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Introduction to Shenyang Agricultural University

Shenyang Agricultural University (SYAU, Jobs) is a national key university jointly established by the local government and the central government. Liu Guanglin, current party secretary, and Chen Qijun, president.

Shenyang Agricultural University is located in the south of Tianzhu Mountain in the central area of Shenfu City. It is adjacent to the world cultural heritage Qingfu Mausoleum and faces the Shenshui River in the south. It covers an area of 10,246 mu. The campus environment is elegant, the scenery is beautiful, the humanities are strong, and the teaching and research conditions are superior.

The history of Shenyang Agricultural University can be traced back to the beginning of China’s agricultural education—the provincial Fengtian Agricultural School established by the Qing government in 1906, and later experienced several historical periods of Fengtian Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural College and Shenyang Agricultural College, 1952. In the year, the national colleges and universities adjusted and merged with the Agricultural College of Fudan University to form a new Shenyang Agricultural College. In October 1979, it was approved by the State Council as a national key institution of higher learning. In 1981, it was approved as the first batch of units with doctoral and master’s degrees. In October 1985, it was renamed Shenyang Agricultural University. Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally wrote the school name for the school. In 2000, the school was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture to a national key university with Liaoning Province as the main management and Liaoning Province and the central government.

Under the guidance of the party’s educational policy, several generations of Shennong people have worked hard, pioneered and innovated, and the various undertakings of the school have continued to grow and develop. They have become the key construction universities for the basic capacity building projects of the central and western universities, and the first batch of pilot projects for the construction of new rural development institutes. Universities, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the State Forestry Administration carried out the first batch of pilot universities for the reform of the education and training plan for outstanding agricultural and forestry personnel. Today’s Shenyang Agricultural University has become a research and application university that combines teaching and scientific research with agriculture and life sciences, and coordinated development of agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management and law.

Shenyang Agricultural University has formed a relatively complete agricultural education research system. There are 6 post-doctoral research stations, 72 doctoral degree granting programs, 114 master’s degree granting majors, and 58 undergraduate majors; the school has 3 national key disciplines, 3 key ministries of the Ministry of Agriculture, and 7 Liaoning higher education institutions. The school’s first-class disciplines, 27 key disciplines in Liaoning Province. According to the latest ESI data released by Ke Rui Wei An, the botany and zoology of our school entered the first 1% of the world’s disciplines for the first time, and the agricultural science continued to enter the top 1% of the global ESI disciplines. The school has 16 colleges and 4 teaching departments (centers, institutes); it has provincial and above projects including the National Engineering Laboratory, the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the New Rural Development Research Institute approved by the Ministry of Education. There are 93 scientific research institutions, including basic laboratories and experimental teaching centers (including Shenyang City).

Since the founding of the school, a large number of well-known scholars at home and abroad have come to the school to teach. Since 1990, 257 people have enjoyed special government allowances from the State Council. The school has 1,691 faculty members, including 1217 full-time teachers, 189 professors, 334 associate professors, 127 doctoral supervisors and 573 master tutors. Among the professional teachers, there are 2 academicians, 5 special academicians, 2 national outstanding young science fund winners, 1 million people planning scientific and technological innovation leading talents, 3 national youth talents such as national outstanding youth fund winners, and national “100”. 10 million talent projects, 3 first- and second-level candidates, 2 national-level candidates for the new century, and 1 national talent project, 1 national teaching teacher, 3 members of the State Council Discipline Review Group Person, 4 candidates for the Excellent Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education, 1 young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leader in the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 innovation team from the Ministry of Education, 1 agricultural research talent and innovation team from the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Shennong Plan candidate 2 persons, 1 person in the “Academician Training Project” of Liaoning Province, 1 first batch of high-end talents introduction project in Liaoning Province, 7 climbing scholars in Liaoning Province, 20 special professors, and the leading talents of science and technology innovation in Liaoning Xingliao Talents Program 3 There are 12 young talents, 1 high-level scientific and technological innovation team, 4 members of the Liaoning Provincial Discipline Review Group, and 21 Liaoning teaching teachers. A high-level faculty with a doctoral and postgraduate tutor as the backbone and a young and middle-aged teacher with a doctoral degree has been formed. The school has the foundation and advantages of developing new disciplines, marginal disciplines and multidisciplinary joint scientific and technological research. .

