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Shaoyang Polytechnic


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Introduction to Shaoyang Polytechnic

Shaoyang Polytechnic (邵阳职业技术学院, website) was established in 2003 and was formed by the merger of the former Shaoyang Economic and Trade School (1952), Shaoyang Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School (1979), and Shaoyang Agricultural School (1957). For the record, the full-time ordinary higher vocational college hosted by Shaoyang Municipal People’s Government. The college covers an area of 426,880 m2, with a total construction area of 203,565 m2. There are currently 390 faculty members and 7,468 students.

Shaoyang Polytechnic has a school of elevator engineering, a school of automobile and intelligent manufacturing, a department of information technology and creativity, a department of finance and industry, a department of biological engineering, a department of construction engineering, a five-year college, a public course, a department of ideological and political education, and continuing education The training college has four departments, three colleges and three departments. There are currently 1 Hunan Province Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Demonstration Specialty Group Construction Project, 2 key majors to improve the professional service industry development ability supported by the central government, 2 vocational education practice training bases supported by the central government, and Hunan Province enterprises 1 cooperative productive internship training base. In 2016, it became one of the first batch of “Hunan Provincial Enterprise Talent Training Demonstration Bases”. In 2017, it won the “Provincial New Vocational Farmer Training Demonstration Base in Hunan Province” of the Provincial Agricultural Commission and the “Hunan Province SME Training Demonstration Base” in Provincial Economic and Information Commission. There are 2 provincial-level education reform pilot majors, 1 provincial-level specialty major, 1 provincial-level specialty major, 1 provincial-level economic and information commission special fund support construction major, and 7 college-level specialty majors. There are existing training buildings, automobile training centers, building training centers, elevator training centers, robot training centers, mobile internet application development training rooms in the college, and 68 off-campus training practice bases have been established with enterprises. Carry out skills appraisals for high-tech computers, Mandarin, English, electricians, fitters, turners, and draftsmen. Hosted the Shaoyang University Student Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Youth Technology Skill Competition.

Shaoyang Polytechnic focuses on school-enterprise cooperation and integration of production and education. In 2016, the college cooperated with the world top 500 enterprises Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd. to establish the Elevator Engineering College and Central China Elevator Training Base. Li Zhihong, the director of Schindler Elevator China’s school-enterprise cooperation, was appointed as the dean. Physical Training. The company provides the latest elevator equipment and teaching modules. In 2017, the college cooperated with Guangdong Ruichang Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development Co., Ltd. to establish the School of Automobile and Intelligent Manufacturing. The company provided equipment worth 10 million yuan, and jointly established a robot training center with the college, and sent special personnel for teaching and maintenance. . Implement the “dual-subject, six-in-one” of “industry-study integration”, “work-study integration”, “workshop-classroom integration”, “teacher-teacher integration”, “school-enterprise culture integration”, and “school-enterprise development integration” One “talent training model. To achieve the “six commons”, that is, “schools and enterprises jointly formulate elevator professional talent training programs, jointly develop curriculum and teaching resources, jointly write teaching materials, jointly develop elevator professional teachers, jointly establish elevator training bases and post modules, and arrange students Job placements, joint recommendation and placement of qualified graduates. ”

Shaoyang Polytechnic has successively been rated as an Advanced Unit for Employment in Hunan Higher Education Institutions, an Advanced Unit for Provincial Vocational Skill Appraisal, an Advanced Unit for Party Style and Clean Government Construction in Shaoyang, an Advanced Unit for Comprehensive Governance, and a Municipal Public Satisfaction School.


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