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Shandong College of Electronic Technology


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Introduction to Shandong College of Electronic Technology

Shandong College of Electronic Technology (山东电子职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public higher vocational college run by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government. It is jointly led and managed by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Provincial Education Department.

The college takes service development as its purpose, promotes employment as its guidance, is based in Shandong and faces the whole country, and trains technical and technical talents for the frontline of production services for the development of information industry and the promotion and application of information technology. The school is a national “skilled talent training school in the field of computer application and software technology”, a national “high-skilled talent training base in the electronic information industry”, a “Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT industry innovation base”, and a “Shandong Provincial Skilled and Featured School”. “Shandong Provincial Quality Higher Vocational College Construction Project Approved Construction Unit”.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology is located in the historical and cultural city of Jinan. It currently has two campuses, Zhangqiu and Heping, covering an area of 1,045 acres, a building area of 220,000 square meters, a total value of 90,682,500 yuan in teaching and research equipment, and 576,000 paper books Volume, e-book 17572GB, 132 experimental training sites in the school, and 229 external training sites It has a gigabit backbone campus network with full network coverage. It is the first batch of experimental information construction units in Shandong Province.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology is based in Shandong and recruits students nationwide with 9381 students. There are 448 full-time teachers in the school, including 12 doctors, 75.75% full-time teachers with a master’s degree or above, 30.76% full-time teachers with senior professional titles, and 92.25% teachers with “dual-quality teachers”; a 500-time part-time teacher resource bank and teachers The number of teams is adequate and the structure is reasonable. The student-teacher ratio is 15.12: 1. There are 1 national advanced collective in the education system, 1 national advanced learning group, 7 provincial teaching teams and advanced collectives, and 2 provincial vocational education teacher studios. , 1 Provincial People ’s Prosperity Xinglu Labor Medal Winner, 1 Municipal May 1 Labor Medal Winner, 10 Provincial Teaching Masters, Excellent Teachers, and Young Skilled Masters; National and Provincial Experts and Experts of Education and Teaching Experts, There are 15 expert members of the Special Instruction Committee; in the past three years, teachers have won 10 first prizes and 27 second prizes in national and provincial education and teaching competitions and vocational skills competitions, including second-class national competitions in vocational college information teaching competitions 2 awards, 2 first prizes in provincial competitions, and 3 first prizes in provincial vocational college skills competitions. The construction of the teaching team has maintained the leading position in the province, the comprehensive quality of teachers, the level of practical skills are high, and the social influence is strong.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology organizes a Skills Competition Month in May each year, and participates in 2,000 students. In recent years, the student skill competition has achieved outstanding results and won 9 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 5 third prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition; 16 first prizes and 2nd prizes in the provincial Vocational College Skills Competition 15 items and 19 third-class awards are the only colleges and universities in Shandong Province that have won two special awards; for the first time in 2019, they won the special awards of the National Software Test Contest for University Students.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology adheres to the school-oriented orientation of serving the development of the information industry and the promotion and application of information technology, and implements the professional construction thinking of “taking information technology as the main body, taking electromechanical technology and modern service technology as the two wings”. Set up the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the Department of Computer and Software Engineering, the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, the Department of Business Management, the Department of Finance and Economics, the Department of Digital Media, the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Ideology and Politics, and 41 full-time vocational majors, of which 41 Information technology majors account for 80%, which is highly in line with industry and regional economic development. Among the vocational colleges in the province, the electronic information majors have the most complete categories, the largest scale, and the comprehensive strength is leading. The professional clusters have prominent advantages and distinctive features.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology led the formation of Shandong Electronic Information Vocational Education Group, Shandong Electronic Commerce Vocational Education Group, and Shandong Electronic Information Vocational Education Professional Construction Steering Committee. At present, there are 2 major majors supported by central finance, 5 major majors supported by provincial finance, 5 majors with provincial characteristics, and 2 provincial brand specialty groups; a talent training mechanism of “secondary vocational-higher vocational-undergraduate” has been established to establish careers Education “overpass”, opened 13 specialized “three-two consecutive” majors in secondary vocational higher vocational education, and 1 “3 + 2” counterparts in higher vocational undergraduate training. Lead the development of two national vocational education professional teaching resource bank sub-projects, preside over the development of 7 vocational education professional teaching guidance programs and 1 curriculum standard; 36 provincial-level excellent courses and excellent resource-sharing courses, and provincial vocational education There are 4 innovation platforms for the transfer of technical skills; 11 provincial teaching awards for outstanding vocational education have been won, and 13 kinds of national vocational education “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” textbooks have been edited and published by the editor. Among the vocational colleges in the province, electronic information majors have the most complete categories, the largest scale, and comprehensive strengths, leading the development of similar professions in the province.

Shandong College of Electronic Technology has won “National Advanced Unit of Vocational and Technical Education”, “National Advanced Vocational School of Vocational Guidance and Work”, “National Advanced Vocational Unit of Higher Vocational Colleges”, “National Advanced Collective of Information Industry System”, and “Shandong Province” Commendations and honors such as “Advanced Collective of Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities”, “Shandong Provincial Advanced Unit for Funding Work” and “Shandong Provincial Model of Educational Informatization” have maintained the title of provincial civilized unit for 15 consecutive years. “Learning information technology and going to Shandong Electric Power Institute” has gradually become a social consensus.


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