Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Introduction to Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (上海中医药大学, website) was established in 1956. It is one of the first batch of Chinese medicine colleges and universities established after the founding of New China. It is a Chinese medicine college co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and the local government. Key high-level universities.

The university is located in the scientific research and education zone of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New Area, covering an area of more than 500 acres. It has complete teaching facilities and a beautiful environment. As a university located in the core section of Zhangjiang Science City, it takes the initiative to connect with national strategies and service the construction of a science and technology innovation center with global influence as its mission. Using existing disciplines and comprehensive advantages, it has the courage to deepen the reform and promotion of higher education in Chinese medicine. The important task of independent innovation of Chinese medicine and leading the development of Chinese medicine.

The university has nearly 1,300 faculty members, 3 academicians from both academies, 2 masters of Chinese medicine, 2 national famous Chinese medicine practitioners, 69 Shanghai famous Chinese medicine practitioners, and more than 700 senior experts and professors. There are nearly 8,000 full-time students in traditional Chinese medicine, and alumni in more than 60 countries and regions. The school is a “High-level Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone” and “Characteristic Specialty Construction” of the Ministry of Education. It has three first-level disciplines in traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and a professional degree category (field) doctoral degree. Points, 5 first-level disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, history of science and technology, medical technology and 5 professional degree categories (fields) of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, translation, and public health Post-doctoral mobile station, doctoral degree awards covering all disciplines of Chinese medicine; there are 15 undergraduate and specialized majors, in addition to Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical undergraduate majors in traditional Chinese and Western medicine, there are also nursing, food hygiene and nutrition, rehabilitation treatment Majors in science, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, preventive medicine, etc .; 8 undergraduate and specialized majors in continuing education; and has established scientific research, research and development with nearly 50 overseas universities, medical research institutions and international organizations in 20 countries and regions. Teaching, medical and other cooperative relationships, the first Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine in the United States was established, with two Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs Pharmacy, nursing Sino-British cooperation project.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has 4 national key disciplines: Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Internal Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Orthopedics; 2 national key disciplines (cultivation): History of Traditional Chinese Medical Literature, Acupuncture and Tuina; China National There are 38 key disciplines of the Medical Administration; 4 are high-level subjects in Shanghai. There is 1 Engineering Research Center for Modern Chinese Medicine Preparation Technology of the Ministry of Education, 3 Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 3 Key Laboratories of Shanghai, 8 Key Research Offices of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2 National TCM Clinical Research Bases; The two disciplines of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine were successfully selected into the list of national “double first-class” construction universities. In the fourth round of disciplinary evaluation results released by the Ministry of Education, all three disciplines of Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in our school entered the highest level. The A + file is the only university in the country that has acquired 3 A + disciplines.

The university’s medical scale and medical service capabilities have been continuously improved. There are 8 affiliated hospitals, which basically cover all three levels of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospitals in Shanghai. The total construction area of the affiliated hospital is about 670,000 square meters and the total number of beds is about 6,300. It serves about 17 million patients from around the world every year. The school actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, and has established overseas Chinese medicine centers in the Czech Republic, Malta, Morocco, the United States and other countries to continuously promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to build a world-class university of traditional Chinese medicine, and adheres to the school philosophy of “no importance to all its advantages, no importance to its special characteristics, no importance to its reputation”, after more than 60 years of construction And development, has become a leading university of Chinese medicine in teaching and research strength and national rankings of major disciplines.


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