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Introduction to Shangqiu University

Shangqiu University (商丘学院, website) was formerly known as Huayu College of Henan Agricultural University. It was co-founded by Henan Agricultural University and Henan Shangqiu Chunlai Education Group in 2002. In April 2011, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to be converted into a private undergraduate college. The school is located in Shangqiu City, Henan Province.

Shangqiu University occupies an area of 2,829.27 acres, and has facilities such as an experimental building, a training center, a gymnasium, a comprehensive sports field, and a college student innovation and entrepreneurship center. The school is planned scientifically, with teaching areas, administrative areas, living areas, sports areas, and leisure areas scattered and rationally arranged. The school is lined with greenery and four seasons, making it an ideal place to study and study.

Shangqiu University currently has the School of Mechanical and Electrical Information, the School of Computer Engineering, the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the School of Landscape Architecture, the School of Management, the School of Media, the School of Arts, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Humanities, the School of Business, the School of Physical Education, the School of Marxism, Public There are 16 teaching units in the Department of Art Teaching, Chunlai College, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, and International Education College. There are 45 undergraduate majors, which form a professional structure with engineering as the main body and the coordinated development of engineering, agriculture, management, arts, culture, education, science, economics and other disciplines. There are 1 first-class specialty construction sites in Henan Province, 2 specialty specialty programs in Henan Province, 3 pilot specialty programs for comprehensive reform in Henan Province, 11 brand specialty programs in Henan Province, and 5 excellent online open courses in Henan Province.

Shangqiu University currently has 1,534 full-time teachers, including 545 teachers with senior titles, 1146 teachers with master’s degrees or above, dual-teacher teachers and 369 teachers with industry professional qualifications and working experience. In the teaching team, there are 1 national outstanding teacher, 3 national model teachers, 3 provincial teaching teachers, 50 provincial outstanding teachers, civilized teachers, and backbone teachers, and 31 academic and technological leaders of the provincial education department. The school has actively carried out scientific research with rich scientific research results. In the past three years, teachers have undertaken 607 scientific research projects at or above the city hall level, won 236 scientific research results above the city hall level, and published 934 academic papers.

Shangqiu University has been awarded “China’s Most Influential Private School”, “Henan Civilized School”, “Henan Province Safe Campus”, “Henan Province Private School Advanced Unit”, “Henan Province Outstanding Private University for 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up” , “Henan Provincial Advanced Units for Party Building Work”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Units for Stability Maintenance”, “Henan Garden Units”, “Henan Most Beautiful University Campus” and other titles. It ranks 30th in the “Alumni Association China Private University Rankings 2019” and ranks 3rd among similar universities in Henan Province.


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