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Introduction to Shangluo Vocational and Technical College

Established in 2005, Shangluo Vocational and Technical College (商洛职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive full-time public higher vocational college jointly established and managed by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and the Shangluo Municipal People’s Government. Level “civilized campus”, provincial “safe campus”, central financial support construction project school, the Ministry of Education “Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan” pilot project school, Shaanxi professional comprehensive reform pilot project school.

The Shangluo Vocational and Technical College campus covers an area of 577 acres, with a construction area of 190,155 square meters. It has fixed assets of 530 million yuan, a total value of teaching equipment of 83.95 million yuan, and a library of 564,000 volumes. There are 110 on-campus experimental training rooms and off-campus internships. 125 training bases. There are 631 faculty members, 374 in the headquarters, 257 affiliated hospitals, 304 full-time teachers, 79 “both shoulders” teachers, and 15 external teachers. Among them, there are 15 senior professional titles in the hospital (7 third-level professors), 77 deputy senior professional titles, 70 graduate degree holders, 136 “dual teacher” teachers, 2 experts with outstanding contributions in Shaanxi Province, and provincial teaching There are 1 famous teacher, 2 provincial outstanding teachers, 3 provincial vocational teachers, and 5 outstanding talents with outstanding contributions in Shangluo City.

Shangluo Vocational and Technical College is currently enrolling 18 three-year higher vocational majors and seven five-year consistent higher vocational majors. It currently has more than 8,200 students. 7 major professional groups such as medicine, nursing, education, finance, electrical engineering, construction, and automobiles have been formed, and 7 provincial key specialties (nursing, clinical medicine, elementary education, preschool education, mechatronics technology, and construction engineering management have been established , Medical imaging technology), of which, the central government supports the construction of 2 majors (clinical medicine, preschool education), and 3 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot projects (clinical medicine, nursing, preschool education); included in the “Higher Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education” “Innovation and Development Action Plan” 3 key majors, 1 new apprenticeship pilot project, and 1 school-enterprise cooperation pilot project. The college has “four departments, three departments and one library” (humanities management department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, medical department, nursing department, public course teaching department, ideological and political department, physical education department, library); and there is one second-level A, etc. General affiliated hospital, 1 driver training school.

The municipal government has also set up Shangluo Vocational Education Training Center in our hospital, with 12 municipal-level training bases (education, finance, safety supervision, poverty alleviation, agriculture, public security, civil affairs, health, urban construction, land, environmental protection, tourism and poverty alleviation). And 3 provincial training bases (continued education of professional and technical personnel, adult and community education, and training bases for retired soldiers). The Shangluo Vocational College Affiliated Hospital is a comprehensive second-class first-class hospital integrating medical, teaching, and scientific research. In 2011, it was added to the “Shangluo Second People’s Hospital”, and it is responsible for medical professional teaching in Shangluo and Shangluo 6 County 1 district and neighboring provinces and cities in some areas of medical care tasks. There are now 500 hospital beds, 16 clinical departments and 11 medical technology departments. There are 47 senior professional titles of health professionals, 53 intermediate professional titles, 2 experts with outstanding contributions from the province, 12 master degree students, and annual business income. More than 90 million yuan. The Shangluo International Medical Center, a Shangluo Medical and Rehabilitation Center with a total of 1,500 preset beds, is currently being built in cooperation.

Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, Shangluo Vocational and Technical College has provided more than 20,000 graduates of various types for social training and accumulated more than 50,000 trainings of various types. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90.5%, and employers’ satisfaction rate with graduates of our college has reached 95%.


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