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Shandong College of Economics and Business


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Introduction to Shandong College of Economics and Business

Shandong College of Economics and Business (山东经贸职业学院, website) is a provincial full-time general college approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province and registered by the Ministry of Education with qualifications for enrolling in higher education. In 2014, it was identified as a model higher vocational college of the National Supply and Marketing Cooperative. In 2016, it was identified as one of the first famous universities for training talents in Shandong Province. In 2018, it was established as a “characteristic school for national defense education” by the Ministry of Education.

Shandong College of Economics and Business is located in the urban area of Weifang, the world’s kite capital, with a beautiful campus environment, tree-lined, and green coverage of more than 65%. It is a provincial “garden-style unit”. Across the road, there is the scenic Yidu Lake Park and the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot Bailang Oasis National City Wetland Park. It is adjacent to the train station and bus station, and has convenient transportation.

Shandong College of Economics and Business is based on the industry, serves the region, combines the characteristics of financial and business majors, focuses on improving quality, and strives to create distinctive majors with obvious professional advantages and high social reputation. The demonstration drives the coordinated development of other majors. The college already has two key construction majors supported by the central financial management of chain operation management, asset evaluation and management; the major of financial management is the pilot program of vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges established by the Provincial Department of Education, and it has a pilot training program of subdivisions; 2 provincial brand professional groups, asset evaluation and management, financial management, marketing, chain operation management, 4 backbone specialties of the Ministry of Education, accounting, customs declaration and international freight, logistics management, 6 provincial specialties, auditing, marketing 4 national supply and marketing cooperative system characteristics majors, 9 e-commerce, tourism management and other 9 key talented universities in Shandong Province, the key construction majors; 32 provincial excellent courses, 6 national excellent courses in the supply and marketing cooperative system, teaching directors 7 courses, 16 provincial-level excellent resource sharing courses, 2 professional vocational teacher studios in Shandong Province, and 2 modern apprenticeship programs in Shandong Province for e-commerce majors, selected by the Ministry of Education “1 + X” certificate (intelligent finance, tax, electronics Business data analysis, online store operation promotion) pilot colleges, hosting higher vocational education in Shandong Province The development of the educational guidance program for the chain operation management major, and participating in the construction of a national teaching resource bank for the chain operation management major.

Shandong College of Economics and Business has a reasonable academic structure, title, and ability structure. There are currently 337 full-time teachers, including 5 provincial-level teaching teams; 4 are rated as provincial and ministerial teaching masters; 1 is rated as a professional in Shandong Province. Educate young skilled teachers; have a stable employment channel for foreign teachers, and employ more than 10 foreign teachers from countries such as the United States, South Korea, and Japan. Since 2007, the college teachers have further strengthened the application and development research, and have won the National Teaching Achievement Award, the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, the Shandong Soft Science Excellent Achievement Award, the Shandong Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, and the Weifang Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award. 226 scientific research awards, etc .; undertook 408 scientific research projects, including Shandong Province social science planning project, Shandong province soft science research plan project, Shandong province major financial and economic application research project; 188 management consulting services for industry companies; publicly announced More than 2530 papers; more than 120 textbooks.

Shandong College of Economics and Business has complete facilities, excellent teaching and living conditions, and can provide students with an ideal learning and living environment. The 7 teaching institutions of the college have independent teaching areas. All the classrooms are multimedia classrooms. The college has a college student entrepreneurship activity center, plastic track and field, artificial turf football pitch, standard basketball court, volleyball court and table tennis, taekwondo, aerobics, yoga, Indoor training venues such as shape and dance, and full-featured cultural and sports venues provide good conditions for students’ comprehensive development. The college has a large supermarket, a bathing center, a bank ATM, and a high-standard intelligent campus network. There are 7 student apartment buildings, and automatic showers, direct drinking water, laundry, and hair dryers are installed in the apartment. The electric vehicle charging pile and convenient living facilities provide guarantee for students’ study and life.

