Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce


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Introduction to Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce (石家庄工商职业学院, website) is a full-time general vocational college approved by the Hebei Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college’s predecessor was the Hebei College of Journalism, founded by the Communist Youth League of Hebei Province in October 1983. It was renamed the Hebei Youth Training College in June 1995, and was restructured in May 2003 as Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce.

The college is located on the Minxin River in the southwestern higher education district of Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital. There are weeping willows and beautiful scenery here; colleges and universities are crowded with a strong cultural atmosphere; and adjacent to Shijiazhuang Station, the traffic is convenient. The college covers an area of 490,000 square meters with a construction area of 148,000 square meters. It has modern teaching buildings, training buildings, libraries, apartments, canteens, supermarkets, bathrooms, medical offices and other facilities, and has good learning and living conditions. .

Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce consists of seven secondary colleges: School of Management, School of Business, School of Engineering, School of Architecture and Art, School of Entrepreneurship (E-Commerce), School of Nursing, and School of Rail Technology. In 2019, there are 43 national admissions programs.

In recent years, the college has continuously improved the quality of education and teaching. Focusing on the needs of regional socio-economic development, the professional structure was dynamically adjusted to form a professional structure with equal emphasis on industry and commerce. Adhere to school-enterprise cooperation and educate people to achieve a seamless connection between fostering talents and jobs. Relying on a dual-teaching teaching team, the implementation of a teaching mode that combines work with study and integration of learning and doing, highlighting the cultivation of students’ ability and quality. Continuously strengthen the construction of training conditions in the school, and set up professional training rooms for business, accounting, industrial engineering, arts, e-commerce, automotive, high-speed rail, mechanical and electrical, and nursing, as well as comprehensive training platforms for large business and interdisciplinary training. College graduates are well-received by employers for their strong professionalism and professional skills. In 2018, the employment rate of graduates reached 97.72%.

The outstanding achievements of Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Industry and Commerce in education and teaching have been recognized by students and parents and praised by the society. The college has successively won the honorary titles of Hebei Province’s Provincial Civilization Unit, Hebei Province’s Advanced Enrollment Collective, Hebei Province Garden-style Unit, and Charming Campus of Vocational Colleges across the country.


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