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Introduction to Shijiazhuang University

Shijiazhuang University (石家庄学院, website) is a state-owned full-time undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The school is located in Shijiazhuang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province. It is composed of two campuses in the north and the south. The school was founded in 1958 in Shijiazhuang Teachers College, and was renamed Shijiazhuang Teachers College in 1959. In March 1996, with the approval of the Hebei Provincial People’s Government, Shijiazhuang Teachers College, Shijiazhuang Regional Education College and Shijiazhuang City College of Education merged, and the school name was designated as Shijiazhuang Teachers College. In May 2004, approved by the Ministry of Education, Shijiazhuang Teachers College was upgraded to Shijiazhuang College. Since its establishment, the school has cultivated more than 110,000 professionals of various types for the country. In their respective positions, they keep their mission in mind, work hard, and contribute wisdom and strength to the country’s construction, reform, and development.

Shijiazhuang University currently has 1,212 faculty members, of which 116 are senior vocational, 169 are doctors, 375 are senior vocational, 981 are graduates, and 245 are “dual-teacher and dual-energy” teachers. Experts with special allowances from the State Council, IAAF first-level referees, provincial and municipal government special allowance experts, provincial and municipal experts with outstanding contributions, teaching teachers, model teachers, outstanding teachers, outstanding educators, and moral standards , Top talents, “three three three” talent engineering candidates and other outstanding talents. The school currently has 18,143 full-time students.

Shijiazhuang University covers an area of 1221 acres and a building area of 407,600 square meters. There are 13 experimental training centers and 330 experimental training rooms, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 198 million yuan. The library holds more than 1.18 million books, 19 Chinese and foreign databases, more than 380,000 electronic books, and 428 types of periodicals. There are 17 colleges and 79 junior college majors (including 62 undergraduate majors) covering 9 disciplines including law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management, and art. There are 2 national specialty specialty construction sites, 1 provincial technological innovation center, 4 provincial key development disciplines, 4 provincial brand specialty specialty, 2 provincial undergraduate education innovation highlands, and 2 provincial professional comprehensive reform pilots. 1 teaching team in Hebei colleges and universities; 6 provincial excellent (resource sharing) courses. Five special professional clusters, including software technology professional group, chemical and pharmaceutical professional group, mechanical and electrical engineering professional group, cultural media professional group, and teacher education professional group, have been formed for the construction of Shijiazhuang’s leading industry and harmonious society. Professional system for high-quality application-oriented talents serviced by social development.
The school adheres to the cultivation of talents as the center and takes the opportunity of being approved for the transformation and development of Hebei Province as an opportunity to further promote the transformation and development, continuously deepen the reform of education and teaching, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training. There are 320 off-campus practice teaching bases, among which the Shijiazhuang College Yiling Pharmacy Practice Education Base has been identified as the first batch of out-of-school practice education bases for college students in Hebei Province, which has achieved the goal of integrating talent training with social needs. The top universities in the same category are among the best. The students have achieved excellent results in the master’s degree examination, national judicial examination, practice qualification examination, and college entrance examination. A large number of undergraduate graduates have passed the graduate studies, and many students have passed the key domestic universities such as Beijing University. In the National University Students Challenge Cup, Youth Creation Competition, National University Students Art Show, National University Students Mathematical Modeling Competition, POCIB National University Student Foreign Trade Practice Ability Competition, NXP Cup National University Student Smart Car Competition, National University Student Pharmaceutical Engineering Design A series of competitions, including the National University Student Chemical Design Contest and the Hebei University Student Games, have repeatedly achieved good results, and the number and level of awards are among the top in the province’s similar institutions. The school has won the National Advanced Unit for Summer Social Practice of University Students, the National Organization for Outstanding Organizations in Art Performances, one of the 100 “Voice of Youth” pilot units, the National University Communist Youth League New Media Operation Cooperation Unit, and the National School Communist Youth League Excellent New Media Professional Studio The honorary title of the advanced unit of Hebei University Counselors’ Summer “Everyone’s Visit” Activity, the Hebei Province Education System Volunteer Service Advanced Unit.

