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Introduction to Shanxi Agricultural University

Shanxi Agricultural University (山西农业大学, website) is a well-known higher agricultural institution in China. It was one of the two undergraduate universities in Shanxi Province before the founding of the People ’s Republic of China. The government and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly established universities, the first batch of national demonstration universities to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education, the national midwestern basic capacity building was selected as a university, the national agricultural and rural informatization demonstration base, the Shanxi Province comprehensive reform pilot university, the second batch Provincial mass entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base.

Shanxi Agricultural University was founded in 1907 by the private Mingxian Academy founded by Kong Xiangxi, and later developed into a private Mingxian Agricultural and Industrial College and a private Mingxian College. Together with the Shanxi University Hall, it created a precedent for modern higher education in Shanxi; For public administration, the Shanxi Agricultural College was established; in 1979, it was renamed Shanxi Agricultural University, becoming one of the 99 key universities in the country at the beginning of reform and opening up.

Shanxi Agricultural University currently has agricultural colleges, animal science colleges, forestry colleges, horticultural colleges, colleges of resources and environment, engineering colleges, economic management colleges, food science and engineering colleges, liberal arts colleges, life science colleges, public management colleges, information science and engineering There are 16 teaching units including colleges, software colleges, urban and rural construction colleges, physical education colleges, and Marxist colleges (Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research). The disciplines cover 8 disciplines including agriculture, science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, and art, with 63 undergraduate majors. There are 8 post-doctoral scientific research mobile stations, 9 doctoral degree authorization points for first-level disciplines, 34 doctoral degree authorization points for second-level disciplines, and 1 professional doctorate degree authorization; 14 authorization points for master-level disciplines, and master’s degree for second-level disciplines. 60 degree authorization points, 7 professional master degree authorization points; 1 national key (cultivation) discipline, 5 provincial key disciplines, 5 provincial key construction disciplines, 3 provincial key support disciplines, and provincial superior disciplines One, four provincial-level specialty disciplines, one “1331” engineering advantage discipline, one provincial advantage discipline climbing plan discipline, two provincial service industry innovation discipline groups; 15 adult correspondence undergraduate majors, and 5 adult correspondence specialty majors ; 4 undergraduate majors for self-study exams and 2 self-study majors for self-study exams;

Shanxi Agricultural University currently has 24518 full-time students, more than 1,700 faculty and staff, and 1086 full-time teachers, including 1 member of the Disciplinary Evaluation Group of the Degree Committee of the State Council, 12 members of the Higher Education Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, and a multi-million talent project 1 national candidate, 2 national experts with outstanding contributions, 4 selected by the Ministry of Education “New Century Excellent Talents Support Program”, 4 enjoy special government allowances, 6 “young Sanjin scholars”, and the provincial “hundred-person program” There are 34 selected persons, 15 provincial leaders in academic technology, 12 academicians in the first-level flexible introduction of the provincial “131” talent program, and 67 well-known scholars and academic leaders in the second level. The school vigorously implements the undergraduate teaching quality project, including 1 national-level teaching teacher, 1 national Huangdanian-style teacher team, 1 national excellent teacher, 1 national model teacher, 1 national-level teaching team, and national-level specialty construction. 5 points, 2 national-level excellent courses, 1 national-level excellent resource sharing course, 3 national-level teaching experiment demonstration centers, 1 national-level college students’ off-site practical education base, and 1 national agricultural science and education talent cooperation training base; 1 province There are 29 famous teaching teachers, 3 provincial teaching teams, 17 provincial brand and specialty construction sites, 16 provincial excellent courses, 14 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 11 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 1 level virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 2 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental areas; more than 100 provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards have been awarded. The school set up the first entrepreneurial college in Shanxi Province, built two “provincial crowd-creation spaces” for the “Internet + Agriculture” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, and the College Student Entrepreneurship Park, creating an agricultural university brand of “double innovation” education. There are 69 doctoral tutors, more than 400 master tutors, 3 excellent provincial graduate education mentor teams, 8 excellent provincial graduate education mentors, 1 provincial graduate training base, and 8 provincial graduate education innovation centers. The school actively promotes foreign cooperation and exchanges. It has a history of more than 100 years of cooperation with the University of Oberlin in the United States. It has cooperated with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany to train undergraduates and has sent more than 1,100 students in total. Exchange programs with more than 10 universities including Massey University, Auckland University of Technology, and Boise State University in the United States. Students from Iran, India, Pakistan and other countries have come to the school to study.

