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Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine


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Introduction to Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine

The predecessor of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine (山西中医药大学, website) is the Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was founded in 1978. It was approved by the former State Education Commission to establish the Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was renamed Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in May 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Began to recruit master degree students in 2001. It is a joint university established by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “5 + 3” integrated enrollment colleges for medical specialties, Chinese government scholarship students entrusted to train universities, and Shanxi province’s deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration colleges.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine currently has two campuses in Taiyuan and Jinzhong, covering an area of 979 mu. Jinzhong Campus has a unique architectural style, solemn and elegant, and beautiful environment. It has cultural landscapes such as traditional Chinese medicine cultural reliefs, Fushan sculptures, Shanghu Lake, Shen Pesticide Valley, etc., and is full of rich traditional Chinese medicine cultural elements. . The total value of the school’s teaching and scientific research equipment is 173,317,300 yuan, the library has 950,000 paper books, 3.1 million electronic books, and 36 databases of various types. A modern electronic book system and computer network service system with advanced performance have been established.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine offers 21 undergraduate programs, covering a variety of disciplines such as medicine, engineering, management, and science. In 2007, it passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education with good results. In 2014, it passed the certification of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Ministry of Education at a high level. In 2018, it passed the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. The school is the national medical qualification examination practice skills base. There are 1 national specialty specialty construction site, 1 Ministry of Education undergraduate specialty comprehensive reform pilot, 3 Shanxi province brand specialty, 4 Shanxi province university specialty specialty construction project, Shanxi province higher education specialty specialty construction project, Shanxi province 1 provincial talent training model innovation experiment zone, 11 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses, won 1 second prize of national teaching achievement in 2018, 1 special prize in the recent two provincial teaching achievement award review, first prize 3 prizes, 8 second prizes and 3 third prizes. There are 3 experimental teaching demonstration centers in ordinary universities, 2 provincial basic course demonstration laboratories, and 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center. There are 10,604 full-time students, including 835 graduate students.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine has 15 secondary teaching institutions, with 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 11 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 13 teaching hospitals and 18 non-medical practice teaching bases. At present, there are 4,183 teaching and medical staff, including 618 full-time teachers, 316 teachers with senior professional and technical positions, and 92 of them have high professional titles. There are 2 masters of Chinese medicine, 1 winner of National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, 1 national teaching master, 1 national candidate for the “New Century Multi-Million Talent Project”, 3 national famous Chinese medicine practitioners, and the Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent 2 talents, 2 academicians with dual appointments, 23 doctoral supervisors, 18 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, 16 instructors who inherited the academic experience of the old experts in traditional Chinese medicine, 6 excellent clinical talents in Chinese medicine, were selected into the “three “Jin Yingcai” supports 108 people. 1 young scientist in Shanxi Province, 5 talents in the “Hundred Talents Program” in Shanxi Province, 14 academic and technological leaders in Shanxi Province, 1 leading talent in emerging industries in Shanxi Province, 2 outstanding young and creative talents in middle and high school in Shanxi Province, and higher education in Shanxi Province There are 2 outstanding young academic leaders of the school, 17 leading talents of the “131” of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, 15 teaching teachers in Shanxi Province, 2 outstanding teaching teams in Shanxi Province, 18 old Chinese medicine practitioners in Shanxi Province, and 8 famous doctors in Shanxi Province. There are 15 instructors who have inherited the academic experience of old Chinese medicine experts in Shanxi Province, 31 high-end leading talents in health personnel training project in Shanxi Province, and 4 Fu Shan scholars.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine is now a doctoral degree-granting unit (point) in Shanxi Province for the construction of colleges and universities. It has two first-level academic degree authorized places in Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and three professional degree masters in Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and nursing Authorization point. There are 4 key construction disciplines in Shanxi Province, 1 advantaged characteristic discipline (level 1) of Shanxi “1331 Project”, 12 key disciplines of Chinese medicine in the “11th Five-Year” and “12th Five-Year” period of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanxi Province There are 14 key disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine of the Health Commission. The school led the establishment of the Shanxi Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Innovation Alliance. The school is a national base for modern Chinese medicine technology industry (Shanxi), a national base for international scientific and technological cooperation, and a national base for scientific and technological cooperation for traditional Chinese medicine. There are currently 20 R & D and science and technology service platforms at or above the provincial and ministerial level, including 7 key laboratories at and above the provincial and ministerial level There are 2 Provincial College Collaborative Innovation Centers, and 2 Provincial Key Universities Humanities and Social Sciences Research Bases. There are 5 provincial science and technology innovation teams, 1 provincial “1331 Project” key innovation team, 2 key laboratories, and 1 engineering (technology) research center.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine actively serves the national “Belt and Road” initiative. As the first batch of Chinese medicine colleges and universities, it has joined the “Belt and Road” college alliance and recruited 184 international students from countries along the route. It has undertaken international acupuncture training courses organized by the Ministry of Commerce for 20 consecutive years, and has established good cooperative relations with academic institutions in more than 20 countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The school has jointly established the China-Australia Molecular Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center with Shanxi Zhendong Health Industry Group and the University of Adelaide, Australia. , Was identified as a national-level international joint research center by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The “Global Institute of Traditional Medicine” jointly established by the school and Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Adelaide University conducts research on the fields of traditional Chinese medicine agriculture, traditional Chinese medicine innovative drugs and health product development, and pharmaceutical engineering.

Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine currently has 4 tertiary A-level affiliated hospitals. The Affiliated Chinese Medicine Research Institute is the largest and strongest comprehensive Chinese medicine medical institution in the province in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive traditional Chinese hospital with outstanding characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a key construction unit of traditional Chinese medicine culture in the country. It is the chairman of the acupuncture rehabilitation branch of the China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and its new nine-needle technique is well-known both at home and abroad;


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