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Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology


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Introduction to Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology

Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology (山东商业职业技术学院, website) is a provincial vocational college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1999. Its school history can be traced back to Jinan Private Huilu Business Vocational School in 1936. After more than 80 years of accumulation, the school has taken the mission of “Building People, Promoting Business, and Serving People”, and building a “Entrepreneurial High-level Business School” as its vision. Adhering to the school motto of “Shangde Yunneng, Nissei and New”, The development concept of “operation, innovation, openness and symbiosis” persists in serving the needs of social employment, serving students for employment and talents, and laying the foundation for students’ happiness throughout life. The quality of teaching and the characteristics of running schools have been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

The school is an excellent institution in national model vocational colleges, an advanced unit of national vocational education, a national model college for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, a national practice base for educating and innovating colleges and universities, a national typical college for innovation and entrepreneurship, and employment for graduates nationwide Typical experience colleges, advanced collectives of graduate employment work in general colleges and universities in the country, national production-education integration development project planning school, won the “Top 50 National Vocational College Practice Management”, “Top 50 National Vocational College Teaching Management”, “National Higher Vocational Education” Top 50 influential institutions in the world, “Top 50 contribution to higher vocational college services, Top 50 in teaching resources”, and “Top 50 influential institutions in Asia Pacific in 2018”. The school is an advanced unit of education in the province, a moral education demonstration university in Shandong Province, and a mass innovation and practice base for mass entrepreneurship in Shandong Province. It was selected as the first batch of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province.

Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology relies on Lushang Group, and has established the National Agricultural Products Modern Logistics Engineering Technology Research Center. The school has the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Agricultural Products Storage, Transportation, and Fresh-keeping Technology, Shandong Cloud Business Big Data Engineering Center, North Modern Logistics Research Institute, Jinan Meat Quality and Safety Control Engineering Technology Research Center, Jinan Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Monitoring Information Technology Engineering Technology Research centers and other provincial and municipal scientific research institutions.

The school occupies an area of more than 2600 acres, the building area of the school building is more than 420,000 square meters, the total assets of the school are more than 1 billion yuan, the library has more than 1.3 million books, some experimental training equipment has reached the world advanced level, and the total value of teaching equipment is 180 million yuan. . The school recruits students nationwide, and currently has more than 15,000 full-time students.

The school consists of the School of Accounting and Finance (Department), the School of Business Administration (Department), the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Department), the School of Information and the Arts (Department), the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Service (Department), the School of Food and Drugs (Department), and Public Management Colleges (departments) and 7 second-level colleges, Marxism colleges, and the teaching department of basic courses, which have established corporate title colleges such as Freida Bioengineering College, Ice Wheel Engineering College, and Huawei ICT College. They have established accounting, marketing, cloud computing technology, and 51 majors including applications, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, food nutrition and testing, and tourism management.

Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology presides over the Ministry of Education’s higher vocational education accounting major teaching resource bank construction project, marketing major teaching resource bank construction project, cloud computing technology and application teaching resource bank construction project, and has 1 national-level specialty major. Education Ministry of Education has 2 teaching reform pilot majors, 2 key financial support majors from the central government, 9 national demonstration construction majors, 4 provincial teaching reform pilot majors, 10 provincial brand specialty majors, and a national vocational education training base 2 2 provincial training bases; 1 public training base in Shandong province ’s new and old kinetic energy conversion industry (special); 9 national teaching achievement awards and 38 provincial teaching achievement awards; national quality products 7 courses, 7 national high-quality resource sharing courses, 69 provincial high-quality courses, 21 provincial high-quality resource sharing courses; 1 national teaching team, 1 national Huangdanian teacher team, and the national “10,000 people plan” “1 teaching teacher, 10 provincial teaching teams, 9 teaching teachers, 3 outstanding teachers, 4 professional education teacher studios in Shandong Province 1 Shandong University Counselor Studio, 1 Shandong University Ideology and Politics Course Teaching Master Studio, 2 Shandong University Top 10 Master Models, 4 Shandong Top 10 Counselors, Shandong Province has outstanding contributions 3 young and middle-aged experts and 1 most beautiful teacher in Qilu; 2016 “Internet + Aquatic Product Anhydrous Logistics Integrated Technology” project won a gold medal in the second “Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship” contest, and the school won national vocational education The only “Best Driving Employment Award” in colleges and universities, the school won two silver awards in the third “Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship” contest, in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Contest and other events He has won many awards in the national vocational college skills competition.

The Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology implements the strategy of “Famous Schools, Famous Enterprises and Educating Excellent Students”, and further promotes the integration of school-enterprise cooperation. Formed a “multi-semester, workplace-oriented, collaborative”, “dual-industry integration order-based”, modern apprenticeship and other training modes of combined talents. Continue to expand the scope of school-enterprise cooperation and promote in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, forming a “1 + 1 + N” school-enterprise cooperation model. It cooperates with Haier Group, Lenovo Group, Alibaba, Huazhu Group, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., the United States Cisco and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have established close school-enterprise cooperation relationships, and conducted in-depth cooperation in the fields of teaching material construction, curriculum replacement, teacher training, and internship employment. The employment rate of graduates is over 99%, and the quality of graduates is highly recognized by the society.

Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology is the vice president unit of the China Higher Vocational Education Research Association, the member unit of the presidium of the National Association of Higher Vocational College Presidents, the vice president unit of the China Business History Association, and the executive deputy director unit of the National Vocational Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee. 2.Deputy director unit of National Logistics Management Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee; deputy director unit of Shandong Branch of China Vocational Education Association; chairman unit of Shandong Vocational Education Group of Modern Service Industry; vice chairman unit of Shandong University Ideological and Political Education Research Association; Shandong Provincial vocational college student education and management research institute president unit. Shandong Province Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Province Logistics and Purchasing Association, Shandong Provincial Business Accounting Association, Shandong Provincial Institute of Business Economics, Shandong Provincial Business Economics Association and other industry associations and scientific research institutions are linked to schools. The school publishes newspapers such as Shandong Business Vocational and Technical College, Journal of Shandong Business Vocational and Technical College, and Shandong Business Accounting.

Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology focuses on strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and successfully established an overseas school — Thailand Teaching and Research Training Center of Shandong Business Vocational and Technical College. Unveiled in Thailand. The school and other universities in more than a dozen countries (regions), including the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries (regions) to conduct teacher visits and training activities, with the United States, Australia, South Korea and other countries and universities in Taiwan jointly launched accounting, international business and other cooperative school programs, exchange International students.

The school will thoroughly implement the Party ’s education policy and Xi Jinping ’s socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensively strengthen the connotation construction, comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform, start the third entrepreneurship, create “super-universities”, and realize the third new leap.


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