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Introduction to Shanghai Business School

Shanghai Business School (上海商学院, website) is a city-owned public undergraduate college. It was established in 1950. It has more than 10,000 full-time students and 30 undergraduate programs. Graduates are welcomed by employers. In recent years, the employment rate has stabilized at more than 98%, ranking among the top in Shanghai universities.

Shanghai Business School is based on the industry, highlights applications, serves Shanghai, faces the whole country, closely follows the national strategy and Shanghai development plan, closely follows the comprehensive education reform, economic and industrial structure adjustment, and industry development trends, and closely follows the construction of Shanghai International Trade Center and the improvement of urban functions. Demand, based on educating people, giving priority to moral education, focusing on competence, comprehensive development, respecting individual talents, and working hard to cultivate outstanding business talents with social responsibility, practical ability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and an international perspective, serving and leading The development and upgrading of the commerce and trade industry provide talent and intellectual support.

Shanghai Business School has been approved as a national specialty specialty construction site, a national specialty comprehensive reform pilot specialty, a national experimental teaching demonstration center, a national university student off-site practice base, an international business official training base by the Ministry of Commerce, a production-education integration innovation base by the Ministry of Education, Platforms and projects at the provincial or ministerial level and above, such as the new engineering construction project of the Ministry of Education, and the Shanghai first-class undergraduate construction and leadership program The school has been approved by Shanghai Peak and Plateau Construction Discipline, Shanghai Key Cultivation Discipline, Shanghai First-Class Discipline (Class B), Shanghai Financial Support Discipline at the current level, Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Base, and Shanghai Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, Shanghai University Knowledge Service Platform, Shanghai Social Survey and Research Center Branch Center, Shanghai Teachers ‘Production, Learning and Research Practice Base, Shanghai Teachers’ Enterprise Practice Base, and other Shanghai teaching and research bases.

Shanghai Business School has a high-level double-teacher team with reasonable structure, rigorous academics, and superb business skills. Many teachers have won national outstanding teachers, city-level college teaching masters, morning opticians, Shanghai outstanding young teachers, Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award, Shanghai Yucai Award and other titles, many experts enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. In recent years, about 40% of teachers have participated in teacher professional development projects such as foreign visits, domestic visits, industry-university-research institutes, and experimental team building, and have introduced many overseas famous teachers and overseas senior experts and scholars in the “revolving door of talents”. Relying on the advantages of the industry background, the school has established a team of external teachers consisting of experts, professors and senior managers from universities, government departments, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and a group of directors of well-known domestic and foreign enterprise groups. A team of guest professors composed of senior managers such as chief executives and presidents provides important guarantees for outstanding business talent training.

Shanghai Business School attaches great importance to applied research, adheres to the discipline-oriented construction of disciplines that meet the needs of the society and closely meets the needs of the industry. The Shanghai Business Development Institute was established to participate in a number of planning studies and standard preparations by the Ministry of Commerce and other ministries and commissions, and actively provide decision-making to the Shanghai Municipal Government Advice and policy advice. The school attaches importance to the integration of production and education, and carries out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education with large groups such as Bailian, Intercontinental, and Accor. The school, as the director unit, led the establishment of the National Association of Applied Technology Universities (College) Applied Business Professional Association, and was approved to establish the “Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Production and Education Integration Innovation Base” and the “Ministry of Education-Data China 100 Schools Engineering Production Education Integration Base” “Shanghai Business School-Starwood Hotel Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Management Practice Education Base (National Level)” “Shanghai Business School (Bai Lian Group) Practice Base (City Level)” and other bases.

Shanghai Business School attaches importance to the construction of international education platform, and continues to promote professional certification and vocational qualification certification in line with international standards. It has successively conducted teaching and research cooperation with more than 60 universities and institutions such as the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Korea , Actively select outstanding undergraduates to study and exchange abroad. The school opened up a special zone for talents, implemented a “revolving door of talents” system, and actively introduced high-level talents from overseas. The “Belt and Road” International Business Education Alliance was launched, an international high-end think tank alliance was established, and an overseas education base in Central and Eastern Europe was established. Relying on the Shanghai Training Base of International Business Officials of the Ministry of Commerce, it has vigorously carried out foreign aid training and served the national strategy. It has trained more than 2,000 students from 128 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania.

Shanghai Business School actively creates an information-based intelligent campus education environment, builds an education information innovation system and a smart campus integrated system in the era of the mobile Internet, and builds a cloud computing center-based software and hardware system, integrated command and monitoring system, and integrated service integration. Service intelligent management software and hardware system, cloud intelligent multimedia centralized control classroom course center, mobile Internet mobile service application app, cloud technology cross-school operation and management practice teaching platform and virtual university platform, has been initially established “instructor-oriented” logistics information The service system has been well received by the teachers and students of the university, has achieved a good response in the university logistics system, and won the “Top Ten Innovative Applications of Shanghai Smart City Construction” award.

Shanghai Business School was awarded “National Excellent Demonstration Unit of University Logistics Informatization Construction Work”, “Shanghai Civilized Unit”, “Shanghai Advanced Collective for Employment Work”, “Shanghai Advanced Collective for Vocational Education” “Shanghai Standardization Model School for Language and Character” The city’s advanced unit of military recruitment, “the Ministry of Education National Defense Education Special School” and other honorary titles.


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