Shandong College of Information Technology

Shandong College of Information Technology

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Introduction to Shandong College of Information Technology

Shandong College of Information Technology (山东信息职业技术学院, website) is a provincial full-time general college approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province and registered by the Ministry of Education. The school adheres to the school-oriented policy of “serving development as its purpose and promoting employment as its guidance”, following the school-oriented philosophy of “people-oriented, virtue and technology, integration of production and education, and service to the society”, and “building higher vocational colleges with distinctive features “School” as the goal, established an open and innovative strong school model, accumulated high-quality educational resources, and formed a good education environment. The school’s management level, teaching quality, and school running characteristics have been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

Shandong College of Information Technology is the first batch of construction units of the “National Model Software Vocational and Technical College” approved by the Ministry of Education, and is the first batch of “high-skilled personnel training in the electronic information industry” recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. “Base” is “National Advanced Collective of Information Industry System” “Advanced Collective of Vocational Education of Shandong Province” “Excellent College of Moral Education in Shandong Province” “Civilized Campus of Shandong Province” “Provincial Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base” “Provincial Service Outsourcing Training” base”.

Shandong College of Information Technology is a pilot college that trains non-commissioned officers directly. It trains non-commissioned officers for the Air Force, Public Security Fire Forces, Army, Strategic Support Forces, and the Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department. 2nd in the country; the college is a “3 + 2” counterpart through the pilot training of undergraduate talents, which is connected with Ludong University, Weifang College, and Shandong Jiaotong University to train computer science and technology majors, software technology majors, and IoT engineering majors. Talents at the undergraduate level; the college is a separate enrollment pilot institution approved by the Provincial Department of Education.

Shandong College of Information Technology covers an area of 1,037 acres. The existing Kuiwen Campus and Binhai Campus have a total construction area of 220,669 square meters, a library collection of 581,000 books, and more than 12,000 students. Computer, electronics, and mechatronics have been integrated 110 first-class experimental training rooms with high standards such as, accounting, e-commerce, logistics, business management, language, etc., various types of experimental training equipment of 8,000 sets, 90 off-campus training bases, and wireless campus network 3. The Teaching Assistant Platform (LS) has realized the modernization of teaching, management and service means.

Shandong College of Information Technology closely integrates the country’s strategy of vigorously developing the electronic information industry, informatization and industrialization, and actively participates in the construction of the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Yellow River Delta High-efficiency Ecological Economic Zone, closely following the general trend of regional economic development, and setting up specialties around industries Taking electronic information major as the leader and infiltrating into other professions, it has formed software technology, electronic technology, information technology, network engineering, digital media art, automation, mechanical design and manufacturing, finance, business management, aviation and other distinctive features. There are 41 majors with obvious advantages.

Shandong College of Information Technology has a faculty with new educational concepts, high teaching level and strong practical ability. It currently has 558 faculty members. Teachers with middle or senior professional titles account for more than 80% of full-time teachers, and masters and higher degree teachers are 152. Many people, “double teacher” type teachers accounted for more than 60% of professional course teachers.

Shandong College of Information Technology attaches great importance to the construction of teaching quality engineering. There are 3 provincial specialty programs, 3 provincial teaching teams, and 9 provincial excellent courses. The college has achieved remarkable results in talent training, and many graduates have become the backbone of the industry. In the past two years, students have participated in more than 200 awards in various competitions, including 1 national special award, 5 first prizes, and 15 second prizes. There are 5 special prizes, 17 first prizes and 18 second prizes.

Shandong College of Information Technology focuses on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality, adheres to the talent training model featuring “dual integration, three-line penetration”, attaches importance to practical teaching, and develops “order-style” training. The college actively carries out teaching reform based on work process, implements project teaching method and integrated teaching method of teaching, and focuses on cultivating technical and high-level technical talents facing the front line of production and service. The college implements the “Double Certificate” project, and graduates are widely praised by employers for their high comprehensive quality, strong practical ability, and quick adaptability to their posts. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has maintained the forefront of similar universities in the province.


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