Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College


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Introduction to Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College (四川邮电职业技术学院, website), founded in 1956, is a public higher vocational college approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, a national backbone higher vocational college, and the first independent post and telecommunications college in western China. The school is located in the Third Ring Road of Jinjiang District, Chengdu, close to Chengdu East Passenger Station, and has a good geographical location and convenient transportation. There are more than 5,600 full-time college students. Including high-tech technical and undergraduate students jointly trained with Sichuan Normal University, Sichuan Provincial Communication Industry Service Co., Ltd., the Rocket Army trains directly recruiting non-commissioned officers, the armed police trains directly recruiting non-commissioned officers, and other college-level students.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College is based on Posts and Telecommunications. It has 21 majors in communication technology, Internet of Things application technology, mobile communication technology, information security technology, and marketing, including the post and telecommunications and information industry and modern service industry. There are 5 key majors, 4 provincial key construction majors, and 2 modern apprenticeship majors. There are a large number of provincial-level quality courses and online open courses.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College has an experimental training environment that is synchronized with the communication operation enterprises. The total value of teaching equipment is more than 92 million yuan, and the value of instruments and equipment used by students exceeds 16,000 yuan. There are 5 comprehensive training platforms including “Communication Engineering Comprehensive Training Platform, Mobile Communication Comprehensive Training Platform, Electronic Information Comprehensive Training Platform, Information Technology and Application Comprehensive Training Platform, Financial Management Comprehensive Training Platform”, and Communication Engineering Productive training base for design, number one hundred business travel, digital media creativity and design. Sichuan Province Mobile Communication Virtual Simulation Training Center, VR / AR School-Enterprise Collaborative Innovation Center, FTTX Network Training Base, Integrated Maintenance Base, 4G (IMS) Training Room, LTE Training Room, IPRAN / PTN Training Room , WLAN network training room, emergency communication training room, network security training room, Internet of things training room, building intelligent engineering training room and more than 70 training rooms, more than 150 off-campus practice bases.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College has established a well-structured “two-in-three-in-a-school” teacher team (that is, a combination of college and enterprise, and school-enterprise integration. Teachers are not only teachers, engineers, and trainers). Possessing a teaching team with a combination of engineering and learning led by professors and associate professors, and a wealth of practical experience, more than 90% of “double teachers” teachers; occupational skills appraisal experts in the communications industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; hired a number of senior executives of telecommunications operations as honorary professors and guest guests professor.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College fully respects the development of students ‘individuality and pays attention to commonality education in the process of talent training. It has established a scientific and reasonable student comprehensive quality training and employment and entrepreneurship service system, focusing on improving students’ practical ability, innovation ability, and social adaptability; graduation Students are welcomed by employers. For many years, the initial employment rate of graduates has exceeded 99%, and the professional counterpart rate has reached more than 80%. The employment units are mainly telecommunications operators and support service companies such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Unicom, with high employment quality.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College has a state-approved communications vocational skills appraisal station (Post and Telecommunications Station 188), a production safety training center authorized by the Sichuan Bureau of Safety Supervision and Administration, and the Sichuan Learning Center of the Network College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Sichuan Correspondence University of Chongqing. Stations and other organizations provide vocational training, skills appraisal, qualification certification, and academic qualification promotion services for employees of post and telecommunications and information companies, and provide pre-service and post-service integrated talent and intellectual support services for industry companies. At the same time, training for insured persons, unemployed persons and landless farmers was conducted in local areas to serve people’s livelihood projects.

Extensive international exchanges and Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. The college launched the China-US “Ten Million Million Exchange Program for the Joint Training of High-end Skilled Application-oriented Talents”, and cooperated with Canton College of the State University of New York to conduct enrollment and talent training in accounting. It has carried out exchanges and cooperation with higher education institutions such as the F + U Saxony International Vocational Training Center, the North American College of the Ivy Technical Community College in the United States, the Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore, and the Brookhurst College in the United Kingdom, as well as international education and training institutions, and conducted teacher training and student visits. learn.

Sichuan Post and Telecommunication College adheres to the school orientation of “facing the post and telecommunications, serving the society; based on the southwest, and radiating the whole country”, and strives to achieve “make every student a success, so that every post and telecommunications and information company can use our graduates; let every employee Improve, provide lifelong education services for each post and telecommunications and information enterprise employees.


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