Shandong University of Art and Design

Shandong University of Art and Design

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Introduction to Shandong University of Art and Design

Shandong University of Art and Design (山东工艺美术学院, website) is located in Jinan, Shandong Province. It was founded in 1973 and has two campuses, Qianfoshan and Changqing. It is the only design university among the public art colleges currently set up independently. A multi-level school structure has been formed, including graduate education, undergraduate education, higher vocational education, continuing education, community art education, and high school art education. There are School of Visual Communication Design, School of Architecture and Landscape Design, School of Industrial Design, School of Fashion, School of Plastic Arts, School of Modern Handicraft Art, School of Digital Arts and Media, School of Humanities and Arts, School of Applied Design, School of Continuing Education, Public Course Teaching Department, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Department, Art and Design Practice Teaching Center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (Zibo Ceramic Institute), and 15 secondary art schools. There are museums and art galleries, as well as research institutes such as the Chinese Folk Art Research Institute, Design Strategy Research Center, and Art Anthropology Research Institute. Edited and published the journal “Design Art” and the school newspaper “Shandong Academy of Fine Arts”. There are school websites and professional websites such as “Design · China”. The school is the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” for the integration of production and education development project planning and construction units, Shandong Province’s first batch of application-oriented talents training characteristics of famous school engineering construction units, Shandong Province 2017-2023 doctoral project construction units.

Shandong University of Art and Design attaches great importance to discipline construction. The discipline set involves 4 disciplines of art, literature, engineering, management, and 11 first-level disciplines. It has established a professional layout of disciplines led by design, based on fine arts, supported by related disciplines, and characterized by traditional arts and crafts. . Design is a discipline of first-rate discipline cultivation and construction in Shandong Province. Design art, art, drama and film and television are key disciplines of Shandong Province during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, of which design art is a key discipline with special characteristics of Shandong Province. Design art and art are posts of “Taishan Scholar”. Art theory, design, and fine arts are authorized for the first-level disciplines, and art design and fine arts are authorized for the master’s degree of arts (MFA).

Shandong University of Art and Design has a National Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone, a National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, a Shandong University Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone, and a Shandong Province Experimental (Teaching) Demonstration Center. Art design, animation, and art design are national specialties. The four professional groups of the school are professional groups for high-level application-oriented construction in Shandong Province. The school insists on building people with morality, and takes the mission of “designing for the people”, practises the core values of socialism, establishes and continuously optimizes the “innovation and practice teaching system” of design education, and strives to cultivate a “scientific spirit, humanistic literacy, and artistic innovation” , Technical capabilities “innovative application design talents.

Among the teachers of Shandong University of Art and Design are the “Ten Thousand Plan” leading talents in philosophy and social sciences, senior experts connected by the central government, Chinese cultural masters and “four batches” of the Central Propaganda Department, experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, and the Ministry of Education Deputy Chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee of Colleges and Universities, National Outstanding Teachers, National Advanced Educators, Top Ten Outstanding Youths of China’s Design Industry, Distinguished Professors of Shandong Province “Taishan Scholars”, Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, Shandong Province’s Professional Technology Top talents, famous teaching teachers in Shandong Province, Qilu cultural talents, etc. At the same time, there are honorary professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors and special professors of “Six Arts Scholars” at home and abroad.

Shandong University of Art and Design has outstanding research and creative achievements. There are scientific research platforms such as “National Animation Industry Development Base”, “China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center Traditional Handicrafts Research Base”, Shandong Province “Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center”, “Environmental Art Design Comprehensive Laboratory” and other scientific research platforms. In recent years, the school has undertaken and completed national, provincial and ministerial key research projects such as major national social science fund bidding projects and key projects of the national social science fund; participated in scientific research and design such as “Chinese Folk Cultural Heritage Rescue Project” and “Handicraft Rural” Projects and works were selected and awarded in the first “China Design Exhibition”; teachers and students participated in national exhibitions such as the “National Art Exhibition”, as well as in the German Red Dot Concept Design Competition, the German IF International Design Competition, and the American Formula International Design Championship ( (“FE” for short) and other international design competitions.

Shandong University of Art and Design leveraged its professional advantages to participate in the design of the official posters of the Beijing Olympic Games, the design of the visual image system for the 11th National Games, and the Shanghai Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo, the Shandong Week of Yeosu Expo, and China (Shenzhen) ) Design, construction and operation of the Shandong exhibition area of the Cultural Expo, completed a series of key design projects such as the Shandong Regional Development Strategy Theme Exhibition, the Kazakhstan Astana Expo China Pavilion Shandong Activity Week, and participated in the completion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit related art creative design tasks . The school has signed cooperation agreements with the people’s government of more than ten cities in Shandong Province, Inspur Group, Haier Group and other well-known enterprises to comprehensively carry out key projects and think tank services such as industrial design, urban planning, cultural and creative industries, and achieve positive results. The school has a “Golden Seed” incubator for the cultural and creative industries in Shandong Province, which continuously improves the integrated production and education development mechanism for professional talent training, creative design research and development, and integration of regional economy and cultural services.

Shandong University of Art and Design implements an open school strategy. It has established extensive educational cooperation and international academic exchange relationships with universities (institutions) in many countries and regions, signed exchange and cooperation agreements with multiple universities, and expanded a series of overseas education cooperation projects based on abundant international cooperation resources. The school joined CUMULUS in 2005, and joined the International Design Council (Ico-D) in 2008. As a member, the school organized alliance meetings and educational exchange activities. In recent years, the “China (Jinan) Contemporary International Photography Biennial”, “China International University Student Design Biennial”, “International Academy of Arts (School) Presidents High Level Forum and Taishan Scholars Forum for Art Studies”, “Taishan Academic Forum” — Major exhibitions and academic seminars such as the “Art Forum and the International Forum on the Protection and Development of New Urbanization and Traditional Crafts” and the “Second International Public Art Award Jinan Academic Symposium” to deepen academic and cultural exchanges and continuously expand the school’s international popularity and influence.


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