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Sichuan Technology Business College


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Introduction to Sichuan Technology Business College

Sichuan Technology Business College (四川工商职业技术学院, website) is the first batch of independently upgraded public full-time colleges and universities in the province. The school was formerly known as the Sichuan Light Industry School, a national key technical secondary school, and was founded in 1959. The school is an excellent level of talent training level of the Ministry of Education, an advanced unit of vocational education in ministries, provinces, and municipalities, an advanced collective of the national light industry system, an advanced unit of national sports and health work, and a national “three-going to the countryside” social practice in summer Activity Advanced Unit, Sichuan Provincial Model Higher Vocational College, Sichuan Provincial High-quality Vocational College Construction Unit, Sichuan Provincial Best Civilized Unit, Sichuan Provincial Demonstration School by Law, Sichuan Civilized Campus, Sichuan Provincial School Ethos Demonstration School, Sichuan Provincial advanced college graduate employment work collective, Sichuan Democratic Advanced Management Advanced Unit, Sichuan Provincial University Safe Campus Outstanding Unit, China Enamel Industry Technical Talent Training Base, Sichuan Professional and Technical Personnel Outstanding Continuing Education Base, Sichuan Province Modern Apprenticeship Pilot School 2. Youth Marxist training bases in colleges and universities in Sichuan province, and human resources bases in Sichuan province. The school union is the “Home of Model Workers across the Country”, and the Youth League Committee of the School is the “Red Flag Youth League Committee of Sichuan Province”. The school is located in Dujiangyan, a world cultural heritage, a world natural heritage, a world irrigation project heritage, a historical and cultural city, and a world-famous tourist attraction.

Sichuan Technology Business College currently has 542 faculty members, including 31 professors and 115 associate professors. The “double-qualified” teachers account for 70% of the total professional teachers. Fifty-seven teachers have been selected into various types of expert databases, and 59 have participated in and served in industry associations above the provincial level. 32 well-known experts and scholars were selected as specially-appointed experts and professors. The school took the lead in establishing a teacher development center in the province.

Sichuan Technology Business College has 9,147 students, mainly enrolling in three-year vocational colleges (targets are ordinary high school and vocational school graduates), as well as adult colleges; third-year students in general vocational colleges can pass the “promotion to college” Exams are entered into the corresponding undergraduate colleges; the school implements a system of scholarships, work-study programs, and rewards and assists students with excellent academic performance and families with financial difficulties. The school has a national vocational skills appraisal office, and the rate of obtaining “dual certificates” for graduates is over 98%, which is widely welcomed by employers.

Sichuan Technology Business College aims at the opportunity of the provincial industrial restructuring and upgrading, and promotes the construction of majors and courses. Currently 36 majors are open. Take the lead in carrying out professional assessments in the province, and organize the revision of professional talent training programs and curriculum standards. Food biotechnology, print media technology, art design and other specialties have formed certain characteristics. 6 provincial key vocational colleges, 2 key majors supported by central finance, 1 key major construction base supported by central finance, 3 backbone majors, and 3 provincial excellent teaching teams will be completed. In the province’s higher vocational colleges, the first curriculum center was built. The school curriculum center has constructed more than 230 courses, completed 11 provincial-level boutique courses and 30 college-level boutique courses, and approved 14 provincial-level innovation projects.

Sichuan Technology Business College implements the “In-depth Cooperation Plan for Hundred-Family Enterprises”, and has signed cooperation agreements with 119 enterprises and institutions, and has introduced enterprises into schools to set up “school-in-plants” to provide true job training for on-campus training. Industry and vocational education group, in cooperation with relevant local governments and enterprises, to build “Liquor College”, “Yongfa Printing College”, “Hanhai Boya Training College”, “Dujiangyan E-Commerce College”, “Dujiangyan Tourism Research and Development Center”, “Alcohol Research Institutes, “Sichuan Ya Paper Culture Research Institute”, “Sichuan Provincial Printed Packaging Quality Inspection and Supervision Center Laboratory” and other secondary colleges and research institutes (centers), etc., carry out applied technology innovation and R & D, results transformation, etc., to promote social service levels and Promotion of professional construction. Actively meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan, set up a “professional manager college”, and train composite technical and skilled personnel who are “good at management, can manage, and understand technology.”

Sichuan Technology Business College focuses on cultivating the concept of green development, focusing on constructing green classrooms and courses, developing green light industry professional teaching resources and projects, providing green light industry technical services, building a green light industry culture, leading and promoting the development of green light industry, and working hard Form a distinctive green light industry school characteristics.

Sichuan Technology Business College currently cooperates with Plymouth State University in the United States, Saarland University of Technology and Economics in Germany and Chiyoda International Language Institute in Japan to cultivate technical and technical talents in line with international standards. At the same time, the school recruits students from countries along the “Belt and Road” to study in our school, and trains much-needed builders for the countries along the “Belt and Road” and disseminates the school ’s deep green light industry expertise. The college actively promotes the construction of digital campuses, realizing full WIFI coverage in campus public areas, and initially building a data center. Promote e-government and achieve online office work.

Sichuan Technology Business College focuses on cultivating students ‘innovative spirit and practical ability, establishing college entrepreneurship parks, and supporting students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. The school actively builds a broad student quality development platform, and has created a number of campus brand quality development activities. In recent years, our students have won awards in various scientific and cultural competitions at home and abroad. The school’s “Quality Development Training” project has won the National University Culture Construction Excellence Award. In recent years, students have received more than 300 awards in various competitions at all levels.


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