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Introduction to Shenyang Medical College

Shenyang Medical College (沈阳医学院, website) is a full-time ordinary college approved by the Ministry of Education. Since its establishment 69 years ago, it has implemented a strategy of characteristic development, dislocation development, transformational development, and connotative development. Undergraduate medical school with improved academic level. In 2007, he was awarded “excellent” in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education; in 2009, he became a master’s degree authorized project construction unit; in 2013, he obtained the master’s degree authorization and successfully passed the certification of clinical medicine; Develop pilot schools; in 2017, it became a model university for the transformation of undergraduate universities in Liaoning Province to application-oriented universities.

Shenyang Medical College was formerly known as the Shenyang Municipal Advanced Nursing School founded in 1949, renamed Shenyang Medical College in 1978, upgraded to an undergraduate school in 1987, and officially renamed as Shenyang Medical College. During the three relocations, the school changed its name to Bayi School. Relocated to the current campus in 2001.

Shenyang Medical College currently has 10,920 full-time students, including 166 graduate students, 7,269 undergraduate students, 2,162 college students, and 1,323 foreign students. The school recruits students from 26 provinces (municipalities), autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country, and the quality of students has been improving year by year. In 2018, the admission scores of 22 provinces exceeded the second batch of undergraduate control scores by more than 50 points, and 11 provinces exceeded the second batch of undergraduate control scores by more than 100 points. The admission scores of all majors are stable in the high segment. The admission scores of majors in stomatology, anesthesiology, clinical medicine, and medical imaging in Liaoning Province have exceeded or approached a number of undergraduate control score lines for many years in a row.

Shenyang Medical College has three first-level master’s degree authorized disciplines in basic medicine, public health and preventive medicine, and clinical medicine, covering a total of 15 secondary disciplines. Pathogens are “discipline for improving core competitiveness of higher education in Liaoning Province”, “discipline for distinguishing key characteristics in Liaoning province” and “discipline for distinguishing programs with outstanding characteristics”. It is a doctoral training site for Jilin University and Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The school has 12 undergraduate majors such as clinical medicine, preventive medicine, and stomatology. The major of preventive medicine is the national specialty, the Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Major, and the Liaoning Provincial Undergraduate Comprehensive Reform Pilot Major. The clinical medicine major is the Liaoning Provincial Transition to Demonstration Major. The majors of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, and nursing are specialties of Liaoning Province; the majors of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, nursing, rehabilitation therapy, medical examination technology, and anesthesiology are key construction specialties in Shenyang. The basic medical experimental teaching center, public health experimental teaching center and clinical teaching experimental center are the experimental teaching demonstration centers of Liaoning Province, and the clinical teaching experimental center is the virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center of Liaoning Province. Preventive medicine, pathogenic biology, physiology and pathology teaching team is an excellent teaching team in Liaoning Province. Nine courses including pathogenic biology, nutrition and food hygiene are excellent courses in Liaoning Province.

Shenyang Medical College has a municipal government invited academician workstation, which is a national model academician expert workstation, a model academician expert workstation in Liaoning province, and an advanced academician expert workstation in Shenyang. Built with Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, Fred Murad workstation. The Environmental Pollution and Microecology Laboratory, the Hand Surgery Tissue Engineering Laboratory, and the Behavior and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory are Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratories; the Environmental and Population Health Laboratory is the Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory; College of Cardiovascular Disease, Brain Aging and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Food Safety and Risk Assessment Research Laboratory, Hand Surgery Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Environment and Population Health Laboratory, Environmental Pollution and Microecology Laboratory, Chronic Disease Assessment and Health Intervention Laboratory, The kidney calcification disease prevention laboratory is the Shenyang Key Laboratory; the medical biotechnology engineering center is the Shenyang Engineering Center; the human science exhibition hall is the provincial and municipal science popularization base. Since 2015, 571 scientific research projects at all levels have been approved, with a total of 41.691 million yuan in funding, including 15 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 sub-project of the National Key Research and Development Plan, and 170 provincial and ministerial research projects. 101 municipal and municipal scientific research projects; 76 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievement awards; 46 authorized invention patents and utility model patents; published 2184 academic papers, of which 82 papers were collected by SCI and other three international search institutions; published works 37 units.

Shenyang Medical College currently has 4,437 faculty and medical staff. Among them, there are 253 senior professional titles, 619 associate senior professional titles, and 114 doctoral and master supervisors. There are 1 specially-appointed professors of “Yangtze River Scholars”, 1 outstanding talent from abroad introduced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences “Hundred Talents Program”, 1 national-level candidate of “New Century Multi-Million Talent Project”, 4 provincial specially-appointed professors, and 14 provincial and municipal outstanding experts. There are 10 teaching teachers in the province and 23 teaching teachers and outstanding teachers in the city.

Shenyang Medical College covers an area of 480,800 m2 and a building area of 260,800 m2. The total asset value is 1.459 billion yuan, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 167 million yuan. The equipment has reached the advanced level in China. The library has more than 991,500 books, and 2232 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. The school currently has 2 directly affiliated hospitals, 17 non-directly affiliated hospitals, and more than 150 practice teaching bases. The two directly affiliated hospitals are all tertiary first-class hospitals and clinical training bases for general medicine in Liaoning Province. The affiliated central hospital is the Shenyang Western Medical and Health Service Center. It ranks first among municipal hospitals with comprehensive strength and has 1,500 beds. It is a national-level standardized training base for resident physicians, Shenyang Medical, Nursing, Inspection, Nutrition Quality Control Center, and primary health care. Staff training center. It features trauma surgery and relies on post-doctoral research workstations to highlight the advantages of hand surgery. The second affiliated hospital has 1,400 beds. It is a national collaborative training base for standardized training of resident physicians and a national chest pain center. It features cardiovascular, peripheral vascular and psychological departments. Cardiovascular interventional surgery has an average of over 3,000 cases per year. Top 50 ranks. The 17 non-directly affiliated hospitals are all integrated hospitals integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, and rehabilitation, which fully meet the needs of talent training.

Since 2004, Shenyang Medical College has cooperated with well-known universities at home and abroad, such as Indiana Wesleyan University, Arizona University, Nagoya City University in Japan, Dr. Wessant School in Germany, Capital Medical University, China Medical University, etc. The company, Korea Big Bear Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tohoku Pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical companies have established friendly cooperative relations. Carry out nurse order training with related institutions in Japan and Germany, and carry out student exchange and exchange learning with universities in the United States and South Korea.

The college has more than 1,800 international students from 55 countries studying at the school, enrolling 477 students from countries along the “Belt and Road”, and training a large number of practical medical technicians for countries along the “Belt and Road”, expanding Liaoning and Shenyang in the world. Popularity, trained a large number of Zhihua, Youhua, Aihua people, after the eighth graduate returned to China to pass the examination rate of 73%. In the “2017 China’s Good University Rankings” published by China’s Soft Science, the international ranking of middle school students ranked 5th in the country.


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