Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

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Introduction to Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Founded in 1953, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (上海出版印刷高等专科学校) is the first publishing and printing school established in New China. It is the cradle of professional education in publishing and printing in China. Characteristic schools. In 2008, the school was rated as excellent in the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, the school was listed as one of the country’s 100 backbone construction higher vocational colleges. In 2015, it passed the inspections of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance and obtained the “Excellent” level. The school is the national unit of construction of teaching resources for higher vocational education majors; it is the first batch of pilot units to build a modern university system in Shanghai; and the first batch of units in Shanghai to run schools according to law. In 2017, a teacher of the school was selected as the image ambassador for the 46th World Skills Competition. The school helped Shanghai gain the right to host the 2021 World Skills Competition.

For 66 years, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College has trained more than 60,000 high-level technical backbones and senior management personnel for the publishing and printing industry in China. Students represented China in the World Skills Competition for three consecutive years, and won the bronze and silver medals in the print media technology projects of the 42nd and 43rd World Skills Competitions in 2013 and 2015 respectively; two consecutive US Printing Awards in 2017 and 2018 In school, teachers and students won 15 of the highest awards-the Benny Award. High-skilled talents in China’s print media are gradually moving from school to the world. The school was identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as the China Training Base for the 43rd, 44th and 45th World Skills Contest’s Print Media Technology Project, and was awarded the “National Skilled Talent Training Outstanding Contribution Award”. The school has been identified as the “National Training Base for Printing and Publishing Talents” by the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and has been awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award for the Training of Skilled Talents” five times in a row. In March 2018, Simon Bartley, chairman of the World Skills Organization, was hired as an emeritus professor in the school and established “Simon Bartley China Skills Research Studio”.

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College regards cultivating technical and technical talents serving the publishing and printing media industry in Shanghai and the whole country as its mission. Adhering to the school philosophy of “based on Shanghai, leading the country, relying on the industry, and serving the society”, it is based on the “integration of art, literature and art, editing, publishing “Interconnecting, teaching and interacting” are the characteristics of running a school, and are committed to building distinctive colleges of applied technology and skills, making the school a national publishing and printing talent training base, Shanghai cultural and creative industry service base, and international advanced media technology promotion base.

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College inherits the excellent culture of Chinese publishing and printing, and actively absorbs and draws on international education ideas, advanced educational concepts, rich educational content, and flexible education forms, forming an infiltration of work, literature, and art with distinctive characteristics. The three major professional groups are “printing engineering and packaging design”, “publishing communication and cultural management”, “art design and film and television animation”. The school now has a department of printing and packaging engineering, a department of publishing and communication, a department of printing equipment engineering, a department of art design, a department of cultural management, a department of film and television, a department of basic education, a department of ideological and political education, a school of modern media technology and art, and a department of continuing education And other teaching departments.

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College attaches importance to students’ professional technical skills training and professional quality, and relies on industry and industry to build a practical teaching system consisting of curriculum experiments, production training, and post-employment practice. The school has first-class experimental and training facilities, complete professional equipment, and abundant experimental training programs. The “Flexo Printing Green Platemaking and Standardization Laboratory” built by the school as the lead unit was approved as the “professional field laboratory” among the first key laboratories for science and technology in the press and publishing industry. This is the country where the school has been approved for project construction Provincial and ministerial key laboratory.

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges. The industry organizations have established good cooperation and exchange relations. Among them, there are many internationally renowned units such as Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, University of Oulu in Finland, Moscow State Printing University in Russia, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. in Germany, and Komori Corporation in Japan. The school’s cooperation with the United States Rochester Institute of Technology in the printed graphic information processing (junior college) cooperation project was rated as the second Shanghai Municipal Demonstration of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Project. The school successfully completed the on-site assessment of ACCGC certification for print media technology. Internationalized school running has become a school’s brand.

Shanghai Publishing and Printing College actively serves the national “Belt and Road” initiative and assists the Bangladesh National Printing Industry Association in the establishment of a printing professional college. Cooperated with Hong Kong Printing Technology Research Center and Shanghai Printing Industry Association to establish the “Idealliance-China G7 Training Base” to vigorously carry out overseas technical skills training. The “Publishing and Printing Talent Training Textbook” compiled as a training material provides printing skills training for printing employees in countries along the “Belt and Road”, promotes international publishing and printing service cooperation, and promotes cooperation and exchanges between publishing and printing industries and countries along the line.

The college currently has nearly 6,000 full-time students. Students trained by the school have been widely welcomed by employers. The employment rate of school graduates has been above 99% for many consecutive years, and the rate of college graduates has remained above 15%.


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