Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College

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Introduction to Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College (山东劳动职业技术学院) is a full-time general college directly under the Shandong Department of Human Resources and Social Security. Founded in 1955, it was originally called the Workers Technical School of the Shandong Provincial Labor Bureau. It is the earliest vocational college established in the province after the founding of the People ’s Republic of China. It has a profound educational background and has the unique advantage of cultivating a “college degree + professional qualification for technicians” and “double certificates”. The college is a “national advanced unit of vocational education”, a “national high-skilled talent training demonstration base”, a “Shandong Province higher-skilled and highly-skilled characteristic school”, a “Shandong Province high-quality higher vocational college construction project construction unit”, and “National Skilled Talent Cultivation Work Outstanding “Contribution Award” won the unit, “Shandong Machinery Industry Vocational Education Training Group” led the formation of units.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College is located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. There are two campuses, Huaiyin and Changqing, covering an area of 1,050 mu and a building area of 330,000 square meters (another 50,000 square meters are under construction). At present, there are more than 12,000 full-time students. There are 8 teaching departments including mechanical engineering department, mechanism technology department, electrical and automation department, automobile engineering department, information engineering and art design department, economic management department, basic department, technician department, etc. unit. Numerical control technology, mechanical design and manufacturing, electrical automation technology, industrial robot technology, e-commerce, software technology, etc. 36 higher vocational (specialty) majors, 17 technician professions, 13 senior mechanic professions, 5 five-year consistent college diplomas 10 high-tech mechanics majors starting from junior high school, four-year system. Among them, the major of mechanical design and manufacturing is the national teaching reform pilot major of higher vocational colleges, the major of electrical automation technology is the demonstration major of higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province, and the majors of mechanical design and manufacturing, mold The five majors of design and manufacturing, numerical control technology, e-commerce, and software technology are characteristic specialties of higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province; the teaching teams of two majors such as numerical control technology and e-commerce are excellent teaching teams in higher vocational education in Shandong province. There are 166 on-campus training centers, internship venues and 4 “school-in-plants” that integrate “production, learning and research” in machinery manufacturing, numerical control technology, 3D printing, industrial robots, precision measurement, electrical technology, logistics express, Apple iOS, etc. With more than 7000 sets (sets) of various internships, training and production equipment, the total value of teaching and training equipment is nearly 100 million yuan, and the total asset value is 950 million yuan, which provides a good guarantee and conditions for the cultivation of high-end technical and skilled personnel.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College currently has 28 professors, more than 180 teachers with deputy senior titles, and more than 90% of “dual teacher” professional teachers. It has a group of professional and disciplinary leaders who have a certain influence in the vocational education sector. Nine teachers were awarded the title of National Model Teacher, National Technical Expert, Excellent Teacher in Shandong Province, Chief Technician in Shandong Province, and Technologist with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College has always been at the highest end of the training of high-end technical and technical personnel. It is the first vocational college in the country to implement a “dual certificate” system. After passing the exam, college graduates can obtain both a college degree certificate Advanced Vocational Qualification Certificate. ” In recent years, it has taken the lead in initiating the original “Excellent Technician” training method in the country: selecting excellent students and excellent students from the freshmen each year, and forming “Excellent Technician Classes”. These students can obtain both the “university degree certificate and technician qualification certificate” when they graduate. . Since 2014, the college has jointly conducted five-year undergraduate training with Jinan University and Shandong Jiaotong University. Students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree can also obtain a professional qualification certificate for technicians, and the level of high-end talent training has been further improved.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College graduates are mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises. They are widely welcomed by employers for their “high quality, good technology, and strong ability.” On average, they have more than 3 positions to choose from, and the employment rate has remained at More than 98%. Has been rated as “advanced unit of employment in colleges and universities in the province”, “model school of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities in the province” and won the title of “Shandong Education General Evaluation List-the most employment-promoting vocational college in the 30 years of reform and opening up” In 2015, 2016 and 2017, it won the title of “Top Ten State-run Higher Vocational Schools in Comprehensive Strength” by Qilu Evening News for three consecutive years, and won the title of “Most Popular Higher Vocational College” by Sinai Shandong in 2016 and 2017.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College always adheres to the school policy of “high-end leadership, distinctive school establishment, connotative development, and diversified schooling”, puts the quality of talent training first, reforms and innovates the training model, and trains high-end technical talents through school-enterprise cooperation and combination of work and school On the other hand, it has gone out of its own way and cooperated with world-renowned companies such as SKF Sweden, Hitachi Elevator, Lenovo Group and other world-renowned companies to cultivate high-end technical talents. In 2016, we signed a cooperation agreement with the world’s largest electrical engineering and electronics company, Germany’s Siemens, in six aspects: standardization training center construction, teacher training, innovative skills competition, student training certification, teaching resource library construction, and new technology demonstration activities. Carry out comprehensive cooperation to realize the establishment of a school-enterprise joint talent training system.

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College has hired the first batch of Taishan industry leaders in Shandong Province, including Zhao Feng, Jiang Hexin, and Wang Qinfeng, who have won the China Skill Award, national labor models, and national top-notch talents, and established 14 skill masters The studio realizes the unique inheritance of masters of skills, and plays the role of disciplinary skills and high-end leadership. In the past 3 years, the college has won more than 240 awards in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. Among them, there were 12 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 29 first prizes in provincial competitions. In 2017, he participated in vocational college skills competitions for CNC machine tool installation and technical transformation, and software testing projects, which won first-class national awards. He participated in the World Championship China Trial Freight Forwarding and Product Display Technology Projects and won the fourth and eighth national training teams. In 2017, the college was identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as the national training base for the freight forwarding project of the World Skills Competition, and it was identified as the Shandong Skills Competition Research Center by the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department. In the 45th World Skills Contest of Shandong Province in 2018, 16 contestants in our institute’s CNC milling and other projects won the first prize and were selected into the Shandong Provincial Training Team. It is one of the vocational colleges with the largest number of members in the Provincial Training Team. The four projects of our institute’s graphic design, freight forwarding, product display technology, and furniture production entered the top ten of the national competition and were selected into the national training team. The college has been identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences as the national training base for the two projects of the 45th World Skills Competition, freight forwarding and CAD mechanical design. More than 60 teachers and students of the college have won the titles of “National Technical Experts” and “Shandong Technical Experts” because of their outstanding performance in competitions. The number of teachers and students who have obtained the titles of technical experts above the provincial level ranks first in the province’s vocational colleges.


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