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Introduction to Shanxi Normal University

Shanxi Normal University (山西师范大学, website) was founded in 1958 and is located in Linfen, an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Since its establishment for more than 60 years, the school has been adhering to the fine tradition of teacher education and has continued to deepen the reform of teacher education. It has now developed into a provincial normal university with a complete training system and distinctive school characteristics, and is an important base for training basic teachers in Shanxi Province.

Shanxi Normal University currently has 16,484 full-time undergraduates and 3,842 graduate students. It has 22 colleges, 60 undergraduate majors, 20 first-level master’s degree authorized disciplines, 7 master’s degree categories, and two first-level doctoral degree authorizations. Disciplines, 2 postdoctoral mobile stations, 1 Ministry of Education key laboratory, 1 Ministry of Education innovation team, 1 Ministry of Education Chinese excellent traditional culture inheritance base, 1 Shanxi Province service industry innovation discipline group, 2 provincial key disciplines , 20 provincial key construction disciplines, 2 Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratories, 3 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers, 3 Excellent Traditional Culture and Art Education Bases in Shanxi Province, 4 Key Research Bases in Humanities and Social Sciences in Shanxi Province The Ministry of Education’s “Excellent Teacher Training Plan Reform Project” undertakes the National Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone Project and the National University Students’ Off-site Practical Education Base Project. There are 6 national specialty programs, 1 national professional comprehensive reform pilot, and 6 provinces Level Advantage Major, 10 Provincial Brand Majors, 6 Provincial Characteristic Majors, 12 Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Professional Construction Sites, 15 Provincial Excellent Products Cheng (sharing quality courses), 10 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center.

Shanxi Normal University has 1162 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 2 national outstanding youths, 1 young and middle-aged leader in scientific and technological innovation, 2 leading talents in the “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, 3 national talent projects of 10 million talents, and 5 candidates for the New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan of the Ministry of Education. 1 outstanding teacher, 1 national “cultural master” and “four batches” talents, 3 “Sanjin Scholars” in Shanxi Province, 20 provincial academic and technical leaders, 24 provincial teaching teachers, Shanxi Higher Education There are 7 outstanding young and innovative talents in the school, and 35 outstanding young academic leaders in the institutions of higher learning in Shanxi Province.

Shanxi Normal University attaches great importance to undergraduate teaching and continuously deepens education and teaching reform. Beginning in 2014, the “student-centric” classroom teaching reform was implemented. Since 2016, we have also implemented the reform of the talent training model with classroom teaching reform as the breakthrough point, focusing on transforming existing university classrooms, comprehensively updating education and teaching concepts, striving to innovate education and teaching methods, vigorously implementing teaching reform and innovation plans, and comprehensively deepening practical teaching reforms. Comprehensively strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students, actively promote the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, and actively explore the training mode of elite talents. Students’ learning ability, innovation ability and practical ability have been continuously improved, the quality of education and teaching has been steadily improved, the employment rate has steadily ranked among the top universities in the province, and graduates have been widely welcomed and recognized by all sectors of society.

Shanxi Normal University adheres to the discipline construction as the leader and continuously improves the discipline and scientific research level. Since the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the school has vigorously promoted the construction of key disciplines, and implemented a key discipline climbing plan with the introduction of high-end talents and high-level teams as a breakthrough in accordance with the overall layout of the discipline of “one body, two wings, and multi-point synergy.” At present, three discipline groups including teacher education, cultural and creative industries, molecular sciences, four key disciplines such as Chinese language and literature, Chinese history, biology, mathematics, and Marxist theory, physical education, industrial economics, and physics have been established. Science, agricultural product processing and storage engineering, physical geography, fine arts and other 7 key disciplines.

Shanxi Normal University attaches great importance to the role of supporting and leading high-level talents. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan period, 22 people have been flexibly introduced into the “Hundred Talents Program” of Shanxi Province; 46 are specially invited professors, of which 2 are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. One academician is a specially-appointed professor, 3 are a specially-appointed professor of the “Thousand Talents Program”, and 14 are a “Changjiang Scholar” specially-appointed professor.

Shanxi Normal University has implemented open schools, and has established friendly cooperation and exchange relationships with more than 50 foreign universities and academic organizations. Inter-school exchanges and exchanges and cooperation with domestic brother institutions have become more frequent, and interactions and cooperation with all walks of life have become more extensive.


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