Shenyang Agricultural University has one excellent national teaching team, five national-level specialty majors and comprehensive reform pilots, and two national pilot programs for agricultural and forestry personnel education and training reform, covering 8 majors and one national quality resource sharing class. There are 2 national excellent online courses, 4 national agricultural science and education cooperation talent training bases, 2 national-level college students’ off-campus practice education bases, and 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center. There are 9 outstanding teaching teams in Liaoning Province, 41 provincial-level special features, key support and transformation development, and innovative entrepreneurship education pilot projects, 7 first-class undergraduate education demonstration programs in Liaoning Province, and 21 quality courses in Liaoning Province. There are 16 courses, 2 video open classes in Liaoning Province, 14 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 14 provincial-level practical education bases, and 2 provincial virtual simulation experiment projects. There are 176 teaching and practice bases inside and outside the school. Since 2000, it has won 2 second-class awards for national education and teaching achievements, 51 provincial-level undergraduate education and teaching achievements, and 170 teaching research projects at or above the provincial level.

Shenyang Agricultural University always puts the quality of personnel training in the first place in all work, attaches importance to teaching research and reform, and focuses on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality and innovative spirit. Since the founding of the school, the school has trained 130,000 students, doctors and masters for the socialist construction of the motherland. Our graduates have solid foundations, dedication and dedication, work diligently in their respective positions, and have made important contributions to the country’s economic development and social progress, and have been widely praised by the society. The school has 20,752 students, including 13,183 full-time undergraduates, 746 full-time doctoral students, 2,755 full-time postgraduates, 459 non-full-time professional graduate students, 432 international students, and 3,191 adult continuing education students. The excellent school spirit of “unity, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation” has been carried forward and the overall quality of students has been continuously improved.

Since 2000,Shenyang Agricultural University has undertaken more than 8,000 scientific research projects of the state, province and city. 298 achievements have been awarded by the state, the province (ministries) and the city, and 78% of the scientific research results have been widely promoted and applied in production. Created huge economic benefits. The school has established scientific and educational bases in 26 counties (districts) of 14 cities in Liaoning Province, and selected 58 scientific and technical personnel to serve as deputy counties (cities), township (town) or technology consultants in the local area, which effectively promoted The work of agriculture is in-depth.

Shenyang Agricultural University actively builds an international cooperation platform and continuously strengthens exchanges and cooperation with internationally renowned universities and research institutes. It has established friendship schools with 84 colleges and universities in more than 40 countries and regions.

Since entering the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the teachers and students of Shenyang Agricultural University have always maintained a spirit of hard work, seized opportunities, determined to reform, made great efforts, and overcome difficulties, and all undertakings developed rapidly. The school was successfully selected into the national middlewestern university’s basic capacity building project, which injected new impetus into the future development. The new teaching and research area consisting of 17 buildings with a building area of 200,000 square meters and the new teaching and research base covering an area of 500 mu and advanced facilities have been put into use, greatly improving the conditions for running schools; located in Haicheng, Liaozhong, The construction of 4,300 mu of off-campus long-term teaching and research bases in Zhangwu and other places has been completed and put into use. After the completion of the new base, it will provide guarantees for high-level teaching and research activities, and greatly expand the development space of the school. The campus culture construction has achieved fruitful results, forming a tenacity spirit that persists in perseverance, persists in development, strengthens confidence, persists in perseverance, and persists in man-made behavior. It has created a speed of peasant farming and created a good atmosphere of respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and advocating science. The school has won 50 national typical civilized units, national civilized campuses, national graduates, 50 typical experience colleges, national model workers’ homes, national degree and postgraduate education information work advanced units, Liaoning Province advanced grassroots party organizations, Liaoning Province civilized units, Liaoning Provincial May 1st Labor Award, Liaoning Provincial Party Building Innovation Award, Liaoning Provincial Campus Culture Construction Brand School, Liaoning Province University Propaganda and Ideological Work Advanced Collective, Liaoning Provincial University Ping An Campus, Shenyang Advanced Party Committee, Shenyang Advanced Unit, Service Shenyang Highlight Contribute to the collective and other honorary titles


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