Shanxi Agricultural University currently has the National Functional Miscellaneous Grain Technology Innovation Center, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Northwest Loess Plateau Crop Cultivation and Arable Land Conservation Scientific Observation and Experimental Station, the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology System Changzhi Comprehensive Experimental Station, and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Modern Seed Industry Enhancement Project “Pear Seeds” Preservation and Expansion Bases “; Provincial” 1331 Project “College Ideological and Political Work Practice Education and Education Collaboration Center 1, Cooperative Innovation Center 1, Key Laboratory 1, Engineering (Technology) Research Center 2, Industrial Technology Innovation Research Institute (Strategic Alliance) 2, 1 key innovation team, 1 key laboratory of ordinary colleges, 1 innovation base of provincial education department, 1 key research base of humanities and social sciences of provincial colleges, 3 provincial key laboratories, provincial 9 Engineering Technology Research Centers, 1 Provincial Engineering Research Center, 4 Provincial Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliances; Ministry of Agriculture Genetically Modified Biological Product Component Supervision and Testing Center, Ministry of Agriculture Pesticide Registration and Testing Qualification Unit, National Computer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Shanxi 6 sub-center qualifications; the country’s first batch of agricultural science and education cooperation talent training bases 1 1 national entrepreneurial chain for science and technology commissioners, 1 national entrepreneurial training base for science and technology commissioners, 1 Zhongchuang space in Shanxi Province, 7 colleges and universities (associations) linked to schools; national modern agricultural industry technology system 4 post scientists, 5 chief experts of the provincial modern agricultural industry system, 22 post experts, 2 young provincial top talents, 4 academic and technical leaders, 3 emerging industry leaders, 18 provincial outstanding young academic leaders There are 137 rural science and technology commissioners and 8 provincial science and technology innovation teams. The school has certain advantages in more than ten research fields such as wheat, soybeans, miscellaneous grains, pigs, sheep, beef cattle, alpaca, grassland ecology, environmental veterinary medicine, veterinary medicine, edible fungi, facility vegetables, plums, modern agricultural equipment, and vinegar. Features. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the school has gathered innovation resources both inside and outside the school, vigorously promoted collaborative innovation, and solidly promoted the in-depth integration of “government-industry-industry-research-use”. Three new animal and plant varieties of Hu Zhizi and Jin Lan cashmere goat have passed the national examination and approval, and they have won the first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology for five consecutive years.

Shanxi Agricultural University has 35 projects included in the State Council ’s comprehensive rural reform pilot “new agricultural socialization service system” construction project, 128 projects included in the Shanxi Agricultural Technology Extension Demonstration Action Project, and 24 projects included in the State and Shanxi Province Agriculture Comprehensively develop science and technology promotion projects, and promote more than 80 new varieties such as Jinfen white pigs, jujube anti-crack fruit, edible fungi cultivation, millet production mechanization, calcium fruits, soybeans, alpaca, and protected vegetables in the province and surrounding 10 provinces, 161 This advanced practical technology has created significant economic and social benefits. School science and technology help targeted poverty alleviation, carry out third-party assessments of poverty alleviation effects in the province, sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Luliang City, carry out the “Lüliang Action to Help Deepen Poverty”, organize six teams and go to six poor counties to carry out industrial technical assistance Poverty alleviation, our school’s counterpart Fulin County project was selected as a typical project for precision poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation in provincial universities nationwide. Taking advantage of agricultural sciences, the school has trained 300,000 people including agricultural management cadres, technicians, and entrepreneurs since the 13th Five-Year Plan. It has become an important base for new farmers’ education and training of rural cadres in Shanxi Province.

Shanxi Agricultural University is a national model unit for greening. The campus has a green area of 600,000 square meters. The main campus has a green coverage rate of more than 85%. There are more than 100 ancient and rare trees and more than 50 rare and rare species. The school has abundant educational resources, with more than 1.8 million volumes of paper books, more than 800 types of paper periodicals, and nearly 3 million volumes of electronic books.


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