Shandong Aluminum Vocational College

Shandong Aluminum Vocational College

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Introduction to Shandong Aluminum Vocational College

Shandong Aluminum Vocational College (山东铝业职业学院, website) is a public full-time general higher vocational college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The organizer is China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., which is managed by Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. Chinalco is a nationally-supported central enterprise and a key state-owned enterprise, ranking 227 in the world’s top 500 companies. Shanxi Aluminum is a wholly-owned company of Chinalco. It established a factory in 1949 with a total asset scale of 10 billion yuan.

As the only higher vocational college in China’s aluminum industry system, Shandong Aluminum Vocational College is the first batch of “high-skilled talent training demonstration bases” in the country, the first batch of modern apprenticeship industry pilot colleges in the Ministry of Education, and the national electronic information talent The training base is the national employee education and training demonstration site, the national non-ferrous metal industry employee continuing education base, the first Internet college in Shandong Province, the Shandong province “golden collar” training base, and the Shandong technician training base. Over the past 60 years, the college has trained and transported more than 60,000 technical and technical personnel who understand management, management, and operation for the non-ferrous metal industry and local enterprises in Shandong Province, becoming a veritable “cradle” of technical talents in the aluminum industry.

The college was founded in 1958 and was formerly the 501 Factory Amateur Engineering College of the same age as the Republic. In July 2004, with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government and the filing of the Ministry of Education, the college became a full-time higher vocational college. In July 2012, Chinalco Vocational Education Group, the first compact, industry-based vocational education group led by a central enterprise, was listed in the college.

In September 2017, Chinalco’s Science and Education Park was completed in the beautiful Nanhai New District of Weihai City. The college was fortunate to be the first group to settle in the Science and Education Park, and started a new journey of transformation and development. Weihai Nanhai New Area is one of the key marine economic new areas to be constructed in the national strategic Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone. It is also a modernized, international and ecological sub-central city that Weihai City is focusing on. The Nanhai New Area has a vast area, beautiful environment, advanced planning, reasonable layout, and complete supporting facilities. It has won the title of “UN Habitat Award China Excellent Model New Area” and “Top Ten Eco-tourism Scenic Spots in Shandong Province”. “Bird Paradise” reputation. The unique geographical advantage here, surrounded by the sea on three sides, beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate, is an ideal place for students to study.

The China Aluminum Science and Education Park where Shandong Aluminum Vocational College is located is located in the university town of Nanhai New District, next to Beijing Jiaotong University Weihai Campus. It covers a total area of about 924 acres and a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. The first phase covers an area of about 597 acres, with a construction area of 260,000 square meters, including a comprehensive building, four teaching buildings, two internship training buildings, two student restaurants, eight student apartments, and a modern large-scale building. Stadium, and the second phase of the library, four apartments, commercial street. The entry into the Science and Education Park has achieved a historic leap in the history of the development of the college, marking a solid step towards the vision of “building a national leading vocational college”.

Shandong Aluminum Vocational College strives to explore the rules of vocational education for enterprises in the industry, and takes advantage of the school-enterprise integration of school running to form a school-running characteristic of “integration of schools and enterprises and interaction between production and education”. Industry enterprise experts account for half of the staff of the Professional Setting and Steering Committee to achieve the integration of professional settings and corporate needs; the talent training plan is incorporated into the corporate talent training plan to achieve the integration of talent training specifications and the enterprise; the sharing of teachers and teaching resources to achieve the talent training process and Enterprise integration; Two-way entry to realize the integration of teacher team and enterprise; Adopt enterprise management system and work requirements to achieve the integration of school operation and enterprise; Introduce enterprise work norms to campus to integrate school style, academic style and corporate culture; Graduates carry out continuing education to integrate the quality of talent training with the enterprise.

Shandong Aluminum Vocational College focuses on seamless connection with social needs, and has established the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Business Administration, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Big Data and Cloud Computing, the Internet College, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering, the Department of Architectural Engineering, and Basic Teaching 10 teaching units of the Ministry of Education and the Internship Training Center, offering 35 majors such as industrial robots, construction engineering, computer applications, applied chemicals, electrical automation, mechatronics, e-commerce, big data technology and applications, new energy vehicle technology Specialized group of non-ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous machinery and electrical machinery, of which metallurgical technology and carbon processing are unique to Shandong Province.

Shandong Aluminum Vocational College partner companies provide financial support for the college, provide internship training platforms and employment opportunities. Cooperated with Shandong Borun Financial Information Technology Co., Ltd. to build a practical base for the campus’s Central Business District (CBD), providing a 300-site on-campus training base for students majoring in business, accounting, and finance at the Business School. The introduction of capital to jointly build an intelligent manufacturing center provides a good on-campus training base for students in the equipment manufacturing major.

The college enhances the depth and breadth of school-enterprise cooperation, and cooperates with Tianjin Binhai Xunteng Technology Group and Shandong Puzhao Education Technology Co., Ltd. to build a secondary college to jointly build cutting-edge majors that meet social needs. This year will also accelerate the project process of co-construction of Suning Logistics College with Suning Tesco, the establishment of Internet Finance College with Jiangsu Huatuo Jinfu Digital Technology Group Co., Ltd., and the establishment of drone training college with Dalian Xinshitong Logistics Vocational School.


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