Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College


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Introduction to Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College (上海工商外国语职业学院, website) was established in 2001 and is located between Pudong Airport and Yangshan Deepwater Port. It is a private, full-time college and university approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. With more than 9,000 students, it is one of the largest private higher vocational colleges in Shanghai.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College follows the party’s education policy, adapts to the country’s reform and opening up, and serves regional economic construction. It is based in Shanghai, faces the Yangtze River Delta, and radiates the central and western regions. Mainly, to train front-line excellent compound talents with “foreign language expertise and outstanding professional ability” for the modern service industry in the international city of Shanghai. The school has distinctive characteristics, and has become an international, open, mingling Chinese and foreign cultures, integrating disciplinary knowledge, professional ability, and morality.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College has a total investment of 540 million yuan, a building area of 156,000 square meters, a collection of more than 710,000 books, teaching and scientific research equipment valued at more than 74.25 million yuan, and has standardized sports fields, multifunctional gyms, libraries, etc The teaching facilities have been built with information systems such as closed-circuit television, radio stations, and campus networks covering the entire school. The living facilities such as student apartments and restaurants are in excellent condition. The school has a central financial support for numerical control technology training bases, foreign language scene training bases, international business training bases, secretarial comprehensive training bases, and four municipal-level training highlands. It is built with the support of municipal government support funds. Humanistic education for students——Fu Lei’s Life Exhibition Hall “Fast Wind and Rain”, China-Korea Cultural Exchange Historical Archives, and established 28 professional training rooms on campus and 88 external training bases.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College has a well-qualified and dedicated team of teachers, with more than 500 full-time and part-time teachers. Teachers with associate titles and above account for more than 25% of full-time teachers. Teachers with a master’s degree or above account for more than 60% of full-time teachers, more than 20 foreign teachers, and more than 30 returnee teachers. Two of them were awarded the Shanghai Famous Teacher Award, and five were from the Shanghai University Education Talent Award. To meet the demand for modern service industry talents in the construction of Shanghai’s internationalized city, the school offers English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish and other 7 languages and 35 majors in business, grammar, mechanical and electrical information, and art design (including directions) ), Which recruits students from 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions nationwide, and its enrollment scale and registration rate are among the best in private universities in Shanghai.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College closely focuses on the talent needs of industrial enterprises in Shanghai, especially the modern service industry, and actively explores the reform of the talent training model of “foreign language platform + vocational skills module”. Leading, certification, and application-oriented guidelines, non-language majors highlight the guiding ideology of “competence standard, task leadership, school-enterprise cooperation, dual certificate integration”, and gradually formed “foreign language application ability + professional job skills” talents Cultivate characteristics, and constantly explore the “four cooperation” school-enterprise cooperation talent training model of “cooperative school running, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development”. It has won five key “085 Project” majors in Shanghai and municipal-level teaching achievement awards. 4 Project, 3 municipal teaching teams, 8 excellent courses, 5 key professional construction of higher vocational education innovation development action plan, 12 school-enterprise cooperation professional technician college projects.

Since the establishment of the school, the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College has delivered more than 30,000 highly-skilled vocational talents to the society, and graduates are widely favored by the talent market. The employment contract rate has maintained the number one place in Shanghai’s private universities for years, ranking the forefront of similar universities in the city . The school has carried out international exchange and cooperation projects with 67 foreign colleges and universities, and more than 600 students have gone abroad for further studies through the school’s international exchange overpass. The school has undertaken nearly 20 batches of training programs for financial officials from developing countries assisted by the Ministry of Commerce. More than 400 people from 30 countries have come to the school to receive training. Many Shanghai university students ’overseas study and internship programs have been approved for funding. Sino-foreign cooperation projects such as “F + U” training in Germany, paid internship in the United States, and internship in Singapore, more than 200 students were helped to study, train, and intern in batches in the United States, Germany, Japan, and Australia, and became Shanghai universities The vanguard of international education.

Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College runs schools in accordance with the law, runs schools in good faith, and standardizes school running. It is a model construction unit for Shanghai higher vocational colleges. Recruiting advanced units, Shanghai Civilized Units, Shanghai Vocational Education Advanced Units, Shanghai Advanced Collectives for Graduate Employment, and China’s Private Higher Education Institutions. Now, on the basis of building high-quality, distinctive and exemplary higher vocational colleges, Shanghai Industry, Commerce and Foreign Language Vocational College is advancing towards the goal of creating a national first-class private college!


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