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Introduction to Shaoxing Vocational and Technical College

Shaoxing Vocational and Technical College (website) was established in 1999. It is one of the earlier independent higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province. It is located in the historical and cultural city of Shaoxing. The school regards “honesty and innovation” as the school motto, upholds the school tenet of “education as the foundation of life, and runs higher education that changes people’s lives”, takes “professional talent, spiritual adult” as the training philosophy, and follows “character as the root and technical skills as “Using the” education policy “, build people with morality, conduct quality studies, and strive to build a university of applied technology with high quality and characteristics. The school covers an area of 512 acres, with a building area of 280,000 square meters. There are more than 12,800 full-time students. The employment rate of all previous graduates is above 98%, and the three core indicators of graduate starting salary, entrepreneurship rate, and employer satisfaction rank 6th in the province’s higher vocational colleges.

The school is the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in Zhejiang Province. There are 6 secondary colleges, including the School of Information Engineering, the Fan Ye Business School, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Transportation, the School of Architecture and Design Arts, the School of Nursing, and the Yangming College. 32 majors including eight major professional groups including information technology, business service and management, intelligent manufacturing, automotive technical services, construction engineering and management, cultural and creative design, health services, and education services, including 2 national key majors and provincial universities There are 3 specialty majors, 8 specialty majors, 5 key specialty majors in the city, and 1 first national vocational education teacher teaching innovation team. The school has 12 on-campus training bases, 115 professional training rooms, 300 close cooperative companies, 170 off-campus internship training bases, and invests in industrial clusters such as Hangzhou Binjiang, Ningbo Beilun, and Shaoxing Keqiao. Create three Career Experience and Employment Service Centers. There are currently three national productive training bases and one national “dual teacher” teacher training base. The school has the characteristics of “Four industry integration” of academics, industries, employment, and entrepreneurship. In recent years, it has won two second prizes for national teaching achievements, two first prizes for provincial teaching achievements, and three second prizes.

The school has deepened the integration of production and education, and the social services have been effective. Existing Zhejiang General Mortar Research Institute, Shaoxing Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Center, Shaoxing Youth Online Business School, Shaoxing Textile Industry Development Research Center, Shaoxing Internet of Things Technology Application Research Association, Shaoxing Red Cross Society Participate in Senior Care Service Training 18 research institutions and society, including Shaoxing City School of Pension and Domestic Industry, Shaoxing Fanye Research Association, Shaoxing Rural Cultural Auditorium Training Base, Shaoxing Prefabricated Construction Industry Worker Education Training Base, Shaoxing Sponge City Construction Industry-University Research Center Service platform, organic integration of talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage innovation, mutual promotion, diversification and precision of school-enterprise cooperation, information technology, machine substitution, e-commerce market change, intelligent manufacturing, cultural and creative tourism, Research and service in construction mortar, sponge city, health service, beautiful rural construction and other fields have achieved remarkable results. The “China Atlas of Education” co-developed and published by the school in cooperation with the National Education Development Research Center was prefaced by Liu Yandong and instructed by Yuan Guiren. In 2010, he was awarded the “Pei Xiu Award” for outstanding Chinese map work. In 2018, the number of invention patents ranked 43rd in national vocational colleges and 9th in the province.

The school strengthened the party’s leadership. Two party building characteristic projects were selected as the first batch of “Double Hundred Demonstration” projects for party building in colleges and universities in the province. Focusing on cultural leadership, and encouraging “each beauty, beauty and commonwealth” around the core values, the creation of cultural activity carriers such as “He Changshu Bar” and “Yonghe Research Bar”, and systematic implementation of comprehensive quality and ability training projects, skill elite training projects, The innovation and entrepreneurship talent training project and the outstanding talent training project have formed a educating system that places equal emphasis on “comprehensive quality” and “technical skills” and both moral skills and cultivation. The Youth Volunteer Corps of the school was appraised as the advanced group of the second National Respect for the Elderly Civilization. The Youth League Committee of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering practiced the “craftsmanship spirit” and was awarded the “National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”. “Xingzhi Accounting Academy” and “Ivy Bookstore” were awarded the title of “Top 100 Student Associations” in Chinese universities. The school dance team won the first prize for performance and creation of the 3rd National College Student Art Exhibition. The men’s basketball team won the seventh place in the 2019 CUBA Second League National Finals.

The school advocates “technology changes life.” The results of the 2018 subject skills competition ranked 18th in the country’s vocational colleges and 2nd in the province. In 2019, he won the first prize of “National Information Security Management and Evaluation”. The “University Program Design” (ACM) competition is the only vocational college in the province that has won the “Nine Evening Gold”.

The school was awarded the first batch of exemplary entrepreneurship colleges and provincial creative spaces in Zhejiang universities. It is one of the first universities in the province to launch entrepreneurship education, and the student entrepreneurship rate ranks among the top universities in the province. After incubation by the school, the students successfully established 290 enterprises and 42 enterprises with existing assets exceeding 10 million. The student entrepreneurship model has been awarded the “Top Ten Influential Figures of Zhejiang Education Year”, the provincial “Entrepreneur Star” and the National Scholarship Special Evaluation Award.

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