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Shanghai Customs College


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Introduction to Shanghai Customs College

Shanghai Customs College (上海海关学院, website) was formerly known as Shanghai Customs School, founded in 1953; in May 1980, it was upgraded to Shanghai Customs College with the approval of the State Council; in April 1996, the former State Education Commission approved the college to be renamed Shanghai Customs College; In March, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Shanghai Customs College was established to become a newly established full-time college and university, and a new chapter in customs higher education was opened. In December 2012, it was formally approved by the State Council ’s Degree Committee as a “service for training national special needs talents” —a bachelor’s degree granting unit to launch a pilot work unit to train professional graduate students. In May 2018, the school was approved as a master’s degree awarding unit. At the same time, it was approved as a master’s degree authority in public administration and taxation. In the same year, the customs management specialty became a PICARD standard certification specialty of the World Customs Organization.

Shanghai Customs College now has the School of Customs and Public Management, the School of Customs and Public Economics, the School of Business Administration and Customs, the Department of Customs Law, the Department of Customs Foreign Languages, the Ministry of Public Education, the Marxist College, and the Inspection and Quarantine Technology Exchange Department (Preparation), etc. Eight colleges (departments); 9 undergraduate majors including customs management, administrative management, logistics management, auditing, international business, taxation, applied statistics, law, English, and 2 professional degrees in masters of public administration and master of tax Points are divided into 4 disciplines including management, economics, law, and literature.

The main task of Shanghai Customs College is to be based on customs, oriented to the society, and to cultivate high-quality customs management professionals who are applicable, complex, and foreign-related in accordance with the needs of customs and economic and social development, as well as foreign trade professionals who serve port logistics and international business. , And actively carry out customs theoretical research and international exchanges. The school also undertakes the tasks of continuing education, knowledge renewal, and business training of middle and senior cadres in the customs system; and according to the division of labor of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the requirements of countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region, it gradually undertakes training tasks for customs personnel in the region and fulfills the corresponding International obligations. The school aims to build first-class institutions of higher learning with distinctive customs characteristics, serve national strategies, and have international influence. It actively follows the practice of customs reform and development, and contributes more to the construction of a new era of socialist characteristics with new customs.

Shanghai Customs College currently has 151 full-time teachers, including 16 professors and 48 associate professors. The proportion of teachers with senior professional and technical positions is 42.4%. There are 65 teachers with doctorate degrees and 71 master degree teachers. The proportion of teachers with graduate degrees is 90.1%. The teaching staff structure is reasonable and the teaching and research level is high. The school has a Customs Management Research Institute and research centers for customs law, customs risk management, customs duties, customs public relations, and customs declaration. It closely integrates hotspots and difficulties in customs reform and development and bilateral, multilateral, and regional customs international cooperation to conduct scientific research. . In 2009, the school was approved to set up Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Base and Shanghai Development Strategy Institute Studio. Published the academic journal “Customs and Economic Research”.

Shanghai Customs College is located in Shanghai Pudong New District, covering an area of 521 acres. In accordance with the standards set by the Ministry of Education for ordinary colleges and universities, the school has a modern teaching building, a library, and an advanced ATM campus network. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching conditions. A digital reading room, audio-visual room, comprehensive building for entertainment activities, Stadiums, swimming pools, gymnasiums and other ancillary facilities create a good learning and living environment for students.

The college has always centered on teaching, scientific research, and training, taking discipline construction as the leader, changing education and teaching concepts, deepening education and teaching reform, innovating talent training models, implementing comprehensive quality education with moral education as its core, and training students’ practical ability and innovative spirit , Promote the individual development of students, and comprehensively improve the quality of undergraduate talent training.


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