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Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College

Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College (上海济光职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general institution of higher learning organized by retired teachers of Tongji University in 1993 and approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government. The college implements the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The first chairman is Li Guohao, an academician of the two academies and the former president of Tongji University. The second chairman is Xia Keqiang, the former deputy mayor of Shanghai. The current chairman is Zhou Jialun, the former party secretary of Tongji University. The college resolutely implements the party’s and state’s education policies and relevant laws and regulations of private higher education, consistently adheres to the principles of running schools in accordance with the law and the principles of non-profit and non-profit school running, and constantly strengthens standardized school management to prevent all types of violations of laws and regulations. College assets are all social welfare assets and always belong to the college name.

Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College has gradually formed a high-skilled talent training model that is misaligned with the undergraduate talents of related majors such as construction and construction of Tongji University. The college adheres to the purpose of being employment-oriented, attaches importance to school-enterprise cooperation and work-study integration, adheres to the school-running philosophy of truth-seeking and innovation, and succeeds in education, insists on the positioning of higher vocational education, and cultivates high-quality skills for socialist modernization. Experts. In 2010, our college was appraised as the outstanding private higher education institution in China. In 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018, it was named the Shanghai Civilized Unit for four consecutive terms. In July 2016, it successfully passed the acceptance of the construction project of characteristic higher vocational colleges in Shanghai and won the “Excellent” ranking.

Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College is based in Shanghai and radiates all over the country. It specializes in the construction of civil engineering majors and the automotive majors. It trains to serve 7 majors such as civil architecture, finance, automobiles, computers, art design, transportation, and nursing. High-skilled technical professionals in the field. The college implements two-level management at the faculty level, continuously strengthens the construction of teachers, deepens professional construction and reform, and advances the optimization of the professional structure. Six projects, including architectural simulation, automotive technology, architectural design, and construction engineering training base construction, have been listed as government-funded projects for the construction of teaching highlands in private universities in Shanghai; 9 courses including landscape design, foreign trade order verification, and architectural design basics — preliminary construction. City-level boutique courses for Shanghai universities. The college started with two majors in architecture and more than a hundred students. When it was incorporated into the unified admissions plan in 2001, there were 12 majors and 1,360 enrolled students. It now has 5 departments such as the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering, Economic Management, Mechanical and Electrical, and Art Design. 1 secondary college, 2 basic, ideological and political. In 2019, there were 27 enrollment majors, which have been enrolled in 28 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions nationwide. There are currently more than 5,700 full-time students and more than 25,000 graduates. In recent years, the college has uniformly enrolled students in the college entrance examination. The planned registration rate and admission registration rate are among the best among similar private universities in Shanghai.

Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College strengthens practical teaching, establishes a number of off-campus internship bases, and has signed cooperation with well-known enterprises such as SAIC Group, China Construction Engineering Group, Pan Asia Landscape Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd., and Everbright Bank Shanghai Branch School agreement. The college has vigorously implemented the dual certificate system and achieved significant results. The proportion of nursing graduates who have obtained nursing qualifications in 2019 has reached 95%.

The employment rate of graduates of Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College in 2019 has reached 99.25% as of August 31, 2019, and the employment rate of graduates of 18 majors is 100%. Many well-known companies have become graduate employment units of our institute, such as: Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute, Pan-Asia Landscape Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Garden Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baosteel Engineering Design Institute, China’s 20th Metallurgical Construction Company , Shanghai Tangshen Advertising Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shipping Group, Shanghai Youtong International Freight Forwarding Company, Shanghai East Asia Accounting Office Co., Ltd., HSBC, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Mobile Co., Ltd., Ruijin Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, Huashan Hospital, etc.

The headquarters of Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College (Baoshan Campus) is located on the Fishery Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, covering an area of ??220 acres. The teaching building, training building, library, information center, voice room, student activity center, indoor gymnasium, rainy playground, Standard track and field, modern student apartments, 7000 square meters of student canteens, public bathrooms and other teaching and student living facilities are readily available. Public transportation on the campus is easy to reach. Bao’an Highway Station of Metro Line 1 is only a 10-minute walk from the college.

Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College Branch (Yangpu Campus) is located on Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, covering an area of ??30 acres. It has teaching buildings, student dormitories, canteens, bathrooms and non-standard sports fields. The campus is located at Fudan University, Shanghai Finance and Economics There is a strong cultural learning atmosphere between the university and the pulmonary hospital affiliated to Tongji University, and public transportation is convenient.


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