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Introduction to Shangqiu Normal University

Shangqiu Normal University (商丘师范学院, website) is located in Shangqiu City, Henan Province, a state-level historical and cultural city. It is located at the junction of the four provinces of Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui. The history of Shangqiu Teachers College can be traced back to the “Guidefu Middle School” founded in 1905. In 2000, it was upgraded to Shangqiu Teachers College with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The campus of Shangqiu Normal University has beautiful scenery. The school has two campuses, Plain Road and Wenhua Road, covering an area of 1.175 million square meters and a building area of nearly 627,000 square meters. The school has complete teaching facilities, including advanced scientific research platforms, experimental teaching centers, and internship training centers, with a total of 127, including 7 provincial-level, 3 department-level, and 6 school-enterprise cooperative training centers. A digital foreign language teaching center, a multifunctional studio, and various sports venues have been established. The library has a rich collection of nearly 1830960 volumes of paper books and 20 electronic resource databases. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 409,959,100 yuan. The school has a beautiful environment. The campus includes Chunming Lake, Xiameng Lake, Qiuyun Lake, Dongtai Lake and Wenxiu Mountain, pavilions, weeping willows, blue waves, lakes and mountains. It is an ideal place for studying and studying.

Shangqiu Normal University has 21 colleges and 72 undergraduate majors, covering 10 university disciplines. At present, there are 27,888 students, with students from 28 provinces, cities (districts) across the country. There are 4 provincial-level key disciplines, 2 national-level specialty programs, 7 provincial-level specialty programs, 9 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, and 1 provincial-level undergraduate engineering education talent training model reform pilot program. Focused on the planning of six major professional clusters, including “business services, urban and rural construction and living environment services, advanced manufacturing supporting services, information technology services, cultural creativity, and teacher education”, forming a school professional chain, talent chain, innovation chain, and local industry chain A new pattern of talent training that is linked to the value chain clusters and open and collaborative.

There are 111 full-time teachers, 320 associate professors, 277 doctors, and 672 masters in Shangqiu Normal University. There are 172 teachers with “dual teacher” qualification. The school has 7 provincial teaching teams. Many teachers have been hired as tutors for doctoral and graduate students in other universities and research institutes. Established a “two-way mutual advancement” mechanism with enterprises and institutions, and has jointly trained nearly 200 professional teachers.

As of 2016, Shangqiu Normal University has won more than 80 National Natural Science Foundation projects and more than 20 National Social Science Foundation projects. Strengthen the construction of scientific research and discipline platforms. More than 40 scientific research platforms at various levels have been built. Among them, “Henan Key Laboratory of Biomolecular Identification and Sensing”, “Henan Province Biorefinery Engineering Laboratory”, “Drugs There are more than 10 provincial-level scientific research platforms such as “Green Synthesis Henan Engineering Laboratory” and “Henan Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Photoelectric Functional Materials”. Relying on the professional advantages of disciplines, we will build a school-enterprise cooperation and sharing platform with large domestic well-known enterprises. The school has jointly established the Beidou Academy with the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Sinan Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., the Huawei Network Information Technology College with Shenzhen Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Remote Sensing with Tianjin Zhongke Remote Sensing Group Established the Big Data Institute with Dawn of China. Signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with Danei Technology, Phoenix Education, Hasson Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace Jinsui and other enterprises. Based on Shangqiu’s rich regional cultural heritage, consciously assume the heavy responsibility of cultural heritage. The school currently has a key research base for humanities and social sciences in Henan ordinary universities—Hanliang Cultural Research Center, Henan Cultural Industry Research Base, and provincial and municipal “intangible cultural heritage research centers”. The school has established “Yingtian Academy” The “Research Center” has obtained a large number of influential research results and formed a social science research base group with unique regional cultural characteristics.

Shangqiu Normal University makes full use of domestic and international educational resources and conducts extensive domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. It has signed joint graduate training agreements with more than a dozen universities in and outside of Zhengzhou University, including Zhengzhou University, and has cooperated with foreign universities such as the University of Worcester and the University of Kaplan in the United States, and has signed campuses with Shangqiu City Government and many large enterprises. The cooperation agreement recruited foreign students from Russia, South Korea, Nigeria and other countries, and gradually formed an “open and international” school running model.


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