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Introduction to Shaoyang university

Shaoyang university (邵阳学院, website) was founded in 1958. It was formed by the combination of Shaoyang normal college and Shaoyang university in 2002. Shaoyang medical college was incorporated in 2016 (the history of medical specialty can be traced back to 1906). It has trained more than 170000 talents for the society. It is a “double first-class” high-level application college with master’s degree research in Hunan Province In 2010, as a pilot college, it passed the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of education.

The school is located in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, which is a national health city and a famous historical and cultural city in Southwest Hunan Province. Wei Yuan, the first thinker who opened his eyes to see the world in the modern history of China, Cai E, a democratic revolutionary who rebuilt the Republic, LV Zhenyu, an outstanding Marxist historian, and he Lvting, a people’s musician with both virtue and art, were born here. There are intangible cultural heritages such as Baoqing bamboo carving, Shaoyang bag opera, Tantou New Year pictures and Huayao Tiaohua with strong cultural characteristics of Hunan.

The school has four campuses: Liziyuan, Qiliping, Xihu and Jiangbei. The campus covers an area of 1.582 million square meters, the school building area is 823100 square meters, the fixed assets are 1.24 billion yuan, the original value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 227 million yuan, and the collection of books is more than 2135800, including 57000 electronic books, 1471 kinds of paper newspapers and magazines in Chinese and foreign languages, and 37 databases.

The school has 23 teaching colleges, with two professional master’s degree categories of “serving the national special needs talent training project” machinery, biology and medicine; 56 undergraduate majors, covering 11 disciplines of economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art; enrollment for 29 provinces (cities, autonomous regions), full-time There are 27294 students in school.

The teaching staff is strong. There are 3888 faculty members, including 198 with senior titles (including professors, chief physicians, etc.), 775 with deputy senior titles (including associate professors, deputy chief physicians, etc.), 2 with doctoral supervisors, 166 with master’s supervisors, 141 with master’s degree and 956 with master’s degree. There are 51 excellent teachers in China, teaching experts in Ideological and political theory courses in Colleges and universities in China, famous teachers at provincial level, and provincial “121 talent project”. Professor Li Guojie, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, is invited as honorary president and part-time professor, and many foreign teachers are invited all year round.

“Double first class” construction has made outstanding achievements. The university has 6 “double first-class” application characteristic disciplines in Hunan Province, 4 national characteristic specialty construction points of the Ministry of education, 1 comprehensive reform pilot specialty of local universities of the Ministry of education, 13 provincial first-class specialty construction points, 8 provincial characteristic specialties, 6 provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialties (including 2 Junior Colleges), and 1 National Health Service Demonstration specialty point of vocational colleges; There are 1 National Excellent Video open course, 7 provincial excellent courses, 6 provincial excellent online open courses, 1 National off campus practical education base for college students, 6 provincial school enterprise cooperative talents training bases, 6 provincial school enterprise cooperative innovation and entrepreneurship education bases, 5 provincial graduate training and innovation bases, 273 off campus practice bases, among which, there are excellent provincial students There are 7 internship bases, 2 affiliated hospitals, 1 cooperative Affiliated Hospital, 3 teaching hospitals, 1 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 2 provincial innovation training centers for college students, 3 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education centers, 7 provincial teaching teams, 1 “new engineering” research and practice project first approved by the Ministry of education, and 1 key experiment in Hunan Province There are 3 departments, 3 social science research bases in Hunan Province, and 17 other provincial scientific research platforms.

Attach importance to scientific research. In the past five years, the university has presided over 929 scientific research projects at all levels such as National Natural Science and social science foundation projects, won 157 awards for teaching and scientific research achievements at all levels, published more than 5600 academic papers, 391 of which have been included in the three international authoritative indexes, and published 210 academic monographs. Journal (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION) is a class a core journal of RCCSE (Wuhan University Edition) core library. Journal (self SCIENCE EDITION) is awarded the title of “excellent science and Technology Journal of Chinese universities” and “double top ten journals” of the seventh Hunan Province.

The quality of personnel training is high. In the past three years, students have participated in the “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ extracurricular academic scientific and technological works competition, National College Students’ mathematical modeling competition, National College Students’ mechanical innovation design competition, National College Students’ art performance, National College Students’ electronic design competition, National College Students’ advertising art competition, National College Students’ English competition, National College Students’ physics teaching skills competition and other provincial-level competitions The above competitions won 1195 awards, including 197 at the national level. In 2016, he won the champion of the second National University “campus good voice competition”, the champion of the “robot Golf” project of China robot skills competition in 2017, the first prize of the Eighth National College Students’ mechanical innovation design competition and the first prize of the Fifth National College Students’ art exhibition in 2018. In recent years, the university has been rated as “the excellent unit of” top project “for the employment of college graduates in Hunan Province” and “the advanced unit for the employment of college graduates in Hunan Province”. At the same time, it is “Hunan University student employment and entrepreneurship demonstration school”.

Adhere to the policy of opening up schools. The school adheres to the cooperation between the school and the local government and the school enterprise. It has signed the school local cooperation agreement with Shaoyang Municipal People’s government, county (city, district) people’s government and relevant departments, signed the cooperation agreement with China Telecom, Xiangdian group, Xiangjiao liquor industry, great group and other enterprises, and carried out in-depth cooperation in talent training, technological innovation, product research and development, achievement transformation and other fields Five industrial colleges have been set up to explore the “dual system” talent training mode. The University actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, and has established various forms of cooperation and exchange relations with universities in Britain, the United States, Malaysia and other countries. There are 2 Sino foreign cooperative education projects of the Ministry of education. International students will be enrolled in 2015.

Over the past 60 years since its establishment, the school has always adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, adhered to the school philosophy of “cultivating morality and cultivating people, learning for practical use”, practiced the school motto of “Mingde, seeking truth, symbiosis and Transcendence”, carried forward the school ethos of “symbiosis and common prosperity, being only realistic and new”, the school ethos of “Mingde, Mingli, studious and practical”, and the teaching ethos of “cultivating morality, self-cultivation, dedication and fine work”, serving Hunan and the national economic society The development of the association has made important contributions and won a good social reputation. It has been rated as the advanced unit of social practice activity of “three going to the countryside” of national college and technical secondary school student volunteers in summer vacation, the civilized unit of Hunan Province, the advanced unit of Party construction work in general colleges and universities in Hunan Province, the excellent unit of comprehensive management work in Hunan Province, the advanced unit of Ideological and political education research in Colleges and universities in Hunan Province, and the advanced unit of mental health education for college students in general colleges and universities in Hunan Province.

Facing the future, the university will adhere to the school orientation of “based in Hunan, facing the surrounding areas, radiating across the country, with engineering as the main body, normal medicine as the two wings, multi-disciplinary and coordinated development, training high-quality application-oriented talents with solid professional foundation, reasonable knowledge structure, strong innovation and practical ability, and devoting themselves to serving the grass-roots”, and forge ahead with the goal of Application-oriented University with distinctive characteristics Enter.


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