Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology

Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology

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Introduction to Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology

Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology (山东工程职业技术大学, website) is an undergraduate-level vocational and technical university approved by the Ministry of Education with independent qualifications for diploma diplomas. The school is located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, known as a historical and cultural city and a national civilization city. It covers an area of 807.22 acres and the school building covers an area of 277,300 square meters. The school has a School of Mechanical Engineering, a School of Architectural Engineering, a School of Information Engineering, a School of Modern Art, a School of Transportation Engineering, a School of Business Administration, a Dingli College, a School of Continuing Education, and a Ministry of Basic Education and Ideological and Political Education.

In the 29 years of development, the school has always adhered to the party’s education policy and implemented the fundamental task of “building people with morality”; adhered to the core of education quality, focused on service development, and promoted employment; and adhered to “engineering and integration The idea of running a school with a characteristic of “type” has taken a development path that focuses on engineering disciplines, multidisciplinary development of engineering, management, arts, and economics, and focuses on connotation construction.

Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology offers 10 undergraduate majors and 42 specialized majors, forming five major professional groups of mechanical design and manufacturing, electronics and information, automotive, civil engineering, finance and commerce. The five major professional groups are built according to work, have obvious advantages, rely on each other, and have their own characteristics. Has established 2 provincial brand professional groups (architecture professional group, intelligent manufacturing technology application professional group), 4 provincial specialties, 11 provincial quality courses, 1 provincial and municipal resource sharing courses.

According to the characteristics of vocational education, the school aims to build a high-level “double-teacher” type of teacher team, and has established a teacher team with high teacher morals, professional skills and reasonable structure. There are currently 496 full-time teachers, including 251 teachers with associate senior professional technical titles or above, accounting for 51.6% of full-time teachers; 253 teachers with master’s degree or above, accounting for 51% of full-time teachers; “double-teacher” teachers 212 people, accounting for 42.7% of full-time teachers; 164 part-time teachers, accounting for 33.1% of the total number of teachers. There are 1 expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 5 provincial teaching teams, 4 provincial teaching teachers, and 2 young youth skilled teachers.

Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology has built 8 scientific research bases integrating teaching, scientific research, and practical training, established 87 public basic laboratories and professional laboratories, and established 86 internship bases with more than 80 large and medium-sized enterprises outside the university. . The establishment of these training, internship, and scientific research bases has created good conditions for carrying out practical teaching and scientific research.

The school takes service development as its purpose, and actively implements teaching and research activities in response to technical problems and teaching problems of industry enterprises, and has achieved fruitful results. In the past five years, it has obtained 118 provincial and municipal vertical research and teaching projects; 523 academic papers have been published in Chinese and foreign academic journals, of which 35 have been indexed by three major searches (SCI, EI, ISTP), and 119 textbooks have been edited by the editor. ; Obtained 81 awards for scientific research at various levels, 67 national patents and 21 software copyrights. He has won 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize in Shandong province’s vocational education teaching achievements. Undertook more than 30 scientific and technological research and development projects.

Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology pays attention to the cultivation of students’ employment and entrepreneurial ability, and has established an employment work system of “full participation in employment, guidance of employment throughout the process, and full implementation of employment”. The first is the implementation of the top job hunting and entrepreneurship project; the second is to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education through forms such as employment guidance courses and innovation and entrepreneurship plan competitions; the third is to establish a college student incubation center and maker space to provide a practical platform for students; the fourth is A 1 + X “multi-certificate” acquisition system has been initially established, and students can obtain a graduation certificate + multiple vocational qualification certificates. Fifth, a “small talent” campus recruitment management system has been established to provide good services for student employment. The school won the first batch of “Shandong Province Vocational Education Institute Innovation and Entrepreneurship College” title. In the past three years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%.

The party committee of the school always regards the leadership of the people as a fundamental task of the university, persists in reforming and innovating the ideological and political work of the party, and builds the “five-in-one” of ideological and political education, daily education and management, campus culture construction, social practice activities, and online education. Ideological and political education system. The ideological and political work runs through the whole process of education and teaching, and it has formed a pattern of “all staff educate, whole process educate, all-round educate”. It has played a huge educational and guiding role in cultivating the core values of socialism, helping students choose mainstream culture, advocating mainstream values, and training the university spirit.

The development of Shandong University of Engineering and Vocational Technology has been fully affirmed by the party committee government at higher levels and all sectors of society, and has a good social reputation. Has won the titles of “National Top 100 Vocational Schools”, “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Award”, “Advanced Units in Shandong University Logistics, Campus Greening and Management, Campus Security Prevention” and other titles; School Party Organizations have been awarded “Advanced Grassroots Party in Shandong Universities” Organization “and other titles; President Wu Mengjun won the National” March 8th “Red Flag Bearer, the fourth” Huang Yanpei Outstanding Principal Award “, the Ministry of Education” National Advanced Individual in Vocational Education “and other titles; in the past 5 years, students have participated in various types at or above the provincial level There were 249 prizes, including 3 first prizes, 10 second prizes, 4 third prizes, 53 provincial first prizes, 79 second prizes, and 99 third prizes.


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