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Sichuan Business Vocational College


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Introduction to Sichuan Business Vocational College

Sichuan Business Vocational College (四川商务职业学院, website) is a public full-time general college established under the approval of the Provincial People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, and directly under the provincial Department of Commerce. Modern business high-quality high-skilled talent training base.

The College currently has two campuses in Wenjiachang Zhengjie Wenjia Campus, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Wenjiang District, Hesheng Town and Sheng Campus, covering a total area of more than 580 acres. The college has six departments, two departments and two centers. There are 8,838 full-time students and 478 teachers, including 12 with high professional titles.

Sichuan Business Vocational College, formerly known as the Chengdu Women’s Sericulture Institute, was founded in 1907 (33 years of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty) and has been renamed as Sichuan Provincial Women’s Industrial Training Institute, Sichuan Provincial Higher Vocational School, Sichuan Provincial Chengdu Women’s Vocational School, Chengdu Business School, etc. In 1993 it was renamed as Sichuan Business School. In 2004, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Sichuan Business School (a national key technical secondary school) and Sichuan Foreign Economic and Trade School (a provincial and ministerial key technical secondary school) merged to form the Sichuan Business Vocational College. In 2010, it successfully passed the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education.

Sichuan Business Vocational College currently has 29 majors, including “Economics and Trade”, “Marketing”, “Financial Accounting”, “E-commerce Logistics”, “Tourism Services”, “Electronic Information”, and “Art Design”. In the large professional sector, gradually complete the construction of a professional group with two central financial support majors in international trade practice and chain operation management, supported by two provincial-level key majors in marketing and e-commerce, with clear directions and outstanding business characteristics. To form a professional system with modern business characteristics focusing on business and modern service industries.

The college adheres to the business-oriented and modern service industry, adheres to the school philosophy of “starting from market demand, running schools according to the rules of higher vocational schools, serving students’ talents”, adhering to “based on regional economy, facing modern business, adhering to connotative development, and improving the quality of education. The school policy of “showing the characteristics of running a school”, adhering to the spirit of “integrity, wisdom, dedication and competition”, adapting to the requirements of the new normal of the business economy, conforming to the trend of the modern vocational education system, referring to the standards of running high-quality vocational colleges, “Govern the Party, run schools according to law” as the main line, guided by “dual-subject, five-docking”, based on innovative business application talent training mode, improving the quality of talent cultivation, and focusing on improving students’ innovation and entrepreneurship and employment quality. For the development of regional economy and society, train and train first-line high-quality technical and open talents for business and economic applications, and establish the college as a highland for the training and training of business and economic talents serving the Sichuan regional economy and radiating the west. Strong employment protection

Sichuan Business Vocational College always adheres to the employment-oriented and takes employment as the first priority for the development of the college, and strives to ensure the full employment of graduates. Vigorously promote the “dual certificate” and “multi-certificate system”, improve the employment competitiveness of students, continuously strengthen the guidance and employment services of graduates throughout the process, guide the establishment of the correct concept of job selection and employment, do a good job career planning, and strive to open up employment channels , Strengthen the construction of employment bases, improve the employment network, and carry out post placements. Has successively cooperated with Hewlett-Packard Company, Haier Group, Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., Suning Appliance Co., Ltd., Jingdong Group, Baidu Company, Dingxin International Group, Sichuan Mutual Business Group Company, Sunshine Insurance Group, Kempinski Hotel, Chengdu Covered Bridge Catering More than 200 companies, such as Culture Development Co., Ltd., Aiminer Leather Products Co., Ltd., have established cooperative relations.

The employment rate of the 2011 graduates is 97.32%; the employment rate of the 2012 graduates is 97.76%; the employment rate of the 2013 graduates is 98.06%; the employment rate of the 2014 graduates is 98.06%; the employment rate of the 2015 graduates is 97.05% ; Among the top universities in the province. In 2012, the college was named “Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment” by the Provincial Department of Education.


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