Shougang Institute of Technology

Shougang Institute of Technology

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Introduction to Shougang Institute of Technology

Shougang Institute of Technology (首钢工学院, website) was established in 1978, formerly known as the Branch of Beijing Iron and Steel Institute. In 1994, Shougang Institute of Technology was approved by the Ministry of Education. Since its establishment, the college has trained more than 19,000 full-time graduates for Shougang and society. “School-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination” is a distinctive feature of the college’s talent training. In the capital Beijing, where all kinds of colleges and universities gather, the employment rate of college graduates has reached 99% for several years. In January 2014, Shougang Institute of Technology was named “advanced collective for continuing education management” by the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs. In 2015, Shougang Institute of Technology won the honorary title of “Civilized Unit of the Capital” in 2012-2014. In 2016, “Beijing Institute of Work Safety Management” was listed in Shougang Institute of Technology. In 2016, the “Beijing Professionals Continuing Education Base Project” passed the review and acceptance.

The Shougang Institute of Technology is located on the northwest side of the Jinyuan Bridge on the Fifth Ring Road in the west of Beijing, adjacent to Shougang Sports Building. Modern training facilities such as training centers, student computer rooms, professional classrooms, laboratories, and network centers are built. The total bandwidth of the campus network exit is 200Mbps, the amount of digital resources is 27TB, and the library has 350,000 volumes of books; student apartments, restaurants, and 400-meter standard sports fields Various school sports facilities such as ball games venues and student activity centers are complete.

The Shougang Institute of Technology currently has 7 secondary colleges: School of Management, School of Computer and Media Arts, School of Nursing and Preschool Education, School of Metallurgical Safety and Environmental Protection, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Basic and Further Education. There are 31 higher vocational majors such as information technology, safety and environmental protection, economic management, intelligent manufacturing, social sports, pre-school education, nursing, etc .; 12 adult college education majors including integrated organic electricity technology, human resource management, and computer application technology. Every year, the school enrolls students in a unified manner. The enrollment forms include unified enrollment, independent enrollment, single-entry single enrollment, and adult test enrollment. At present, there are 2,372 full-time vocational students and 1,200 students in adult college education. Each year, the company trains more than 10,000 people for various types of personnel.

From 2014 to 2018, the college won 6 comprehensive teaching achievement awards of Beijing higher education institutions, 3 higher education research achievement awards of the Chinese Metallurgical Education Society, 3 research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 5 micro-competition competition awards of the China Iron and Steel Association. 1. One Beijing-level excellent course and five Beijing excellent teaching materials. Won 15 awards of Beijing Teachers Information Teaching Contest. In the national vocational college student skills competition, college student mathematical modeling and other competitions, the college won 8 first prizes in the country, 20 second prizes in the country, and 10 first prizes in Beijing. Two teachers of the college won the honorary title of “Beijing University Teaching Master” and four honorary titles of “Beijing Model Workers”.

Shougang Institute of Technology actively adapts to the adjustment of the capital’s industrial structure and changes in the structure of highly-skilled and skilled personnel, and conducts professional transformation. Focusing on the shortage of senior care and preschool education talents in Beijing, we have established nursing and preschool education majors; serving the development of the Beijing Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports, and opening social sports (ice and snow sports) majors; adapting to the construction of livable cities in the capital and the development of Shougang Industry Mechanical and electrical majors successfully transformed the city’s comprehensive service professional orientation; fit the digital entertainment industry of Shijingshan Park in Zhongguancun, focusing on the development of digital media majors featuring virtual reality and digital media industries; centering on the safe operation of the capital, make every effort to build a safety production training base in Beijing and determine New professional groups such as urban safety production, health and care, social sports, digital media technology, intelligent manufacturing, and preschool education were introduced, with service majors accounting for more than 80%.

Facing the future, the college will further transform into a new industry, diversified, and high-end according to the needs of the construction of the “four centers” of the capital and the transformation and development of Shougang, to achieve connotative development, characteristic development, and differentiated development. Established Zushougang, facing the west of Beijing, serving the capital, deep integration of production and education, focusing on academic education and training, and striving to build a domestic first-class vocational college.


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