Sichuan Vocational College of Art

Sichuan Vocational College of Art

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Introduction to Sichuan Vocational College of Art

Sichuan Vocational College of Art (四川艺术职业学院, website) regards inheriting, promoting and developing Bashu culture as its own responsibility, highlights the unique variety of Sichuan’s unique art, focuses on higher professional art education as the main body, secondary professional art education as the basis, and comprehensive development of various cultural and art categories. As the main line, it has 15 art majors and more than 7,000 students. It is an application-oriented comprehensive art college with a broad vision and a full range of disciplines.

Sichuan Vocational College of Art has a history of running school since 1953. Its predecessor was two dance schools in Sichuan Province and Sichuan Opera School (Sichuan Art School). . The college is located in the “Chengdu International Science, Education and Art City” area of Hesheng Town, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, covering an area of more than 300 acres. It is adjacent to the Sichuan Vocational College of Business, the Wenjiang Vocational Education Center, and the New Oriental International School. Examination House-Examination and admission center are across the street.

Sichuan Vocational College of Art relies on the strong support of Sichuan and western China’s propaganda and cultural system. The school’s direction covers all areas of Bashu culture. On the basis of continuing to provide original majors such as music, dance, drama, opera, and art design, it actively develops culture Career management, cultural relics protection and other new types of specialties covering various professional fields of the cultural and art system are gradually forming a scientific pattern of multi-specialties with their own characteristics, interdependence and cross development.

The college has strong faculty, rich experience in running schools, many practice bases, and remarkable teaching achievements. There are currently more than 260 full-time and senior full-time teachers, with strong professional skills, superb skills, hard work, and brilliant achievements. , Talented, talented, famous, and acclaimed at home and abroad, has won more than a thousand art awards at home and abroad, ranked among the top in domestic stage art education, and enjoys the reputation of “the cradle of artists”. The college insists on opening schools and frequent foreign cultural exchanges. As an important art production base in Sichuan, it has long undertaken many important cultural and artistic activities at the national and local levels. It has become an important carrier and window for foreign cultural exchanges in our province, providing students with a broad The exhibition stage and valuable practical opportunities enable graduates to always present pleasing employment prospects in the fierce competition in the talent market.

Sichuan Vocational College of Art adheres to the school running philosophy of “combination of professional skills with culture and art, balance of comprehensive quality and artistic characteristics, equal emphasis on art teaching and work practice, and excellent artistic standards and application capabilities”, and strives to build an important base for the cultivation of cultural and artistic talents An important display team for cultural and artistic creation and production, and an important practical platform for inheriting and innovating the overall style of Sichuan culture and art. In the process of directly serving the economic and social development of Sichuan and promoting the prosperity of Sichuan’s culture and arts, we constantly strive to improve the level of art teaching, accelerate the enhancement of art influence and market competitiveness, and base ourselves on Sichuan, serve the west, face the whole country, and radiate overseas.

The 21st century is a century of culture, and a century of outstanding Chinese culture and art. The convening of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee fully recognized the importance and urgency of promoting cultural reform and development, and established a more conscious and proactive initiative. The path of great development and prosperity of socialist culture. The horn of great cultural development has sounded, and the prosperous culture and art market calls for more specialized cultural and art talents! Raise your eyes to the sky, clear the sky, clear your eyes on the vast land, and all things flourish. The college sincerely welcomes young people with ideals, ambitions, enthusiasm and pursuits from all over the country to step into this sacred hall of culture and art, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a beautiful and noble artistic dream and compose a great chapter!


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