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Shandong Polytechnic


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Introduction to Shandong Polytechnic

Shandong Polytechnic (山东职业学院, website) originated from the Jinan Railway Mechanical School, which was established in 1951. It has undergone periods such as the School of Economics South Railway, Jinan Railway Vocational and Technical College, and was renamed Shandong Vocational College in 2010. The college is the only higher vocational college directly affiliated to the Education Department of Shandong Province. It is also the only college in the Shandong Province with a background in the railway industry. It is one of the 100 backbone vocational colleges in the country. In September 2017, it was successfully approved the first batch of construction units of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province.

Shandong Polytechnic includes the Department of Rail Transit, the Department of Railway Vehicles and Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Railway Locomotive and Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, the Department of Railway Power Supply and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Railway Signal and Information Engineering, the Department of Railway Engineering and Civil Engineering, the Department of Railway Transportation and Financial Management, Department of Biological Engineering, Basic Department (Ministry of Political Science) 9 secondary teaching department.

More than 60 years since its establishment, Shandong Polytechnic has closely relied on the development background of the railway industry, scientifically positioned its role in running schools, carefully crafted vocational education brands, and cultivated a large number of outstanding talents with both morals and talents, making positive contributions to railway modernization and local economic and social development. In recent years, taking the opportunity of the construction of national backbone higher vocational colleges, our institute has further innovated the school running mechanism and led the formation of the Shandong Vocational Education Group for Rail Transit, which has established a “quartet of government-led, school-based, industry guidance, and enterprise participation” Establishing a school platform has formed the professional characteristics of “taking both roads and places into consideration, focusing on work and focusing on electromechanics”, “training of professional ability, cultivation of innovative spirit, humanistic quality education” and “three-line penetration” of talent training characteristics, “case guidance, 8215 return visits “High-quality employment features. The college has played a leading role in “locomotive” and played the role of “high-speed rail” in vocational education reform. Teaching reform, professional construction, enrollment and employment, school-enterprise cooperation, and social services have taken the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province. The college has won the honorary titles of “Advanced Unit of Education in Shandong Province”, “Advanced Collective of Vocational Education in Shandong Province”, “Advanced Collective of Employment Work of Shandong University Graduates”, etc., and has won more than 180 national and provincial competition awards. The mainstream media, such as China Central Television, China Education News, and People’s Daily, have repeatedly provided propaganda reports on the school’s results.


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