Shandong College of Economics and Business has an accounting skills training room, a commercial bank counter business training room, a securities investment simulation trading hall, a building model training room, a financial management comprehensive training room, a customs declaration and inspection simulation hall, and a simulated tour guide. There are 110 on-campus training rooms, including 270 off-campus training bases, and 2 training bases supported by the central government. Among them, the modern logistics training base has become the first-class cold chain logistics teaching and research base in the province. The school-enterprise joint production and training base of the chain operation management major—Weifang Fenghua Chain Supermarket Co., Ltd. Economic and Trade College Store has become a community model store in Weifang. The college led the formation of the Shandong Rural Modern Business Service Vocational Education Alliance, the establishment of a school-enterprise cooperation council, and the establishment of a group of “school-in-enterprises” to achieve school-enterprise resource sharing. Perfect training facilities and part-time teachers with rich practical experience help students to improve their technical skills. In recent years, students have repeatedly achieved good results in vocational skills competitions organized by national, provincial and municipal and industry associations.

Shandong College of Economics and Business has collaborated with the United Kingdom’s Enlightenment, American International University in London, Letterkenny Institute of Technology in Ireland, Mingzhi University in South Korea, Gachon University, Silla University, Gattuli Kanto University, Kobe Electronics College in Japan, East Asia in Singapore The School of Management, Malaysia’s Stewart University, Taylor’s University, Taiwan Daren University of Science and Technology, Daojiang University of Science and Management, and St. John’s University of Science and Technology have established friendly and cooperative relations with 24 foreign universities, and frequent exchanges between universities. The college signed a cooperative school project agreement with Korea ’s Catulli Kanto University, which involves tourism management, hotel management, financial management, securities and futures, marketing, and business management. Students of the above majors successfully graduated from the college. You can apply to study at Gatori Kanto University, and you can get an undergraduate degree in at least one year. Up to now, a total of 48 students have gone to Kantuli Kanto University. Among the first batch of students, 2 have graduated on schedule, of which 1 has obtained a domestic degree certification and employment, and another continues to pursue a master’s degree. Since 2014, it has cooperated with the Lightkenny Institute of Technology in Ireland to carry out joint training in accounting. The two sides have exchanged teachers to jointly develop curriculum assessment standards and share teaching resources.

Shandong College of Economics and Business has formed a normalized three-dimensional service system of “leading the industry, one China Unicom, training pilots, technical support, and serving the three rural areas. As a “National Supply and Marketing Cooperative Training Base” and “Shandong Province Supply and Marketing Cooperative Education (Scientific Research) Training Base”, the college unites enterprises to set up teams to carry out social training, scientific research, and serve the industry and regional economic and social development. As the test site for colleges and universities in Weifang City for the fourth and sixth levels of English exams, it has undertaken the organization of the test for eight consecutive years; as the organizer of the first and second accounting and information application competitions in Shandong Province, Shandong Accounting has been formulated With the application of the rules and standards of the competition, it has contributed to the construction of the modern vocational education system in the province.

Shandong College of Economics and Business adheres to employment orientation, strengthens employment guidance, encourages students to start businesses, and at the same time opens up a wide range of talent development paths for students to study abroad, improve their education, and join the army. The college is now the KAB entrepreneurship education base for college students, the first batch of Weifang Entrepreneurship University teaching sites, and the Weifang City University Entrepreneurship Demonstration Platform. It has established a college student entrepreneurship incubation base and established a high-level team of entrepreneurial tutors. Market, establish a team of employment mentors, organize simulation exercises, project actual combat and other measures to comprehensively promote graduate employment and entrepreneurship. According to the data published by the competent department of employment, the employment rate of college graduates has been stable at about 98%, and employment and entrepreneurship have their own advantages. The monthly income of graduates has grown rapidly, and there is a high degree of correlation between employment positions and majors studied, and there is a large space for personal career development, which has achieved three satisfactions for parents, enterprises and students.

For more than 40 years, the college has sent more than 80,000 professional talents to the society, and a large number of outstanding talents have emerged in the finance, taxation, industry and commerce, finance, party and government, and industry in and outside the province, and have been well received by all sectors of society. Has been awarded the Ministry of Education’s higher vocational colleges (institute) talents training level assessment outstanding universities, Shandong province colleges and universities moral education work outstanding colleges, Shandong ordinary colleges and universities civilized construction excellent colleges, Shandong provincial colleges and universities advanced teaching management collective, Shandong Education The general evaluation list has the most employment-promoting vocational colleges and universities, the most credible vocational colleges, the most popular vocational technical colleges in Shandong province, and the most professional and vocational colleges in Shandong province. In recent years, the school’s achievements have been successively published by China Education News, China Youth Daily, Xinhuanet, People’s Daily, China Higher Vocational Education Website, Dazhong Daily and Qilu Evening News Media reports have aroused widespread concern in society.


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