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Introduction to Tianhua College

Approved by the national Ministry of Education in 2005, Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College (website: is among the first non-profit private institutions in Shanghai, China, providing comprehensive educational programs to over 8,700 full-time students for their undergraduate studies. While focusing on internationalization, Tianhua attaches great importance to developing cooperation and exchange with overseas universities. It is continually urging its leaders to exchange with worldwide innovative educators and practitioners, and also sending its faculty members and student advisors abroad to learn from what is considered to be good to them and their students. Guest professors from partner universities are invited to speak, and more and more international students are visiting Tianhua, which enriches campus life and sparks new trains of thoughts. The ultimate goal of internationalization is to provide opportunities for students to connect with the world, and to be global citizens.


Designed by landscaping experts, Tianhua campus has delicate beauty of the South-China gardens and traditional cultural atmosphere. The campus features a Long Covered Cultural Walkway, along the bank of a river surrounding the campus, with more than 400 aphorisms and catch phrases from ancient Chinese sages inscribed on the wall. Students often spend time there with friends or alone while immersed in Chinese traditional culture. Paired with traditional landscape, Tianhua has newly built up cutting-edge library, classrooms, technology centers and practical training centers. The housing and dining options are located in a bamboo forest


Over 60 middle-to-high level administrators have participated in customized training programs offered by UC Berkeley, University of San francisco, san Francisco state University University of the pacific and University of Alabama Master Programs in Student Services. In order to provide professional services to our students, we have five student counselors who have gained master degrees in student affairs from either American partnering universities or British universities.


Many of our faculty members are invited to partner universities as visiting scholars, to promote pedagogical, cultural and research exchange. Small group of teachers will sit in the classroom interact with students and professors in partner universities, and get exposed to various teaching strategies. We frequently invite first-rate professors from partner university to train our teachers at Tianhua

Doctoral Program

We currently have over 80 faculty members with international education background. Among them, 35 young faculty members have been admitted to Doctoral of Education program, offered by University of the pacific, for rigorous teaching and research training.


We host international students at our beautiful campus, by providing programs about Chinese language and culture, courses taught in English, and connections to local industry. Delegations we hosted include students from University of the pacific and the University of Alabama. Our students are active in summer camps, for example, one-month during summer at UC Davis, or the University of Manchester One-semester exchange programs are getting more popular. Students will be enrolled at partner university for one semester and all the credits will be transferred back to tianhua.


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About Shanghai

Shanghai serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, and cultural center in East China. Also it is a popular travel destination for visitors to sense the pulsating development of the country. Shanghai has a long history as a gateway to China on the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai’s colonial past is retained in the Bund and cosmopolitan air.

Arts & culture
Its skyline may be ultra-modern, but amidst the skyscrapers travellers will discover the seductive allure of Shanghai culture. From its stunning Art Deco buildings to its modern theatres, Shanghai is brimming with exciting cultural attractions.

Shanghai is a new city, and unlike other Chinese towns it has no ‘food’ of its own. As the city developed, Shanghai’s cuisine, or Hu Cai, began to draw flavors from the neighboring towns of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Now, chefs from Shanghai have managed to put a ‘special’ taste to its delicious foods. Famous for its flavorful sauces, Shanghai food is a must-try for tourists headed for China.


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