Taking the opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development as an opportunity, Shijiazhuang University closely focuses on the economic and social development direction of Hebei Province, especially the development needs of Shijiazhuang’s pillar industries, and actively promotes scientific research and discipline construction towards first-class application, academic research, and scientific and technological innovation capabilities. And social service capabilities have been comprehensively improved. In the past five years, the school has undertaken 648 scientific research projects, including 9 national-level projects, 166 provincial-level projects, 106 projects commissioned by enterprises, and 33 provincial and ministerial-level awards, including the second prize of the provincial natural sciences. A total of 3,711 papers have been published, of which 268 have been indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP, and 1026 Chinese core journals; 100 patents have been authorized; 161 books (textbooks) have been published. National Animation Industry Development (Shijiazhuang) Base Talent Training Center, Hebei Province Intellectual Property Training Base, Hebei Service Outsourcing Training Base, Hebei University Graduate Employment (Entrepreneurship) Service Base, Hebei Province Social Work Professional Talent Training Base, Hebei Province, China Characteristic socialist theoretical system Shijiazhuang College Rural Development Research Base, Shijiazhuang Special Education Resource Center, Shijiazhuang Elementary Education Reform and Development Research Center were established in schools; Hebei Province Children’s Psychological Education Society, China Educational Technology Association Teachers College Professional Committee Anchoring schools; in line with the economic and social and cultural development needs of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City, the Hebei Province Haze Online Monitoring Laboratory, Hebei Province Internet of Things Intelligent Sensing and Application Technology Innovation Center, and “Internet + Made in China 2025” production-education integration innovation base , Hebei Province University Microbial Pharmacy Application Technology R & D Center, Hebei Construction Ceramic Engineering Technology Research Center, Hebei Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base, Hebei Intangible Cultural Heritage Propagation Base, Shijiazhuang Food Engineering Technology Research Center, Shijiazhuang Zinc Industry Engineering Technology Research Center, Xibaipo Cultural Research Center and other research institutions.

Shijiazhuang University has continued to increase its efforts to open schools, improve the level of international schooling, and deepen exchanges and cooperation with foreign institutions of higher learning and educational institutions. Established friendly and cooperative relations with 55 universities in 13 countries and regions, sent 38 teacher groups and 135 person-times to visit and train in 21 countries and regions, and selected 245 outstanding students to study abroad and study for master’s degrees abroad Degree, sent two batches of 35 student cultural and art exchange groups to Malaysia universities for special performances, successfully held “I and my motherland” Sino-US youth art exchange activities and special concerts. Established a joint training base for postgraduates with the International University of Science and Technology, Korea Yeosu University, and Malaysia Southern University College, and cooperated with Korea Yeosu University to host a “3 + 1” cooperative education program for pharmaceutical engineering undergraduate students.

Shijiazhuang University’s overall strength in running schools has continued to increase, its social influence has continued to expand, and its social reputation has increased significantly. The school has been awarded the title of Civilized Unit of Hebei Province for four consecutive years. It is the only college in Hebei Province that has been selected as the vice-chairman unit of the National Alliance of Newly Established Colleges and Universities. The only college in Hebei Province has been selected by the China Education International Exchange Association Applied University International Exchange Branch. The colleges and universities of the executive director unit are one of the first batch of 10 universities in Hebei province for transformation and development. The master degree of Hebei Province is awarded to the project construction unit. Shijiazhuang is the most influential city brand. The school has co-organized the employment market for graduates of Hebei Province for many years, and participated in the whole province’s major events such as the recruitment ceremony for the recruitment of university students in Hebei Province, the Provincial Games, and the Provincial Disabled People’s Games, and has been widely praised by the government and society. The National Joint Undergraduate University Joint Conference and the Fifteenth Working Seminar were successfully held. Its influence in the newly established undergraduate colleges has been greatly enhanced, and the role of leading demonstration in newly established undergraduate colleges in the province has become more prominent. Hosted the “Internet + Made in China 2025” seminar on the integration of production and education of the Ministry of Education, the International Academic Symposium on the History of the Qin and Han Dynasties, and Shijiazhuang Regional Culture, which further demonstrated the school’s strength in running a school.


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