

The main campus of Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication is located in Chongzhou, a cultural city with a history of more than 2,200 years, located in the hinterland of Chengdu Plain. Chongzhou was called Shuzhou in the ancient times. Township “and” Jiannanchun, one of the three famous wines in China “, Mianzhu City. The two campuses cover a total area of about 800 acres. One campus is full of rich artistic atmosphere, lush flowers and trees throughout the four seasons, and pleasant scenery; one campus has a classic English style, beautiful environment, winding paths, and bridges and lakes. The garden-like modern university campus is an ideal place for studying and studying.

Students: There are currently 9078 students.

Faculty: The college has a faculty and experts and professors of nearly 400 people with high education, professional titles, rich teaching experience, and “dual-faculty”.

Construction of Party and Mass Organizations: The College Party Committee was established with the approval of the Provincial Education and Work Committee, with discipline inspection committees, Party committee offices, organization departments, and propaganda departments; established and improved various grassroots party and mass organizations: 2 Party branches and 10 Grass-roots party branches, and various party and mass organizations such as student organizations.

Administrative functions: There are the Party and Government Office, Personnel Office, Academic Affairs Office, Student Office, Admissions Office, Employment Office (including Career Guidance and Service Center), Finance Office, Logistics Office, Security Office, Science and Technology Office, Information and Training Administrative functions, such as the center, follow-up education center, and supervision room.

Teaching units and majors: there are six departments and two libraries, that is, preschool education department, aviation department, film and television department, music and dance department, art design department, cultural management department, basic department, five-year uniform college department, Libraries and other teaching units and institutions have set up more than 30 majors such as flight attendants, drone application technology, hotel management, animation production technology, music performance, broadcast hosting, and preschool education.

Administrative and teaching facilities and equipment: The college has facilities and equipment supporting facilities, advanced and complete educational and teaching, training (examination), and practice teaching places. The main buildings are: comprehensive building, teaching building, training building, academic training center, library building, playground, expansion court, tennis court, basketball court, table tennis court, academic hall, small theater, movie theater, studio, etc. All the needs of education and teaching work and activities provide a good internal environment and platform for the study and practice of the students of Guangzhou University.

Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Communication Living facilities and equipment: The college has various functional and complete living facilities and equipment, mainly including: expert building, teacher apartment, student apartment, cafeteria, supermarket, water supply station, food street (shop), etc.


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