Shanghai Ouhua College

Shanghai Ouhua College

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Introduction to Shanghai Ouhua College

Shanghai Ouhua College (上海欧华职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1999. It is an ordinary institution of higher learning approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. The chairman of the college, Ms. Jin Kougan, has been a researcher of the National Education Development Planning of the State Education Commission, and an internationally renowned social activist, Chen Xiangmei, is the honorary dean of the college. In October 2012, it was relocated to the new campus of Fengxian District with the approval of the Shanghai Education Commission. In the same year, it was approved to implement one of the independent admissions institutions according to law. During the development of the college, Professor Fei Xiaotong, the former vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, a famous sociologist, and professor Wu Jieping, the well-known medical scientist vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, supported the school’s name.

Shanghai Ouhua College implements higher vocational and technical education, tertiary, full-time three years. According to the needs of socio-economic and cultural development, the college has six departments and one department: Department of Health and Wellness, Department of Medicine and Food (Preparation), Department of Applied Technology, Department of Art and Design, Department of Foreign Languages and Education, Department of Humanities and Economic Management, Department of Basic Education, A total of 11 majors were opened.

Shanghai Ouhua College covers an area of 172 acres and a building area of over 120,000 square meters. The school has a library, gymnasium, football field, basketball court, table tennis room, student art center, student apartment and cafeteria. The campus is tree-lined and the environment is beautiful, which is a good place for students to study and live. The Xuhui Campus is located at No. 418 Tianlin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is located in the hinterland of Caohejing Hi-Tech Development Zone. It has convenient transportation, a large number of multinational companies, an excellent cultural environment, and excellent training and internship conditions for students. Favorable opportunity, the employment rate of graduates over the years has reached 95%.

Shanghai Ouhua College has excellent comprehensive school running conditions, and has established experimental training facilities: nursing training center, rehabilitation training center, automobile training center, computer center and other four training centers, a total of 28 experimental training rooms. Five computer rooms and multiple multimedia classrooms, as well as mobile multimedia teaching equipment, provide good conditions for electrified teaching. The college has more than 120 enterprises, institutions and hospitals to form a strong off-campus training and practice base.


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