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Shenyang Institute of Technology


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Introduction to Shenyang Institute of Technology

Shenyang Institute of Technology (沈阳工学院, website) is a general undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1999. The school is located in the Shenfu New District, which borders Shenyang and Fushun. The campus is bordered by the Hunhe River in the north. The school enjoys convenient transportation, elegant environment and pleasant scenery. The school actively serves regional economic and social development, and has established 57 undergraduate professional systems covering 6 disciplines including engineering, economics, management, arts, arts, agriculture, etc., and has formed an undergraduate professional structure with engineering as the main body; it has machinery and transportation There are 10 colleges, including colleges, colleges of economics and management, colleges of information and control, colleges of arts and media, colleges of energy and water conservancy, colleges of life engineering, higher vocational and technical colleges, colleges of innovation and entrepreneurship, colleges of international education, and training colleges. At present, there are more than 16,000 undergraduate students. Since its establishment, more than 50,000 graduates have been delivered to the country.

The Shenyang Institute of Technology has completed the i5 Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center in compliance with the “Industry 4.0” standard. Among them, the high-end CNC machine tool information physical fusion and intelligent manufacturing laboratory was successfully approved by the Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory. A robot training base with complete teaching links, expansion of a first-class automotive service training center, and construction of a “horticultural science and technology museum” based on the intelligent agriculture of the Internet of Things, covering practices in engineering, economics, management, art, culture, and agriculture There are 119 teaching bases; on-campus practice teaching bases with advanced facilities provide good hardware conditions for training high-quality application-oriented talents. In the past two years, the school has implemented the basic construction project of the new living area and the renovation project of the original student apartment building in accordance with the standards of “going to bed and getting off the table and air-conditioning to enter the home”. The student accommodation has been greatly improved, and a unique architectural style The campus living environment is being formed with ecological campus environment and humanized apartment service.

Shenyang Institute of Technology is committed to creating a comprehensive working system that serves the development of students. It pays attention to the major professional division and transfer of professional guidance, academic guidance, cross-school course selection services, career planning guidance, mental health guidance, entrance examination planning guidance, employment Entrepreneurship guidance and services, study abroad consulting and services, etc., strive to meet the individual development needs of students; the school actively provides intimate funding services for students, and has established a variety of scholarship programs to encourage students to grow into talent. There were 3,217 people and 1,603 people who won various honorary titles. Over the year, more than 11 million yuan in student scholarships were awarded.

The Shenyang Institute of Technology has one national-level innovation and entrepreneurship mentor, two provincial-level teaching teachers, one “hundred million talent project”, one hundred-person level, three provincial professional leaders, and seven provincial teaching teams. Teachers have achieved outstanding results in teaching work. They have won 6 first prizes, 8 second prizes, and 12 third prizes. In recent years, 284 students who have won first and third prizes in the national and provincial discipline competitions as the first mentor instructors; the “2014-2018 Private Undergraduate Colleges and Independent Colleges Discipline Competition Evaluation” issued by the Chinese Higher Education Association In the “Results” list, our school ranked seventh in the country.

The Shenyang Institute of Technology has set up more than a hundred university student innovation teams and a group of students ‘extracurricular interest groups. The number of students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship activities each year exceeds one third of the total number of students. In the past three years, students have participated in university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Outstanding, won 199 national awards, 975 provincial awards, and the competition’s total scores ranked among the top universities in the province; the number of successful graduate students in each of the graduates has continuously set a record, accounting for more than 10% of the total number of fresh graduates More and more students have received admission notices from well-known foreign universities; the employment rate of graduates has remained above 93%, and the school has been awarded the title of “Advanced Unit for University Student Employment Work”.

After nearly 20 years of struggle, Shenyang Institute of Technology has made great progress in the development of various undertakings. In 2015, it was selected as the first batch of 10 pilot universities in Liaoning Province to fully transform to application-oriented universities; in 2017, it became the “Liaoning Provincial General Undergraduate University to Application-oriented Demonstration University”. In recent years, students’ satisfaction with various aspects of school work has continued to increase. According to the 2018 National Higher Education Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, students from our school are satisfied with the quality of the school’s education, the education environment, and the overall school’s satisfaction rate. All of them are about 85%, and the satisfaction of various indicators is significantly higher than the national average.


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