Sichuan University of Culture and Arts

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts

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Introduction to Sichuan University of Culture and Arts

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts (四川文化艺术学院, website) was established in 2001. In 2006, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as an independent college at the undergraduate level for national admissions. The undergraduate colleges were reformed, developed and reformed, and were selected as the first council unit of the “Sichuan Applied Undergraduate University Alliance”.

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts is located in Mianyang, China’s Science and Technology City, and the second largest city in Sichuan Province. There are two campuses in Mianyang and Zitong. Adhering to the school spirit of “giving oneself and letting life burn for her”, the school promotes the school philosophy of “inspiring students’ wisdom and cultivating talents of the times”, follows the school motto of “establishing a foundation, being pragmatic and innovative”, and practicing “quality School, talented school, and distinguished school “, implement the campus credit system, promote the” big classroom, big stage, art and technology combination, culture and art integration, theory and practice “talent training model, and create open teaching Space to cultivate applied and compound cultural and artistic talents with “good morals, broad foundation, high quality, strong ability, and ability to innovate” that society needs.

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts focuses on arts, literature, management, engineering, history, and law as its main disciplines, and has formed a unique educational model with a multi-dimensional integration of multiple disciplines. There are now 38 undergraduate majors and 25 specialized majors, of which three majors, including radio and television director, environmental design, and cultural industry management, have entered the quality improvement plan for key specialty programs in Sichuan universities. The school has a school of music, a school of dance, a school of theater, film and television, a school of radio and television, a college of new media, a school of art, a school of design, a school of Chinese calligraphy and seal engraving, a school of economics and management, a school of culture and tourism, a college of cultural relics and museums, a college of Marxism, and a career There are 14 secondary colleges in the Technical College and the International College; there are art research incubators (China Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute, Wangmeng Literature and Art Museum, Wenchang Cultural Research Institute, Bashu Grotto Music and Dance Art Research Institute), currently full-time students More than 16,000 people. The school has established a multi-level, multi-angle, and focused entrepreneurship platform through school administration, school-enterprise, and school-school cooperation forms, and has established a college student innovation and entrepreneurship club to create a good entrepreneurial environment for students, with a graduate employment rate of 95 %the above.

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts has a high-level, professional title, high-quality education experts and teachers, with more than 20 teacher studios. Through “introduction and training,” a group of academic and teaching teams with considerable fame at home and abroad have been formed and gathered; dual-skilled talents have been introduced from industries, enterprises, and society to build a high-level, vibrant, A modern atmosphere, a teacher team that meets the needs of today’s school development.

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts has established multi-channel cooperation projects with more than 30 overseas universities, launched international winter (summer) camps and overseas internship activities for students. The United States, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, South Korea and other countries have introduced hundreds of foreign teachers who have long been engaged in teaching, and more than 200 experts and scholars who have short-term exchanges.

Sichuan University of Culture and Arts has long insisted on organizing teachers and students to actively participate in various competitions and important cultural and art performances at all levels, and has won more than 2,000 awards. “, Sichuan Tourism” Special Contribution Unit “,” Sichuan Province Civilized Unit “and other honorary titles.


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