Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College


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Introduction to Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College (山东水利职业学院, website) is a provincial public-run full-time ordinary college. It is a vocational college with water conservancy as its specialty and engineering as its advantage. It has more than 60 years of history of vocational education. The school has always adhered to the “people-oriented, water-soul-oriented” school running philosophy, adhering to the school motto of “adapting to the water and being able to accept all rivers and rivers”, following the school running idea of ??”characteristics of water conservancy, engineering advantages, condensed brands, and enhanced service”, and determined that “based on water resources, “Serving the front line” school positioning, is the national high-quality water conservancy higher vocational colleges, the national modern apprenticeship pilot unit, the first batch of national water conservancy higher vocational education demonstration colleges, Shandong high-quality higher vocational colleges, Shandong Province’s first batch of skilled personnel training Featured universities, outstanding universities for employment in Shandong Province, and outstanding universities for moral education in Shandong Province. The school won the “National Water Conservancy Industry Skilled Personnel Training Outstanding Contribution Award”, “National Vocational College Charm Campus”, “National Advanced Consortium of Water Conservancy Staff Education”, “Shandong Provincial University Sports Excellent Unit”, “Shandong Provincial School-Enterprise Cooperation Integrated School Demonstration School” “Shandong Province Education Informatization Pilot Unit” and other honorary titles.

The total area of ??the college is 1595 acres, the total building area of ??the school building is 644,000 square meters, the total value of teaching equipment is 138 million yuan, and the library has more than 1.02 million books. The school has 117 on-campus training venues such as hydraulic training grounds, engineering construction training centers, machining centers, logistics storage and distribution centers, and 13 schools that integrate student training, training, and vocational skills certification. Factory “, and cooperated with enterprises to build more than 300 full-featured off-campus training bases. Among them, the construction engineering technology training base is a vocational education training base construction project supported by the central government, and the hydraulic training ground is a national water conservancy key professional practice training base.

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College has introduced and trained a group of professional leaders and backbone teachers with industry influence in China.It has built a high-level expert resource pool composed of enterprise experts, technical backbones, skilled craftsmen, etc., forming a reasonable structure “Double-teacher” faculty with excellent business, noble ethics, innovation and vitality. The school currently has 630 full-time teachers, of which 35% have senior professional and technical titles of associate professors and above, 42% have master’s degrees and above, and the professional teacher ratio of professional teachers is 72%. Teachers won 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes in teacher skills competitions such as the National Informatization Teaching Competition; 11 first and second prizes in teacher skills competitions such as the Teaching Ability Competition in Shandong Vocational Colleges 10 items. In December 2015, Professor Bashna, a Russian foreign teacher at the school, won the first “Rizhao Friendship Award” for outstanding performance and was awarded the “Honorary Citizen” of Rizhao City.

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College highlights the characteristics of water conservancy and builds advantageous specialty. In accordance with the construction idea of ??“relying on the industry to run professions and running the professions to promote the industry”, the school gives full play to the leading role of the school council. Under the guidance of the professional construction committee, the school actively adjusts its services in accordance with national and Shandong province development strategy requirements for talent training Facing and optimizing the professional structure, proactively adapting to the needs of the water conservancy industry and local economic construction, and cooperating with industry companies to create 8 specialties such as water conservancy engineering and management, modern transportation engineering technology, modern construction and management of the building industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing, and information technology Group, the professional system is more complete, the professional connotation quality has been significantly improved, and the full coverage of higher vocational water conservancy majors has been basically achieved. A group of water conservancy engineering and management majors have been created to serve as demonstration pilots in Shandong Province and even in similar institutions across the country. The role of high-quality specialty brand specialties has formed a professional group of “water conservancy characteristics and engineering advantages”, which provides a strong talent support for the development of modern water conservancy projects and regional economy.

The college has carried out in-depth cooperation with China Water Resources and Hydropower 13th Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Wuzheng Group, Jingdong Group and other well-known large and medium-sized enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation talent training system based on joint training of teachers, base sharing, and joint education of talents. Aiming at the company’s post ability and quality requirements, the company’s professional ethics and professional spirit should be integrated into the entire course of the course, and the ability module learning required by the company should be strengthened in practical training and internships. The school organically combines teaching, production, service, application and vocational education, and realizes the collaborative innovation of the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism and the talent training model, which improves the quality of talent training. It has been rated as the Shandong school-enterprise cooperation by the Shandong Education Department twice. Integrated model school for running schools.

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College, as the only water conservancy higher vocational college in Shandong Province, plays an important role in cultivating modern water conservancy high-quality technical and technical personnel in serving the national “Belt and Road” initiative and advancing the construction of a modern water conservancy model province in Shandong And mission. Based on the demand for talents in the water conservancy industry and regional economic development, the school clarifies the talent training goals, adheres to the integration of production and education, cooperates with schools and enterprises, teaches students according to their aptitude, and develops with characteristics. So far, it has delivered nearly 100,000 to the frontline of production, construction, management, and service. It has become a “reservoir” for high-quality technical and technical personnel in Shandong water conservancy undertakings, providing solid talent support and intellectual support for water conservancy and regional economic development.

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College recruits students from 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Liaoning. In the past three years, the first voluntary online rate of students has exceeded 100%, the graduate professional counterpart rate has reached more than 86%, the proportion of graduates obtaining vocational skills qualification certificates has reached 100%, and the overall employment rate of graduates has been above 97%. China’s Water Resources and Hydropower Thirteenth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Shuifa Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hydraulic Engineering Co., Ltd., Haier Group, Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises employed more than 10%, achieving a high starting point and high quality Employment. Students won 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, and 3 third prizes in vocational skills competitions in national vocational colleges; in Shandong province vocational college skills competitions, Shandong university student science and technology innovation competitions and other provincial levels He won 29 first prizes, 37 second prizes and 30 third prizes in various competitions.

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College has established the Shandong Water Conservancy Technology Heritage Innovation Center. In the past three years, 130,750 person-days of professional training in the water conservancy industry, training of water conservancy directors in Shandong Province, training of immigrant cadres in the reservoir area, and training of rural labor transfer have been completed. Carried out vocational skills appraisal for 37 jobs and 16,200 person-times. The “Six Rings and Forty-two Steps” training model has been promoted and applied by the China Water Conservancy Education Association as the national research result of water conservancy staff education. Utilizing 7 technical qualifications including hydrology and water resources survey and evaluation, more than 60 technical services such as water resource demonstration for construction projects have been completed, and more than 10 new technologies such as sewage treatment equipment and hydraulic machinery have been jointly developed with enterprises, and nearly 100 social services have been launched. The amount of technical services reached 12.64 million yuan, creating social and economic benefits of 160 million yuan.

The depth and breadth of the international exchange and cooperation of Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College have been further expanded. It has established more than 10 universities in 7 countries or regions, such as Russian State Agricultural University, Malaysian City University, Korea International University, Taiwan Kunshan University of Science and Technology, and Chaoyang University of Science and Technology. We have established stable and friendly relations of cooperation and implemented 12 international cooperation projects. The school has carried out long-term and in-depth cooperation with the Russian National Agricultural University and the Ivanovo National Chemical University of Russia. The quality of Sino-Russian cooperative education has been continuously improved. The international students dispatched have achieved full coverage of undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees, and cultivated nearly 500 internationally acquainted students. Standard international talents; in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Russia, the only Russian State Foreign Language Proficiency Test (Training) Center covering East China and North China has been established, and a group of bilingual talents serving the strategic cooperation between China and Central Asian countries has been cultivated.


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