Sichuan Police College

Sichuan Police College

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Introduction to Sichuan Police College

Sichuan Police College (四川警察学院, website) is the only full-time undergraduate college in the province that is sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and jointly managed by the Provincial Public Security Department and the Provincial Education Department according to the division of responsibilities. The school started in the Public Security Department of the Public Security Department of the West Sichuan People’s Administration in 1950, the Sichuan Police Officer College was established in 2000, and the Sichuan Police Academy was established in 2006. The degree-granting unit is the sixth university in the country’s provincial public security colleges to be promoted, the first to conduct postgraduate education in police majors, and the first school to have the right to grant a master’s degree.

The main campus of Sichuan Police College is located in Quzhou, Sichuan Province. It covers an area of 467.15 acres, with a total fixed asset value of 452 million yuan, teaching equipment of 156 million yuan. The provincial public security organs jointly built 25 off-campus practice teaching bases, and the library has a collection of 940,000 volumes. The school is shaded by trees and has a beautiful environment. It is a provincial-level garden-style unit, the best provincial-level civilized unit, and an advanced school on the provincial civilized campus. The school’s Chengdu campus covers an area of 243.49 acres and is expected to be fully operational in September 2019.

Sichuan Police College currently has 5,391 undergraduates and 17 master’s degree students; 527 faculty members, including 332 full-time teachers (37 with high professional titles, 90 with associate high titles, and 256 master’s and doctoral degrees). There are 9 undergraduate majors in Public Security, Public Security Technology, and Law. There are 1 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Provincial Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Area, Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Provincial Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, 1 Provincial Key Laboratory, and 1 Key Professional Training Center , 2 provincial specialty majors, 5 provincial application demonstration majors, 3 provincial outstanding engineers and outstanding legal talent education training plans, 5 provincial social science federations and provincial education department humanities and social science research bases. There are 2 national teaching teams, 3 provincial teaching teams, 12 outstanding teachers at the provincial and ministerial level, and 12 famous teachers.

In the nearly 70 years since its establishment, Sichuan Police College has trained and transported more than 60,000 graduates for public security organs and political and legal departments at all levels, and more than 8,700 heroes, models and heroes have emerged. The casting of the spirit. ” The school has won the National Advanced Unit for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, the National May 4th Red Banner Youth League Committee, the Advanced Unit for Party Construction and Ideological and Political Work in Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Province Model School for Governing Schools by Law, the First Prize for Teaching Achievements in Higher Education in Sichuan Province, and the First Class Teaching Achievements in Ministry of Public Security Awards, National College Huang Danian-style teacher team and other honorary titles.


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